Media Manipulation: Election Fraud

I have stated in several elections that the media is the one who determines who wins and uses its influence upon voters to vote their way.

Here is a video (view whole article) that explains how the media influences and panders to certain candidates to make them look like they have the popular vote or poll. In addition, if the media feels that a candidate, for some reason, doesn’t “qualify” by not providing coverage for that candidate unless it is negative. The media rigs elections and theoretically tailor the votes toward their own ideology, and not the wishes of the American people.

Computerized voting is not a good thing, as the video shows. In addition to the media, the political establishment within a political party can push who they think should win the primary elections, not determined by the people.
Therefore, the American people are not getting the correct information. Newt Gingrich knows about this and has mentioned, as well as Ron Paul. Anyone not in the establishment group are made to look like “mavericks” or “fools” or “idiots”, as some commentators have stated a particular website FreedomConnector – filled with people who have been brainwashed in thinking they way they do.