Odessa Files: Obama List of Screw Ups Seem Unlimited

He preached “Hope and Change” and the hope came in a different capsule, everyone hoping they can survive another year under the thumb of Big Government and President Obama. His “Change” was welcomed enthusiastically, but the Obamanites forgot to get the details as to just what “change” he had in mind. Of course it is always someone else’s fault.
During his campaign for president, Barack H. Obama, probably not even born in the United States, made one stupid statement after another – bleeping his rhetoric with mistakes and stammering as though trying to find the right lie to tell, making sure that one lie did not reveal another.

If the energy spent on covering up for the inadequate office of the executive chief of our government could be transformed into energy – we wouldn’t have an energy crisis and gasoline would probably be down to $2 per gallon. Don’t forget, it was GW Bush’s fault for this energy crisis and still is. While he puts down corporations, big money tactics, and the wealthy in general – no one is comparing to the Obama combined assets and wealth they had when entering the White House. Maybe not as much as Romney, but up there. And, that in itself isn’t bad; it is just the hypocrisy of pointing the blame on the wealthy when one is part of that group of Americans.

Obama backed “energy” companies,green energy that is, and they are having financial troubles. The Department of Energy loan for hundreds of millions of dollars didn’t help companies like Abound Solarwho got $400 million of taxpayer incentive – and they certainly can’t blame it on either GW Bush or China. Abound makes solar panels at Longmont, Colorado, a state where Democrats got the majority through their usual political tricks. The Colorado entity was supposed to buy a second plant in Indiana as part of the Obama job growth program – it won’t be happening. In a stale economy as we are experiencing who could afford the overly expensive solar systems? And China IS involved – they are selling cheaper solar panels below the production cost of US made solar panels and have been in the solar business for over 14 months. In addition, China now leads in the manufacture and use of alternate energies in the form of solar and wind energy.Government does poorly running business in the country – time for government to be limited and let private sector handle it.
As Bob Beauprez wrote:

Barack Obama played Investor-in-Chief with $80 billion borrowed dollars as part of his Economic Stimulus boondoggle.  Pretending he was the smartest guy in every room, Obama and his administration rejected warnings of industry analysts, sound business practices, and common sense, blindly throwing huge amounts of money at anything remotely “green” to satisfy his personal obsessions and placate contributors and friends.   As I wrote earlier this week, with the Obama Administration, Green has become the color of rotten corruption. In the real world, an investment banker with such consistently flawed – even corrupt – judgment would be fired – and investigated.  That should be the case in politics, too.  November can’t come soon enough

Obama is bending over backward to make it appear that he is solving issues during election campaign and after that’s over and he has won, he will do just as he did before – little or nothing, and for the most part, making matters worse. He’s just a status symbol, using up the benefits of White House living, and the convenient access of Air Force One. If things get too tough, which apparently is often – there’s always a round of golf to play, pretending he is Tiger Woods, well as far as golf playing, anyway. He plays the fiddle while Rome burns – and blames everyone else for any crisis involved.
It’s good to be president.
Our government, operated by those who believe that America should follow the role of European nations, like that in Greece, UK, France, et cetera – nanny states extraordinaire:
  • In Greece: government subsidizes pedophiles and collect stool samples as part of the condition for obtaining a business license to set up an online company.
  • In the UK: A job-placement center got in trouble for discriminating against incompetent people by seeking “reliable” and “hard-working” candidates. A woman was being threatened by thugs and got in trouble with the police for brandishing a knife when defending herself on her own property. A man was arrested for finding a gun in his yard and turning it over to the police not knowing where it came from. The government attempted to require “competency tests” for pet owners.
The latter one is tempting, viewing how the “throw away” society we have now so often is cruel to their pets or just plain doesn’t take care of them; treating them like objects instead of living beings. But government must ALWAYS be limited and get out of our private lives.