Progressives and RINOs

Charles Dharapak/Pool/AP Photo
A photo (left) taken recently of Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State a the G20 Summit 2012, shows Hillary sitting amidst people dressed in white, while she is wearing green – making fun of her attire (ABC blog). But that isn’t what caught my eye, for I am not a part of society’s “clothing police” – people should choose whatever clothing suits their fancy – it was the fact that she was wearing a green version of the Mao look, the godfather of communist China that struck me as befitting for a woman of her ideology.
Jonah Goldberg wrote a book entitled Liberal Fascismthat describes the racist roots of political left that referred to themselves as “liberal” and thus the term. Hillary Clinton has been one of the major players in the Democratic Party for some time now. She was the daughter in a family of traditional Republicans and in her early interest in law and politics this was her chosen avenue. Then she moved over into the company of anti-war protesters and met Bill Clinton that would end up the most infamous convenience marriage of the century. It was Hillary and her cohorts that encouraged changing the name of “liberal” a word with a different meaning than the actual description of what has become of the Democrat(ic) Party of the late 20thand early 21stcentury to proudly calling themselves “Progressive”. 

As Derek Hunterwrote in his column:

Their name has changed, but their objectives have not. They want an all-powerful government with the individual subjected to its will and whims. … Remember the Bush years … when the president went to Congress and got approval for military action against Afghanistan and Iraq? Ever wonder, then, where the anti-war movement went, and why, after Obama’s surge in Afghanistan and bombing of Libya, there wasn’t a massive rally on the National Mall? Did those fervent anti-war protesters suddenly decided to “give war a chance”? And where is former MSNBC staple Cindy Sheehan now? Or Code Pink? When was the last time you saw them on TV? We’re still at war; only nobody is protesting it anymore. That’s because it never was about war. It was about damaging a political opponent. Their guy is running things now. And he’s in trouble.
That is because the American political left has taken on the attitude of “do as I say, not as I do”.
Progressives in education, the media, unions and politics always will walk in lockstep with each other, destroying any and all who stand in their way (even their own), until they reach their desired goal. It’s not that they’re incapable of learning the mistakes of history, they’re counting on them. What else explains the president’s rush to spend this country into Greece? … The political Left destroyed the greatness of Europe and it wants to take down the United States next. … Also, don’t forget progressives are not just of one political party. You can’t pick them out by the stench of Zuccotti Park emanating off them like stink-lines in a comic strip. In 2008, John McCain couldn’t tell the world enough that he was a progressive. His idiot daughter likes to do the same thing. It’s a philosophy, not a party.
In the GOP camp there are progressives and they are aptly called RINOs – Republicans In Name Only – and rightly so. Presently in Congress there are too many of these RINO members who talked big when campaigning for office to fight the progressive movement to turn America into socialism, disregarding the Constitution of the United States, only keeping that which suits their agenda.
The last three presidents have not performed well in getting America back on track to the way it was designed, and now the Constitution is being put down because it is in the way of their agenda.
We are all aware of the fraudulent and hypocritical “fairness” ideology of the American political left. We all know of the fence-riders of the GOP who say one thing and do another, more afraid to buck the establishment rather than stand up to the progressives.
The GOP establishment doesn’t have much to be proud of either. Members like Mitt Romney have fallen into the progressive steps, just at a lesser degree, mimicking programs and legislation that push us into the dilemma of the European Union. The progressives have constantly whined that we should be following the ideology of European politics, when once America was the model to follow. These are citizens among us who are saying we should turn to socialism and disregard the principles set forth in a democratic republic like what Thomas Jefferson worked so hard for. But we cannot pay attention to those patriots, too many of them owned slaves, wore white wigs and were “old white men” – totally ignoring the fact that they created a system of government and wrote one of the most important documents in history, without any model to guide them by other than knowledge of classic philosophy. It IS a travesty that when they were agreeing that “all men are created equal” they forgot to include women and those enslaved in a nation claiming to be a democracy. But then again, ancient Greece proclaimed democracy, and yet had their traditional slave system. The Romans developed a republic, but they too had their slave system. But at least their slaves had the opportunity to be set free and become official Roman citizens.
Those that are supposed to be operating our government, who claim to know better how to do it than We the People, continue to bailout big business, while the heart of America loses their jobs and their homes, suffering while the bailout businesses go on as business as usual.
Now President Obama is going to bailout Greece or assist it along with the European Union, if all is ironed out as planned.
Americans have come to the point, when it comes to politics, the question being asked: “Who can we believe anymore?”
I voted against GW Bush in the primary election because he is, and represented, part of the GOP establishment elite. They don’t want to change the status quo of what it means to have political power in Washington, not get rid of income tax because it is a means of controlling and keeping tabs on the People of the United States. These people are NOT conservatives or constitutionalists.
Why bother to take oath to protect and maintain the Constitution of the United States when taking office, when other things are more important?
Hope and Change” was the battle cry of BH Obama in his campaign – the People just forgot to insist upon the details of those changes planned by Obama and his progressives. It is election year and the Obama Nation political machine is in full swing to buy American votes. He is counting on the short memory span of the average American voter, as well as make himself look like he has been performing his job in the past four years.
“Hope” has been shattered and “Change” is not what most Americans had in mind.
Shame on American voters for not listening to those who warned fellow Americans, like myself. Personally, I am sick of thinking or writing, in so many words, “I told you so”. Most everyone knows there is something wrong with the system or at least know we have been following the wrong path – we need someone to have a logical and honest plan to solve the issues, not too busy pointing fingers when their own camp is stained with deceit and corruption.
Ron Paul is just too radical in his zeal for getting America on track; however, his zeal has gone to the point of radicalism in the opposite direction. His foreign policy and views about the war against drugs has scared away voters; while to a point many agree with him.
Mitt Romney is a political swindler and gauges his political agenda wherever the political opportunity blows.
Rick Santorum seems to have the gist of the problems America faces and possible solutions, but he has a record of liking to spend other people’s money in earmarks in Congress. The Progressives depict him as a religious zealot, and this may hurt him in the fight against Obama, if he wins the primaries.
Newt Gingrich has come full circle on the sound idea that limited government is the BEST government, taxation is for supporting that limited government – not a political tool or a means of punishing a certain sector of society. However, Newt’s personal past concerning his previous married life has hindered his goals, mostly because of the media and people within his own party. He, like Ron Paul, is a maverick; but not a fanatic. He is not popular because he has, through the years, butt heads with the GOP establishment, as well as the progressives – and the press eats him up whenever afforded the opportunity. But he is not a quitter and continues to push limited government and less intrusion upon American’s lives. But, according to the polls, the public isn’t buying it.
Both traditional political parties must stop, take a deep breath, and fix its internal problems – then maybe they can remain focused upon solving the real issues at hand – starting with emulating our founding fathers instead of other nation’s system that is clearly not working.
If our government continues to spend, spend, spend and not address issues with logic and tried-and-proven methods; we are going to go down with the sinking ship of other nations who have failed and are failing economically. I understand the idea that if America helps those in the European Union they are trying to stem the rising tide of a world economic depression – but the way they are treating the situation, we are merely slowing the inevitable and end up bringing America down with it. This is contrary to Obama propaganda that his administration saved America.
This is certainly what China wants and discovered through documentation, this is what the Chinese government has had planned for some time. Yet China is doing what America should be: improving nuclear plants, more solar power and other alternative energy. China is suspending new nuclear plants as it reviews its designs after disaster in Japan. Is China the political model for America as well? World opinion view China as a fast-rising economic superpower.
It is a complex world – why make it more complex than need be?
The US Congress is “fiddling” while Washington burns.
Let’s start by reforming ourselves, We the People, and then we can work together, as Americans, in rebuilding our economy and fix our problems before we look to help others fix there problems.
Meanwhile, once again, the price at the fuel pump is rising towards $4 per gallon. Green energy illogical ideology and market manipulation of oil companies is the general entities blamed.

