Primary Election 2012: It Ain’t Over

The media is controlling this primary election, as they have in other elections. The mainstream media has decided that Romney is the guy and don’t emphasize the fact that there are 46 states to go; although traditionally, Florida is an important “swing state” that often decides upon the electoral vote, which is the final countdown.
I just received an email from Newt, who is also tired of the mainstream media’s nonobjective reporting and the negative campaigning tactics of Mitt Romney. By the way – just recently Donald Trump has announced his endorsementfor Mitt Romney in Las Vegas. In my view this is another negative against a vote for Romney. Yet, on CBS announced on February 1stthat Trump was endorsing Newt Gingrich. What’s with that? According to The Star, the Gingrich endorsement was a prediction and not a declaration by Trump. You think CBS would have been more cautious or at least tell readers that it was a prediction and not fact. That’s mainstream media for ya.
But I digress …

Newt Gingrich has outlined his plans if elected to the White House, let me reprint them here for you:

On Day 1, I will sign an executive order reinstating Ronald Reagan’s Mexico City policy [that Barack Obama overturned in 2009] so that no US money will go anywhere in the world to pay for abortions. I will sign an executive order repealing every anti-religious act of the Obama administration. And I will sign an executive order instructing the State Department to open the US embassy in Jerusalem to fully recognize the nation of Israel. And on Day 1, I will be prepared to sign legislation that will repeal ObamaCare, will repeal Dodd-Frank, and will repeal Sarbanes-Oxley, all three of which are wreaking havoc on this economy and threatening the very nature of what it means to be American. By the time Obama’s plane lands in Chicago on inauguration day, we will have dismantled about 40% of the big-government policies that are discouraging investment, choking off job growth, and strangling this economy. If you want to see me take the debate to Obama, if you want to see the next President repeal Obama’s big-government programs, and if you want to see those policies replaced with programs that will strengthen this economy and promote job growth, then I’m asking you to stand with this campaign.

I believe the sincerity of Newt. His congressional track record is good, barring the incident with his ex-wife combined with the mainstream media hit squad and fuddy-duddy Republican elite who turned on him. 
He may have run into controversy concerning his private life, and the Democrats and its mainstream media have played that card well – with Mitt Romney being just as bad as they are; (RomneyCare identical to ObamaCare, except at state govt level) — however, wasn’t it the Sociocrats that stated when Clinton got caught with his “pants down” – its his private life and has noting to do with his job in the Oval Office. It must have been because he was one of the “good old boys” of the Democratic-Socialist political club for the rules are not the same for anyone else, not that the powers to be in the GOP don’t have their “good old boy” group.
I still respect and admire Ron Paul and believe that he should remain working hard to reform Washington in Congress, or maybe run as Vice President with Gingrich, if he can convince the voters that Romney is not the one to wrestle the White House away from Obama and sincerely do what must be done to see REAL reform.
Well, Mr. Gingrich, I am going to publish in a couple of days my list of what agencies need to be revamped or deleted. You and Ron Paul can compare notes.