Entitlements Are Not Constitutional Rights

Doug Giles wrote, March 11th, 2012:
This past week Breitbart.comreleased a video of a young Obama singing the praises of a race-baiting prof from Harvard. I hate to say this, but I don’t think that particular video is going to dissuade the Obama zombies or the blissfully disengaged from voting for four more years of this fetid mess. … Why the pessimism, you ask? Well, it’s not because the incriminating video is not significant; it clearly is, as it once again establishes BHO’s deep allegiance to the lunatic fringe on the Left. However, his step-n-fetch voting block shares his diehard Euro-socialistic beliefs and does not mind 48 more months of an economic maelstrom at all if it means free candy for them for the rest of their mediocre, jealous lives. … Those of the apathetic middle who are paying minimal attention to our political milieu are not going to care enough to watch a 1991 video of Obama talking about crap they’re dispassionate about; they’re more concerned about whether or not Kim Kardashian’s butt is real, and besides, Soledad O’Brien has already told them that there is nothing to the videos. Move along, cattle. Move along. … No, it doesn’t matter that communist groups, terrorist organizations, or race-baiting preachers and professors endorse him. It’s not important that his economic policies are the failed derivatives of Karl Marx’s, or that gas is heading toward six bucks a gallon, or that his favorite author actually dedicated his book to Lucifer. None of these things faze the Obama fanatics, so I’m afraid investigative journalists are going to have to try harder and dig deeper.

Many Americans have wondered how this guy even made it as an elected senator in the Congress, much less the President of the United States. It is as Giles states above, and –

Too many Americans find the gossip in Hollywood, video games, and Monday Night Football more important than looking for the facts by not paying attention to politically-paid TV ads that do not present issues at hand, but instead are out to defame an opponent’s character and misrepresent that opponent’s political record.
More people know the individual names and the bio of a sports player than those who have the power to govern their lives.
And, guess what?
The politicians are counting on American voters choice to remain either ignorant or misinformed; and they are counting on the fact that the American voter has a short memory span.
They have herbal supplements to help with that problem – but the real solution to such ills within our society is to sit back and take a look at ourselves. I did a while back and didn’t like what I saw and when mustering out of the Army I found how much society had changed back here in the “real world” of civilian society. It was a cultural shock to say the least. I was used to soldiers who looked out for each other. If a soldier has a family emergency or other similar problems, folks just pitched in to help. One particular family I remember was a fellow non-commissioned officer with a wife and two children who got burned out of their on-base quarters. That very day they were in temporary quarters. They had made it out of the house in safety, but had no clothes or personal items with them. That was remedied within hours. By the time the week ended that family was presented quarters with a welcome sign that greeted them and when they entered the home found furniture, food in the cabinets, pots, pans and dishware needed to get reestablished. The kids had toys to play with and clothes. The person who got bumped on the housing waiting list so this family could obtain one because of a fire that was not their fault (it was found that old wiring caused it and new housing was slowed down due to cut in funding). Or at least I wasn’t aware of anyone complaining they had to wait longer for housing because that family got bumped to the number one slot.
The point is that what we see happening in our government and what those elected are allowed to get away with stems from the issues at hand within our own society. Too many Americans have and will give up freedom and certain liberties to get “free” stuff from the government – not realizing that someone else is paying for it or at least that person was paying for it until the tragedy or emergency occurred.
Too many Americans believe that “entitlements” are constitutional rights. They are not.
Too many Americans have allowed others to wash away values and the sanctity of family togetherness, et cetera. All the things that made America great. Indeed, the family unit is no longer looked upon as a sacred and personal commitment. Instead we coddle those that have chosen a life for themselves and the poor children who were born to them in a single-parent household. Single parent households are caused by a myriad of social issues: divorce, husband or wife goes to jail or prison; or life partner just plain walks away and leaves the other holding the bag.
What adults do to mess up their lives is one thing, a personal choice; however, they fail to see that it messes up any children born into that situation – and then you have a generation (or two) that you see happening now.
When Americans finally realize that it is better to stand upon one’s own feet and plug through life’s obstacles like generations before them have done; and not ask or attempt to use government programs unless it becomes necessary for survival – and only until we can get back upon our feet – then we will have a better choice of candidates for elected offices and those voted into office. It is because that people like Obama and others like him, in both sides of the political fence, will no longer be able to hoodwink us, We the People or coax us into voting for things that government will do for us instead of what it was meant to do – nothing less and nothing more.
A limited government doesn’t mean that there won’t be programs to help Americans help themselves in time of need, for that emergency is often caused by elements out of one’s control like natural disasters, like the recent folks in the southern US who suddenly found themselves with no homes because of tornadoes. Or a family that suddenly finds they have no job because the local ACME company has decided it can no longer keep its doors open or employ the same amount of people it did the year before.
Obama is once again making promises like he did before getting elected the first time – and it is not because he has had a change of heart. He is talking in circles and making himself and his cronies look good. It’s election year and he wants to remain in the White House enjoying all those perks compliments of the Americans who really pay taxes – not the ones that get money taken from their checks and get most of or all of their money back at the beginning of the following year.
It’s another reason why the 16thAmendment needs to be repealed and income tax made to be a terrible thing that occurred in the past. Limited government is not just about policy, but in spending.
No more writing checks to unscrupulous or careless corporations and financial institutions.
No more funding for social programs that do not work or do not have safety measures installed to prevent from someone stealing from the government funds of a social program.
No more writing checks to foreign governments or supporting foreign people as if they were on the unemployment or benefit lists of American citizens – and meanwhile Americans are suddenly found in the street, homeless, because they lost their job and could not pay the rent or mortgage.
No more producing a generation of Americans who believe that free contraceptives is an “entitlement”.
Enuff said, for now …