Freedom of Choice: Exercise It and Choose Wisely

Freedom of Choice is important. It reminds me, however, of the old knight in the Indiana Jones adventure film that told “Indy” to “choose wisely” when told to pick the true goblet used by Jesus the Christ at the Last Supper.
The crossroads for America – a time to choose first began with Bill Clinton, then GW Bush and now Barack Obama. That crossroad has been chosen by an apathetic American public, who listens to mainstream media (who chooses candidates for you by (1) refusing candidate coverage of who THEY don’t support; and (2) by using the power of media to attack character and mislead the public. It is not just the Progressives within the Democratic Party – it is the GOP establishment as well, who is barely better than the left that they constantly denounce publicly and in their campaign rhetoric. 

Another part of the “establishment” are the lobbyists who persuade members of Congress in special interest decisions and legislation that helps big business, while the general public is left behind. The other part of the “establishment” are those that have power behind the scenes, using public demonstrations and the conceptual tool of political correctness who have infiltrated our government at different levels, to include the military, and in demonstrations that usually end up to be violent – while all the time discounting peaceful protest from reputable groups like the Tea Party Movement. The media assists the establishment, on both sides of the political fence instead of reporting in an objective manner. I am referring to NEWS, not talking head pundits writing columns or authoring blogs; the latter being opinion that is not necessarily complete facts or lacking thereof. 
In short, a president with constitutionalist tendencies, and egged on by a fully-energized Tea Party movement, would, by his very presence, show up the farce that Washington politics has been—including on the “R” side of the ledger—for so long. And this would be an implicit poke in the eye with a sharp stick to everyone currently presiding in the Republican Establishment, i.e. the people who have been complicit in creating the current mess
We have been in the computer age and approaching what is called the “Nano Age” – with a valuable tool of information called the Internet to search for Truthand complete information. It is the last bastion of freedom that the government has not taken control of – and even that is in jeopardy because of the Progressives continuous march towards socialism and total government control.
This is not a doomsday article or a dwelling upon conspiracies. 
It is a wake-up call to the People of America – the citizens of the United States to awaken and if you have become awaken – act.
Voting is not a privilege – it is a right.
Yet, not enough exercise that right or when they do, they don’t take it serious enough to do their own research and investigation of candidates who are running for office to make a logical and responsible choice. You and I still have the right to choose, but that time is slowly slipping into the mist of history, as the media becomes more powerful and selective as to who it supports – as well as manipulating news, a form of information, important to the citizens of any nation.
Newt Gingrich has been made to look like he is part of the “establishment” – but his record shows differently. He is being attacked by the media and the “moderate”candidates, who have been selected for support by the GOP establishment. Sarah Palin was/is a maverick and cares not whether it be “conservatives” or “progressives” that do not conform to constitutional law or abuses their gift of the voters of America their tasks required in elective office. She is supporting Newt Gingrich because of those reasons.
We have seen the Progressives try to dismantle the electoral vote with seemingly beneficial reasons, and recently, we have seen their hidden agenda of changing the Constitution into an unrecognizable form to where it will no longer be worth the paper it is written upon.
The “establishment” is the minority in Washington who hand out carrots to the American people to entice them to see things their way – meanwhile blaming everyone and everything else instead of looking inward at their policies and seeing what must be done. They even turn against each other, as this primary election as proven, in the name of looking “tough” to stand against the Obama Nation political machine that he and his cohorts have so artfully crafted.
What is the GOP establishment pushing as an agenda?
They think that a moderate candidate is the choice, “moderate” meaning one who gives in when they should be standing for principles and protecting the Constitution, its amendments, and the rights and liberties of ALL American citizens.
The candidate of choice for these “elite” members of political power is a moderate from Massachusetts and a close second from Pennsylvania.
Newt Gingrich has also been chastised for his personal life in matters concerning his ex-wife; yet they let a sociopath individual like Bill Clinton get away with scandal after scandal – even after taking advantage of a young intern, have extra-marital sex in the Oval Office, and lying on a televised segment as well as under oath. He ruined the life of that young girl, while he remains unscathed and not ostracized by the American’s who don’t seem to care about character, unless it is someone other than one of the good old boys of the Democratic Party. He even writes a book about it and the public still supports him by purchasing it.
Putting all this examination of character aside, not because it is not important to elect someone with good character, but the focus should be upon the issues – unlike political fence-riding, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum who seems to think it fitting to preach from the political pulpit not really addressing the issues and riding on the coattails of the GOP establishment.
After the issues are addressed and the plans made, the winner must also be prepared to stand up to President Obama in the political battle for the highest office in the land.
The establishment want people to believe they are conservative constitutionalists – but they do not truly support the Tea Party movement or any true reformation of political doctrine and business-as-usual politics in Washington. They want to remain in the status quo where their power operates behind the lines.
Meanwhile, they ignore the real threats, while preaching to us the threats upon their positions, not what issues that pertain to America and its people – the “Welfare of the People”.
They say they do, but show us upon obtaining control in elected offices, that the Constitution must be protected in order to protect the rights and liberties of the people.
The conservatives have generally been either apathetic or the “silent majority” – and now they are coming out strong; but their memory span seems to be too short. They have left behind Newt Gingrich who started out strong, but the public was, once again, horn-waggled by the mainstream media (even some normally conservative-thinking pundits) and behind the scene establishment.
They don’t want Gingrich to get power – they remember how much trouble he caused them in the 1990s; despite pretending to back the chief architect of Contract With America, a political historical document that the American people could actually read about the agenda to address issues of the time. Some of those issues still remain, unsolved, because the establishment has gotten their way and the American people lose their focus by paying too much attention to negative TV ad campaigning (too many formulating their voter’s choice in this way), and taking for granted that what is disseminated by the mainstream media is true.
The choice is clear: If you want limited government, someone not afraid to speak out, someone who doesn’t just talk about conservative politics, but lives it; someone who actually has an agenda to reduce the tax burden, balance the budget and cut deficits sharply – and most importantly, getting government out of our personal lives, a place where freedom of choice is not only an “unalienable right” – but dictated within the documentation of the Constitution as part of your rights and liberties guaranteed by the Founders and true statesmen who followed, to ensure everyone had their rights and liberties in writing in order for it to be secured. But constitutional laws are only as secure as the People allow it to be and allow whom they elect to perform the tasks required.
We are at the wire. It is time to bring those percentage points back to Gingrich, who is the only one out of three candidates that would be able to stand up to the devious politics and media leaning of the Progressive movement.To stand up once again against the GOP establishment.
Let’s not have another GW Bush for president – and certainly not another four years of what we have seen with the president in the Oval Office now.
Gingrich is not giving up; but he needs our help to fulfill his goals and promises to the American people.
Some say he is an opportunist, which I read from some pundit. But calling a specific politician an “opportunist” is a a joke – they are all seeking opportunities. The big question is: What opportunity are they seeking?
If they are elected, are they going to use that opportunity wisely and For the People?
Choose to stand up and be heard – against the establishment and the mainstream media.
Don’t stand by and force the rest of us to pick the best out of the worst of the candidate who wins the primary against the Obama machine.
It’s Time To Choose America – please consider Newt Gingrich. He is the best choice out of three other candidates.
Let Ron Paul remain in Congress where he does best.
Let Newt Gingrich serve as the next President of the United States.