Another Income Tax Year: Can We Please Stop It This Year?

I have performed my “duty” and filed this year’s income tax. There will be a return of overpayment, a portion of what was taken from my paychecks without my consent – subtracting money I earned and no one has the right to take any of it forcefully. That is what payroll deductions do – take forcefully from the People. And, if it is decided that you did not pay enough, or you didn’t fill out your W2 in a way where not enough taxes were taken – you more than likely will owe not only what they say you owe, but added upon that which is fined (penalty fee) and interest added that would make a loan shark drool. Yet, after owing YOU an overpayment, they do not, in return, pay YOU interest and penalty fees. What’s with that?
In addition from stealing from your paycheck, and I am not talking about SSI or Medicare deductions, because that is payment for a program of participation (that should be given a choice by citizens whether they want the program or not, privatize option should be in force), and not part of supporting the government in taxation.
However, the income tax code may be the biggest problem, especially since it is unconstitutional (direct tax) and the fact it was illegally voted for in 1913, and against a Supreme Court decision made in 1910/1911. In government records, enough states ratified the amendment to become law – counter to what some people say, but there was corruption among the legislators and representatives of those states.
It happened during the term of President Woodrow Wilson and changed further by FDR to more intrusiveness, who was a Democrat. The Democrats, as well as the Republicans, have continued this tax because it gives them the opportunity to control the populace better. The Democrats, especially, saw this as an opportunist tool.
Taxes are for supporting government in their required expense to operate. It is not a social engineering program nor is it to be used as a punishment for certain groups of citizens; for example, the wealthy or those that choose to use tobacco products and alcohol. Today, they are trying to punish another segment of America by increasing taxes on “junk food” because the Big Brother government wants you healthy and working so you can spend one-fourth of your income (not including what is returned, kept for one year without payment of interest to you) supporting their frivolous spending. At least until you reach the age of retirement to collect what you paid for all of your working life – and that government raises the age of retirement, providing an opportunity to not have to pay, or for very long, the citizens who paid into the system all of their life. After all, the money (retirement fund) is not yours to decide, but the government’s – so the beneficiary of any funds left that was paid into the system stays in the “Social Security Trust Fund” that the government has been robbing blind for at least 50 years.
In 1913, big financiers like J.P.Morgan, Paul Warburg, and John D. Rockefeller was pushing for a federal banking system. They convinced the Secretary of State (Philander Knox), to announce that the 16thAmendment had been legally ratified by the Congress – the amendment to the US Constitution that put income tax into place. An amendment must be voted upon by two-thirds majority and ratified by the States of the Union (through their representatives in Congress).
In 2003, US District Court Judge, James C. Fox, stated:
If you … examined [the 16thAmendment] carefully, you would find that a sufficient number of states never ratified that amendment.
But yet, presidents after presidents, Congress after Congress, refuse to repeal the 16thAmendment and replace it with something else, if necessary and with a flat tax with a preferred percentage of not more than 10%. The proposal in Congress, thus far for the FairTax Act is 21% (proposed in draft) the first year and 15% the second year – staying at 15% until voted differently by two-thirds majority vote in Congress, just like an amendment vote. I would add that in the 3rdyear it goes down  to 10% and remain permanent and cannot be changed without two-thirds majority in Congress and ratified by a sufficient number of states, like the Constitution dictates.
In addition to an unconstitutional amendment, direct tax and not ratified, Woodrow Wilsonsigned into law after Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act, being corrupted by bribery from the big bankers of the day. That act required a constitutional amendment, but was passed illegally into law by Congress the same year that the 16thAmendment passed. They used an Obama trick in which they held a vote on Christmas recess, while many congressional members were away with their families.
That is why you pay a tax upon your hard-earned income and the control of money and markets is centered upon the Federal Reserve – and no one in Congress has answered the question as to who the Federal Reserve answers to, where is the funding being spent, and cannot produce any document that shows line item by line item the activities of that unconstitutional entity called the Federal Reserve.
This, by the way, is a key issue withRon Paul. Find out when your primary election is in your state and make sure he gets on the national election ticket against Obama; even his lying and doctoring statistics cannot withstand the Truth and sincerity of Ron Paul. A vote for Ron Paul is not a wasted vote – as the mainstream media and establishment wants one to think. He is gaining ground and can’t make the winner circle without your support.
That is how those that issue money, control money, are actually controlling the government – directly or indirectly through the Federal Reserve.
Mayer Rothchild, private banker stated:
Give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws.
Money is a big factor in elections – both Democrats and Republicans judge their winning by how many donations they can collect in order to use political tools to convince the People they should be elected. They use those funds to smear the other guy and make themselves look good.
