Ron Paul is Crazy All Right – Like a Fox

Ron Paul is made to look like a fool – by those of the party he belongs to, and, of course, the political left. But he is not crazy – well, he is crazy, “like a fox”. He speaks the Truth and has intent since 1983 to put in the forefront that the people have not been informed, the true powers of government. President Wilson, and the Congress at the time, created the mess that put us into a terrible depression and we have been paying for it since. Government’s answer to solutions are not solutions. The Federal Reserve is a power that the Congress or the President has no control over – and they will make it look like it is good that it is a private institution separated from the government, but in reality it is an entity of power that undermines our government’s role in limited government and the issue of taxation without representation.
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Ron Paul is only a danger to the established powers of our electoral process sitting on both sides of the political fence. We need more Ron Paul people in Congress, our Supreme Court and certainly in the White House.
This is why Ron Paul is the one to remain standing against the Obama Nation machine in the White House: