Obama File: The Political Shuffle – Oil, Economy, and Just Plain Lying

Barack Obama while a senator campaigning to be president, lambasted the GW Bush administration for high priced gasoline at $2.85 per gallon pushing to $3.00 per gallon and the fact that the Bush family were investors in oil companies – something not uncommon in Texas.
Since the shoe is on the other foot and gasoline prices climbing towards $5.00 per gallon, President Obama claims that a president has little control over gas prices.
It is an example of pointing fingers at others and then when taking office not only do no better, but make matters worse.

Obama also claims that the new domestic supplies of oil (where, if he has stopped new domestic crude oil drilling?) would not come on market for years, and as mentioned in a previous article, …

Americans consume a quarter of the world’s oil supplies while possessing only 2 percent of global reserves. In a global oil market, additional American drilling would not make that much of a difference.

Of course these claims and his hypocrisies are self evident – wrong and misleading the American people, just as he misled the voters who voted for him by promising “Hope and Change”.
Presidents and congressional members do affect gas prices, especially in the long term, by rejecting oil leases, interfering legislation, and either curbing or stopping oil exploration and development through legislation – which the president must sign to pass.
He is right about one thing – the time between finding and pumping crude oil. Obama is patting himself on the back and taking credit for legislation passed when Bush was in office that has realized an increase in crude oil production after certain areas were allowed to find and drill it.
What he is saying is that we should not endeavor to become self sufficient by drilling and processing crude oil in the United States because it will take too long. Obama’s knowledge and statistics is out of date between 10 and 20 years. In the first three years of his administration there has been new findings of crude oil in Alaska, Gulf of Mexico, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, New York, and Ohio enough crude oil to process gasoline to bring the prices down, no longer depend upon OPEC oil and its pricing, as well as selling off surplus. It is estimated that we have at least 100 years of natural gas supplies at the present rate of consumption, as well as cut imported oil by 50 percent in just a few years. But the longer that the president and congress dally, the longer the consumer has to wait for affordable prices at the pumps.
Remember that oil is a commodity and commodity prices are based upon “supply and demand” – less supply to the rate of demand means more cost for a barrel of oil.
Our oil companies pump oil with less environmental damage than Venezuela, Mexico, and Nigeria. New domestic production will not only reduce the cost to the American consumer, but will also save America from inevitable bankruptcy looming over the horizon, thanks to the last three presidents, which includes Obama.
Jobs will be created as well, and speculators will be more confident in increasing the release of oil onto the world market – which in turn will also lower the price of oil in Europe – who is also having a bad economic time.
Drilling, as Newt Gingrich has said, is a “win, win, choice” – and it seems that everyone can figure this out except our president, who, it appears, wasn’t even qualified under constitutional law to be our president because of his place of birth, and presently evidence is pointing out that even his social security number is fraudulent – using more than one in his lifetime. But the latter point is only alleged, while the other points to the fact that Obama’s birth certificate was altered. While this is not his fault, but his parent(s), the law states that anyone who campaigns for president MUST be born in the United States as a natural born citizen.
Obama’s record from Senate to White House is filled with corruption and scandal – yet, like Clinton we let it slide. Why? Everyone wanted GW Bush’s head in the first few weeks after taking office, not enough time to perform any proper changes required. Why?
It is because our mainstream media is biased in their news reporting – as to what they report and what the report contains. Scandals are brushed under the carpet for Democrats, while Republicans scandals will be in the media headlines for weeks.
There are lot of changes to be performed within our government, the power of the media (beyond their right of freedom of speech), and the American voters who do not ensure that they vote for people that are qualified and truly having a record that shows that they get things done.