Primary Election 2012: Importance of Primary Elections

Primary elections were established to allow the American voters to decide who should be nominated to run in the general national election for the President of the United States which was supposed to stop the party bosses of the political establishment making the decision of choosing the best candidate to run for president.
Although primaries had been established in states earlier, the test of the system came in 1912 when Governor Woodrow Wilson of New Jersey and House Speaker James Beauchamp Clark of Missouri ran on the Democratic Party ticket; President William Howard Taft, former President Theodore Roosevelt, and Wisconsin Senator Robert M. La Follette ran on the Republican side. It was a landmark period in American history for Woodrow Wilson became president and unwittingly helped create the corrupted unconstitutional power of the Federal Reserve and initiated the income tax system that Americans have been trying to reform or get rid of for a couple of decades.

This year, 2012, the presidential election, after the primary election decides who runs against Obama, will be held on Tuesday, November 6th and will the 57th presidential election. This will also coincide with the US Senate elections where one-third of the Senators face reelection, which amounts to 33 senators, as well as the US House of Representative elections – electing member for the 113thCongress of 2013. In addition there will be 11 gubernatorial elections as well as state legislatures in various states. The 2010 Census changed the Electoral College vote apportionment for the elections from 2012 to 2020 in states listed at Wikipedia.

Presently the top three of primary GOP candidates in terms of percentage in the polls are: Mitt Romney,Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich. Gingrich has lost his position since the beginning of the primary campaign, apparently for two reasons: (1) foreign policy, one of which his plans to forcibly oust Fidel Castro regime; (2) his personal life involving his ex-wife and circumstances leading to his marriage to his present wife. In addition, the media has venomously attacked Newt Gingrich who was the chief architect of the 1994 historical majority of the GOP as well as its Contract With America policy platform.
Traditionally it has been the two parties, Democrat and Republican who have participated in the primary elections. There are pros and cons to this, mostly cons. During the late 1800s third parties developed, two main ones were the Prohibitionand SocialistParties. Oddly, it was those two parties that instigated through the women’s suffrage program, to advocate the right to vote for women. It wasn’t until 1916 that both Republicans and Democrats supported women’s suffrage and by 1920 it was ratified into the 19thAmendment. Unfortunately, the third parties advocated the Prohibition which created a crime wave across America.
It was the Populist Party that pushed for the Immigration Act of 1924, after that party had pushed for it since the early 1890s. It was the Populist and Socialist Parties that pushed for a 40-hour work week and limiting age and hours for working American children from the 1890s to 1904, which didn’t pass until 1938 and 1916, respectively. The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 was passed by Democrats and Republicans. It was the Socialist Party that supported a fund to provide temporary compensation for the unemployed in the late 1920s, something folks sure could have used during the Great Depression of the 1930s; however, the FDR administration put into effect the unemployment insurance program as well as the Social Security Act in 1935. Also in the 1930s, Stalin employed members of the Socialist Parties in Europe and America to work at boosting his power, as well as obtaining classified information from the United States. Calling them “useful idiots” (discrepancies over whether he said that or not in private to someone) – the socialists went one step further into communism, which is a collective-minded organization, not for individualism in the sense of personal rights and liberties. Today, those programs that had been good as a draft have grown into an economical nightmare, mainly because, for example, social security funds were not treated as a trust fund and Congress over the decades literally robbed funding from it for something else. Of course, they put the blame on the “baby boomers” – children born during or after World War II; but common sense and a look at the real picture shows different.
If you want to know who to blame for the idea of an income tax that would be based upon income, progressive via wealth, you can thank the Populist and Socialist Parties. That idea was grabbed by the Democrats and became a 16thAmendment, which many people believe should never have passed if it weren’t for the big money men of the era, corrupt Congress, and naïveté of Woodrow Wilson [or purposeful socialism], to whom many people point had inserted socialist ideology into the Democrat Party that has progressed today. Woodrow Wilson would later write, after realizing that he had signed into law an unfair and intrusive tax system as well as providing power to the Federal Reserve that was constitutionally the task of Congress alone.
As you can see, socialist third parties in America did instigate good things, but their belief that government should be in control of the People for the group, foregoing individual liberty. Today, the Democrats have gone so far as to begin to discount the Constitution of the United States, stating it is outdated and draconian.
Modern third political parties are: Libertarian, Reform, Green, and Constitution.
  • Libertarian Party … Founded in 1971, it is the third largest political party in America, members have been elected to many state and local offices. They believe the federal government should be limited as stated in the Constitution of the United States, and leave the day-to-day, personal living up to the individual citizen. The role of government is to protect the citizen from acts of physical force or fraud; limiting the government intervention to the police, courts, prison system, and military. They support a free market economy and are dedicated to protect civil liberties and individual freedom – not collective. Erroneously, the media and political opponents state that Ron Paul is running as a Libertarian, but he is not – he is, and has been in recent years a member of the GOP. However, much of his political ideology is that of the Libertarian Party. Many Americans are changing their minds about this ideology because of the last three presidents and Congress continually involving America in foreign wars, growing national debt, earmark/pork legislation, illegal immigration problems, border security, et cetera have not been addressed or earnestly sought a solution to the issues at hand. Ron Paul not only wants to reform our government, but continue his work at reforming the GOP into platforms they promised the People, but never kept.
  • Reform Party … In 1992, H. Ross Perot spent over $60 million of his own money to run for president as an independent. Perot’s national organization was known as “United We Stand America” and succeeded in getting Perot on the ballot of all 50 states. Perot won 19% of the vote in November of 1992, the best result of a third party candidate in 80 years. After the 1992 election, Perot organized “United We Stand America” into the Reform Party. He ran again in 1996, but only won 8.5% of the vote. The party is dedicated to reforming the American political system, establishing or rather re-establishing trust in government through high ethical standards, fiscal responsibility, and accountability for their actions.
  • Green Party– This party was first established in Europe, and now there is an American Green Party whose ideology is based upon ten key principles: ecology, community-based economics (collectivism), decentralization, gender equality, personal and social responsibility, respect for diversity (favors amnesty for illegal immigrants), nonviolence (against war of any kind), global responsibility, and focusing upon the future. As the Green Party of Hawaii stated: Greens seek to restore balance through recognizing that our planet and all of life are unique aspects of an integrated whole, and through the significant inherent values and contribution of each part of that whole.
  • Constitution Party … In 1992, American Taxpayer Party presidential candidate Howard Phillips appeared on the ballot in 21 states. Mr. Phillips again ran in 1996 and achieved ballot access in 39 states. At its national convention in 1999, the party officially changed its name to “Constitution Party”. Again, they chose Howard Phillips as the presidential candidate for 2000. The party favors a government based upon a strict adherence to the Constitution and the principles established by the Founding Fathers. The support a limited government, structure and power of regulation over the People. The Constitution Party favors the return of most powers of government to the states, communities, and the People.
The primary election maintains integrity within the political party; but only if the leadership allows individuals like Ron Paul to maintain the political platform of limited government and other issues addressed in order to achieve a successful administration and congressional record.
The Tea Party movement and the Independence Caucus are striving to make elections to be more positive, providing a clear choice and defend the Constitution of the United States as well as returning the model of government established by Thomas Jefferson and other founders in design of a democratic republic.
The goal of this primary election is not only find someone stolid, sincere and demonstrate knowledge of the problem and solving issues; as well as a candidate who will be ethical and promote ethics within the government and return the faith of the people in those that operate our government. The American People have, generally, had their fill with words and talk of action, and then when elected perform little or nothing of what was promised in the tasks that lay before them while in office.
If you want real “change” and not just rhetoric and corruption of the change we don’t need or want – vote at the primaries. I highly suggest Ron Paul as your first choice or Newt Gingrich as your second choice. It would be something if one of them won and offered the other to run as Vice President in 2012 national general elections against President Obama who wants another term in the White House.
Participate in this primary election and every primary election – whether or not you cross political parties (of your tradition) or not. Vote!
In the coming weeks, before our state votes in our primary election in April, I will present in an honest and open manner what each of the candidates have to offer as well as including their past record – which is important to decide if the candidate will truly fit the bill to not only run against Barack Obama, but beat him and become our next President of the United States.
I would also like to remind fellow Americans that the president often is blamed for non-action, when in fact he pushes for something, but has an uncooperative Congress. In this administration it has been good, for the most part; however, too many RINOs in Congress has allowed Obama to continue his acts against the Constitution as well as pass the national health care legislation called ObamaCare.
Please vote!