We The People: Forming A Constitutional Lobby

I found a website through a fellow blogger at another website that proposes that “We The People” form a national group subdivided by state groups subdivided by county groups that would combine resources to enact a lobby that represents the People — You and I. Well, for those who would participate and get it off the ground; it would still be For the People regardless. 
The original idea of lobbying was just what this organization is designing. Corporations, industries like medical and insurance use the system, to keep THEIR best interests in mind when dealing with the legislature — why not We the People?
The website begins with a background photo of Constitution and domed government building built For the People

The motto emblazoned across the header in white letters is a quote from Thomas Jefferson:
The People … are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our Liberty.
The website is the Constitution Lobbyproject. There is a national flyer promoting a cause that the American people can call their own – developing a powerful lobby group that is not affiliated with a political party club, advocated and operated by We the People with an array of lobbyists and constitutional lawyers who are members to ensure that those elected do what they are supposed to do – operate OUR government with our Nation and its People in the foremost of their minds and deeds, and that includes any foreign nation or peoples who believe that America is their Sugar Daddywith unlimited amounts of foreign welfare to give out and politicians, not statesmen and stateswomen, spend and give away OUR treasury funds so freely. But, the politicians, the corrupted lobbyists, and others are not entirely to blame – the core of the blame goes to We the People, who in hard times (90% caused by government intervention), cry out to those in government to help and have convinced generations since Woodrow Wilson that We the People cannot function without government in every facet of our lives. Have we become so weak? Are we not the descendants of immigrants, pilgrims, pioneers and hardy people who stood for their own and carved a nation from a wilderness, a nation that would become the envy of the world?
Well, we are not envied much anymore. Before we were envied and hated by others because of our success, and instead of emulating what Americans did right to achieve all that freedom and liberty and prosperity – they chose another path. Today, there are too many Americans, brainwashed in our liberal-generated public schools who do not want competition from private schools or homeschooling because they know they couldn’t possibly match the standards and quality education offered.
Here is some excerpts from the Constitution Lobby organization, newly organized, and gathering members across our beloved nation:
Think America is sinking and all is lost?
THINK AGAIN. ALL Americans who want constitutional governance and the Rule of Law restored in our States and across our Nation can FINALLY COME TOGETHER, apart from the electoral process, to get us back on track by holding government accountable, intelligently, rationally, professionally, peacefully and legally.It is ALREADY HAPPENING. For the first time in history, citizens in Connecticut, New York,
Iowa and Nebraska have established a Constitution Lobby for their state, with citizens in 23 other states planning to follow. Soon, every state will have its own Constitution Lobby capable of serving the needs of its People and will also be able to come together with other states as a MASSIVE NATIONAL LOBBY FOR LIBERTY, uniting millions of Americans in our state and federal constitutions. … A permanent institution of, by and for The People established in each State, as a non- political, not-for-profit Constitution Lobby, for the purpose of HOLDING all elected OFFICIALS ACCOUNTABLE to the Rule of Law, from our U.S. and state Constitutions, down to our City Charters and Town Ordinances. While wholly independent, The Constitution Lobby of each state will share incorporating principles, by-laws and standards of operation with the other states. … Together we will regain constitutional governance – the rule of law.
Go to the Give Me Libertywebsite and see what this is all about. And Click on “Join the WTP Congress” and mark on your calendar for Sunday, February 12thfrom 7 to 8pm Eastern time. You can participate by offering your talents as an active member to be a State Coordinator, County Coordinator, Constitution Monitor, Constitutional Attorney, or an active member participant within the WTP Congress or the Constitution Lobby Support Team. When you become a member, you can choose the aforementioned or just support with an annual membership fee of only $20 per year; and receive the WTP Congress and Foundation email updates and join in events of forums and other activities.
The politicians, especially noticeable this primary election are more concerned about pointing fingers instead of finding ways to solve problems and issues. The American People already KNOW what’s wrong, we are tired of being told it will be fixed and when they are elected – all is forgotten. We are tired of blame being shuffled around, from Congress to President, from Governor to State Assembly, from County Councils to the Mayors. It is time to fix the problems. It is time to return to the constitutional Jeffersonian republic that made this nation so great – and only because of its PEOPLE. It is up to you.
I am tired of loosing rights and liberties step-by-step. I am tired of the government telling me how to run my life – all the while making it more miserable with their intrusiveness and ridiculous laws – and that means from city council to the steps of Congress in Washington, DC.
The American People have been through hard times and those hard times are best met by the People gathering together in a unified cause, helping others help themselves and in return doing the same – a much better job than any government made up of elites who have forgotten why and who put them in that position.
No longer is it just important what a candidate knows or what principles they may have, but how are they going to successfully fix it. Are they going to ensure that all laws, past, present, and future going to be constitutional – whether in the articles or the amendments? Failed social programs do nothing but suck funds from our treasury. 

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