Obama and Friend: Just Don’t Get It

The precipitous rise in Barack Obama’s job disapproval numbers stunned the West Wing Monday and shook Democratic leaders. The president is getting failing scores on all of the politically pivotal issues: from a weak economy, high unemployment and skyrocketing gas prices to trillion-dollar budget deficits.A nationwide Washington Post-ABC News poll revealed an angry electorate that is fed up with his presidency. Among his worst job disapproval numbers: 59 percent on the economy; 63 percent on the deficits; 65 percent on gas prices; and 52 percent on his hands-off handling of Iran’s nuclear weapons threat. What especially stunned Obama campaign strategists this week was the president’s declining support among independents, who will likely decide who wins the election. Fifty-seven percent of them disapprove of his handling of the economy.

This demonstrates how far from reality democratic-socialists are to real life. First, they voted for a guy who runs with the dregs of society: the corrupt political machine in Chicago, a racist preacher from his church, a former terrorist (Weatherman) now professor in Chicago, and a guy who ends up going to prison for corruption in real estate and other ventures – where Obama got his property and home from back in Illinois. Hey, if you hang with criminal element – what are you?

He painted himself to look like what he wasn’t, the people of Illinois made him a senator, and then the majority vote and electoral college put him in the office of the President of the United States – and it looks like it may be proven he is not or never was, born in the United States.
All during the campaign you heard and read: “Hope and Change” – but no one asked just what kind of “change” he had in mind. The only “change” is his audacity to ignore the Constitution and insist that it be changed according to his (and cohorts’) political ideology and agenda; which is flat-out democratic-socialism – creation of a nanny-state like those of the financially decrepit ones in within the European Union.
To make matters worse, establishment-picked GOP candidates, Romney and Santorum are not much of an improvement. Romney boasts that he “never worked in Washington” – true, he was a governor of a state that ranks the highest taxed and incorporated an Obama-like health care system that will cost those taxpayers a bit of change.
Obama made Bush look bad for doing what he has done the three-plus years in office. No one is marching on Washington protesting with anti-war signs, however. No one is protesting the inflated gas prices that he promised to fix. He condemned Bush for Iraq and Afghanistan and we still have troops being killed there – Afghanistan people clearly don’t want us there, especially with bad news from the bias media.
As we look at this circus these morons have made of our government, I can’t imagine why the people who vote in America cannot see through their charade.
The media makes Ron Paul look like some kind of nut – yet he makes more sense than any primary election candidate and especially Barack H. Obama. He is squeaky clean. No scandals and hasn’t changed his policy-ideology stance since 1983, if so, very little to keep up with the times.
I think that the major thing that scares the general public with Ron Paul is his stance on the drug traffic – illegal ones. After many decades, we have not stamped out or even come close to destroying drug cartels and gang distributors – drugs are given and sold to children right on school premises within our cities, and thanks to the illegal immigrant situation, drug cartels have established outposts in our cities as well. There has to be a better way. If the method that has been in action for decades is not working – isn’t it time to reassess and look for working options?
What is wrong with medical marijuana? Truthfully, better than crack and extremely dangerous home laboratory drugs passed out to our youth. The real issue is that our society has failed more than the government. Parents should be connected with their children and be good examples – and I mean parent, as in a father and a mother – both having important roles in the upbringing of children. 
The state governments should be addressing these issues – not an enforcement department that has made itself look like a smaller version of the Gestapo. I mean look at their record – injuring and killing innocent citizens because they went to the wrong house, and all that drug money confiscated – is it audited properly? And so on. Big Government is not efficient because it is crippled with bureaucracy. State governments can handle such things at their level, by the conditions going on in that state, much of which could be said about other matters that the feds have taken upon themselves in recent decades. When it comes to national security, for example, which is their task, they have failed because they ignore their own immigration and US border laws. Mexico should be told to comply or else.  
All of the problems that Obama said GW Bush caused is still going on, in fact, it is worse. The deficit is terrible, unemployment has not improved, we are still dependent upon foreign oil because Obama won’t allow the US to produce its own; and we are not only still in Iraq and Afghanistan, but dealing with Syria, Libya and looks like Iran. If we produced our own oil and told OPEC where to put their oil – this might be a start at solving the US-Arab nation issues; along with getting our troops out of there and let them solve their own problems. They don’t appreciate us anyway. We are also sending stressed out soldiers (a Marine, in this case) who tend to commit atrocities – which means there must be an uneven ratio between troops needed and those who are available. This also means we are stretching out our resources as well as creating a military atmosphere where young men and women don’t want to enlist in the military because of Obama policy – like the removal of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” compromise made by Bill Clinton. Indeed, that was bad enough, but Obama has, looking at the overall status of his policies and ideology, made matters worse in so many accounts.
In the past, when Obama was campaigning, I would ask people enthusiastic over his election, a simple why? They didn’t tell me because he would do this or that – just mimic his campaign motto of “change” or, worse, because he would be the first Black President of the United States – and this has even been stated publicly by a certain actor I enjoyed viewing his performance in many films.
To not vote for someone because of their race, religion, or ethnic background (as long as they comply with the Constitution) is not acceptable; and so on the other side of the coin, to vote for someone because of racial reasons is just as bias, racial and not conducive to what one would like to see in a president, member of Congress, justice of the Supreme Court, or a professor of a university.
I would like to say that Americans have learned their lesson with Barack Obama, and certainly not because of his skin color or ancestral origins – but because of an important word: qualification. If Thomas Sowell, Larry Eldersor Walter Williams or even Alan Keyeswas running in 2004, I would have voted for them because of their qualifications, respect for the rule of law, and their sacred trust in the Constitution of the United States; and, YES, one of them would be the first “Black” American President of the United States. Believe me, I would rather have had one of them as president than the last three presidents, including Mr. Obama. 
Obama’s hypocrisy knows no bounds, and neither does his policies. Too many rules made in Congress while those on the books are ignored
Enuff said, for now.