Ron Paul doesn’t need any propaganda to “look good” – his record is squeaky clean. The other primary candidates have a reputation, less so with Newt Gingrich, of changing their policy just to get voted into office – and then their policies change drastically or their promises ignored. Why would anyone want Mitt Romney? He has used the loopholes in an illegal tax system and paid less of a percentage of his income than others who make the same amount each year. I am not putting down anyone for making money, even $10-, $15-, $20-million a year. These people usually create jobs for the rest of us – and after all, they did work for their money and ensured they were educated enough to be able to achieve that wealth. Romney installed a mini-ObamaCare in his state of Massachusetts, and he wants us to believe that he will work at repealing the ObamaCare legislation and closing down the offices and agencies put in place to operate that social engineering program that is an eater of the US Treasury?
Americans, for the most part, I hope, are not that naïve. Or ignorant. Or brainwashed.
We complain about nothing is changing in Washington, our state capitals, and even our county/city councils – but we continue to vote for the same type of people; candidates who are charming, well-dressed, good orators – but not sincere statesmen and stateswomen whose policy is to follow constitutional law in everything they propose to pass into law.
In all fairness to Woodrow Wilson, who is often depicted as evil, was duped into signing that infamous act and legislation that has brought about so much woe to the American people – stated in 1919:
I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is now controlled by its system of credit. We are no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.
The Federal Reserve Act gave the constitutional power of the Congress to regulate and create money to a small group within the Federal Reserve System – and the question is: Who is in charge?
One person commented at the Freedom Connection that he was willing to go to jail and invited others not to pay their taxes. I understand, its principle; but we need all the People we can get to unite and force those in Washington to do what is right and vote for candidates who are constitutionally minded.
Something I learned in two combat tours … sometimes it achieves the goal of winning by using the enemies tactics against themselves; and that is why I choose Tae Kwon Doas a martial arts study while in the US Army. Using the enemies force against itself. Don’t be fooled in thinking we could possible survive as a nation with some sort of “Second American Revolution” – NO, it would only bring anarchy and situations worse. We must use the Rule of Law otherwise we are only a nation ruled by the Mob. Presently we are ruled by a few – elite establishment and special interest groups that makeup the minority. We are being controlled by Progressives – progression towards socialism or worse.
It is, has been, time to put a stop to it and revert our nation to what it was created as: a democratic republic – aJeffersonian Republic.
The following is a total list of tax-types imposed from the federal government down to the local government:
  • Automobile Registration Tax
  • Building Permit Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • CDL (commercial) License Tax
  • Cigarette Tax (enormous rate to promote social engineering & punish a portion of the citizens of the United States) – called a “Sin” Tax.
  • Corporate Income Tax
  • Court Fines (indirect tax)
  • Dog License Tax
  • Estate Tax (Congress has still yet to abolish this “Death” tax)
  • Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)
  • Fishing License Tax
  • Fuel Permit Tax
  • Gasoline/Fuel Tax (now 42%-48%)
  • Hunting License Tax
  • Inheritance Tax (part of Estate/Death Tax)
  • Interest Received Tax (taxes on money already taxed)
  • IRS Interest Fees (if owing money to Feds)
  • IRS Penalty Fees (if owing money to Feds)
  • Liquor/Alcohol Tax (Called “Sin” Tax)
  • Luxury Tax (many states have done away with this one)
  • Marriage License Tax
  • Medicare Tax (actually a premium payment to be used when reaching age 65)
  • Property & Real Estate Tax (usually imposed by counties for revenue for operation)
  • Septic Permit Tax
  • Social Security Tax (a premium towards your retirement funds)
  • Road Tax (usually imposed upon truck drivers)
  • State Sales Tax
  • Toll Booth Road Tax
  • School Tax
  • State Income Tax
  • State Unemployment Tax (SUTA) – in addition to federal.
  • Telephone, Cell Phone, Internet Taxes (State & Federal)
  • Universal Service Fee (added telephone tax by Feds &/or State)
  • Local Surcharge Tax
  • Telephone Usage Tax
  • Traffic Fines (indirect tax to support government)
  • Trailer Registration & Operation Taxes
  • Utility Tax
  • Vehicle License Registration Tax
  • Vehicle Sales Tax (part of State Sales Tax)
  • Watercraft Registration Tax
  • Well Permit Tax
  • Workers Compensation Tax (employers must pay this and never see a return if no employee ever makes a claim)
Please, find out when your state primary elections are held and where – then vote for Ron Paul – get him on the national election ticket against Obama and friends.
America needs you, because America, any nation, is made up of People, not government.

Ron Paul has stood for limited government and liberty since 1983 – has not wavered.