And The Beat Goes On, and On, and On

Reviewing the progress of the primary election, I feel that too many Americans are voting for whoever (Romney) seems to be the “inevitable” winner of the GOP contest to stand up against Obama.
Voters should vote for whomever they prefer – not what the media thinks or pushes to be the winner and certainly not the GOP establishment that is pushing their favorites for election.
It seems that the TV polls and media hype has determined that Romney is “the man”. It also helps to have a lot of campaign cash, outspending all the other candidates – too much on negative campaign ads, unfortunately, too many voters pay attention to them or solely use those to choose.

The only president in the 20thcentury to defeat a sitting president was Ronald Reagan and it was not because of the polls because at one point of the campaign, Jimmy Carter was leading in the polls over Reagan at 18%.

The big question is what candidate is going to be able to adequately fight the Obama political machine – not the stupid media polls. Reagan took the fight with logic, directly to Carter and ultimately won.
Today, the biggest issue is ObamaCare, when it comes to domestic affairs and then follows reformation or repeal of the income tax system, and, of course, government spending and intervention.
Newt Gingrich is a fighter and so is Ron Paul; but the latter has once again made to look the fool by the mainstream media, who ignored the truth about Obama in 2008 and helped get him elected – and we can certainly see the results of his “Change”.
While Washington dickers and the Primary Election circus continues, Iran is rattling its swords as usual, as well as North Korea – and our troops are still dying in Afghanistan for a populace who is unworthy of our efforts. Israel is still holding the bag, while US foreign policy continues to tell them to not reciprocate attacks or deter Iran nuclear program, because it would damage the “peace talks”.