The politicians are spending us into oblivion. But I can’t blame only them. The American people are complacent. We like the goodies. We think we’re getting something for nothing. We are like alcoholics who know we have a problem but just can’t resist one last fix. One more infrastructure bill or jobs plan will jump start the economy. Then we’ll kick our spending addiction once and for all. But we don’t stop spending. Almost all budget categories grow, even when adjusted for inflation. … So what do we do? We must cut. But I fear Americans aren’t up for that. People on the street told me that the budget is out of control. But when I then asked them, ‘What would you cut?’ most just stared ahead. … We’re on the way to becoming Greece — while our ‘leaders’ stand and watch. –columnist John Stossel

High tax rates in the upper income brackets allow politicians to win votes with class warfare rhetoric, painting their opponents as defenders of the rich. Meanwhile, the same politicians can win donations from the rich by creating tax loopholes that can keep the rich from actually paying those higher tax rates — or perhaps any taxes at all. What is worse than class warfare is phony class warfare. Slippery talk about ‘fairness’ is at the heart of this fraud by politicians seeking to squander more of the nation’s resources. –economist Thomas Sowell

[I]n Britain, Prime Minister David Cameron has introduced a bill seeking to partially privatize the National Health Service (NHS). Why? Because the British government is ‘hoping to avoid a Greek-style financial meltdown.’ … UK healthcare costs are currently $194 billion per year and consume 18 percent of the UK’s budget. The projected ‘cuts’ in spending for 2013 that have people up in arms? As of now, a $6 billion increase in spending to $200 billion. Much of the animus likely stems from the fact that Britain has grown used to massive amounts of healthcare spending that can no longer be sustained: between 2000 and 2010, the NHS budget doubled in real terms. Furthermore, British debt as a percentage of GDP was almost 80 percent in 2010. Which brings us across the pond, so to speak, where America’s debt level reached 102 percent of GDP last year, long before the full effects — and true costs — of our own stab at government-run healthcare have yet to be realized. –columnist Arnold Ahlert

We contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle. –British prime minister Sir Winston Churchill  

To be controlled in our economic pursuits means to be controlled in everything. –Nobel laureate economist Friedrich August von Hayek