Omega File: Foreign Workers and Foreign Oil Hurts America

Spotlight in this article under the “Omega File” iis the H-1B Visa program and corrupted universities included.
Phyllis Schlafly wrote:
The U.S. Census Bureau reports that, counting only U.S.-born individuals, there are 101,000 with an engineering degree who are unemployed, another 244,000 who are not working or not looking for work and therefore not counted in unemployment statistics, and an additional 1.47 million who have an engineering degree but are not working as an engineer.

It is a statement of fact in response to Obama’s answer to a woman who asked why her husband, an engineer was out of work and can’t finds openings. Obama stated:

H-1Bs should be reserved only for those companies who say they cannot find somebody in that particular field.
“I smell a rat”
The program was created in 1990 to fill various high-tech jobs ONLY when Americans could be found, and the law was supposed to make it illegal to replace an American with a foreign worker.
Corporations certainly would rather pay foreign workers, who work for less, and who rarely ask for a raise or promotion because they are happy to be making US dollars – and – the companies can easily deport them if they do “cause trouble”. How nice. ii
According to Schlafly:
Most H-1B workers are imported for entry-level jobs and trained by experienced U.S. workers who are then laid off. … Obama has made expanding H-1Bs a feature of his re-election campaign, trying to broaden the program that already allows the importation of 65,000 H-1B visa aliens annually. Some people are even pushing the ridiculous notion of stapling a green card to college diplomas, so that foreigners would automatically be allowed to stay and work in our country. Will that include the 57,000 Chinese undergraduates now in U.S. universities, most of whom were admitted on the basis of fake transcripts and recommendation letters, and are awarded college degrees for which they did not qualify? That’s another racket that should be cleaned up. Dickinson State University in North Dakota awarded degrees to 584 foreign students who did not earn them. On the day of an all-campus student meeting concerning this matter, Education Dean Douglas LaPlante wasfound dead from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot.
Phyllis Schlafly is a lawyer and knows what she’s talking about.
In addition to this Visa program, which has been a problem in other Washington administrations, President Obama has reduced the enforcement of immigration laws in routing illegal aliens from companies who employ them.
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Dec. 4, 2009 that 15.4 million people were in the U-3 category of unemployment, meaning that they were actively looking for a job but could not find even part-time work. Subtracting the estimated illegal aliens included in that number, that would mean around 15 million unemployed legal American residents (U.S.-born and foreign-born).
Lobbyists for banks and other institutions made sure that those hiring foreign workers helped to get employer-friendly amendments to H-1B. Now convicted Jack Abramoff, lobbyist for Microsoft, enabled that corporation and other companies to benefits with changes to the law to enable them to import more workers.
And we were told there weren’t enough educated Americans in certain fields.
Pfizer, pharmaceutical company, is another example, who brings foreign workers from India. And check this out: while they save money on payroll, that cost is not being passed to the consumer. So who is it going to? CEOs, of course.
Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) is one of the few in Congress who seems to be doing anything about it. In 2009 he reprimanded Microsoft and he also addressed the problem directly to the White House.
While this problem has been around for some time, President Obama promised “Change” – and most everything he complained about what GW Bush did or did not do, he is doing the same – only worse.
To be honest, except for Ron Paul and maybe Newt Gingrich, I don’t see the other two candidates in the primaries doing what is necessary to make any dent in the Big Government situation at hand, not that I think America could stand up to another four years of Barack Obama and associates. In addition, it will also take a cleaning out of Congress – replacing RINOs and Obama’s crew once and for all. But as Paul Driessen states in his article, Hunting for Scapegoats Won’t Lower Pump Prices, we must have leadership that is going to act. …

When President Obama took office, regular gasoline cost $1.85 a gallon. Now it’s hit $4.00 per gallon in many cities, and some analysts predict it could reach $5.00 or more this summer. … Misinformed politicians and pundits say prices should be falling. Our pain at the pump is due to greedy speculators, they claim, and greedier oil companies that are exporting oil and refined products. … Energy Information Administration (EIA) data show that 76% of what we pay for gasoline is determined by world crude oil prices; 12% is federal and state taxes; 6% is refining; and 6% is marketing and distribution. The price that refiners pay for crude is set by global markets. World prices are driven by supply and demand, and unstable global politics. … A major factor is Asia’s growing appetite for oil – coupled with America’s refusal to produce more of its own petroleum. … Moreover, oil is priced in US dollars, and the Federal Reserve’s easy money, low interest policies – combined with massive US indebtedness – have weakened the dollar’s value. iiiOil speculators play a vital role, just as they do in corn and other commodities futures markets. … Last year, for the first time since 1949, America was a net exporter of fuel and other petroleum products. The best way to keep prices down is to produce more of this American oil, and import more from secure, friendly, nearby suppliers like Canada. However, our government prohibits leasing and drilling on nearly 95% of the onshore and offshore lands it controls. It is dragging its feet on leases and permits for the remaining 5% and over-regulating production on private lands. It vetoed the Canada-to-US Keystone XL pipeline. It is imposing layers of costly and unnecessary new regulations on every aspect of energy production it does not simply reject. We are losing billions of dollars in bonus, rent, royalty and tax receipts, killing countless jobs, and impairing Americans’ living standards, health and welfare. Hunting for scapegoats won’t lower pump prices. Reality-based energy policies will.

And with that statement I say farewell, see you next article.
i Omega File: Articles that pertain to an investigation against an individual or entity, scandals and flat-out corruption.
iii Just as Ron Paul predicted and warned folks about foreign oil and Federal Reserve.