ObamCare Supreme Court Case Begins Today

Today probably one of the biggest Supreme Court cases in the history of the United States begins as nine justices examine the ObamaCare legislation for constitutionality.

It is a complex issue that the Supreme Court justices must decide upon, such as whether the individual mandate is acceptable under either the commerce clause or the necessary and proper clause; as well as other details like whether or not the mandate is a tax or whether the Medicaid expansion is an unreasonable burden on the states.
It is expected that four liberal justices will stick together in the decision: Souter, Ginsberg (the one who advised foreign nations not to adopt our outdated constitution), Sotomayor (who belonged to a racist Hispanic organization, but was selected anyway), and Kagan. Justice Sotomayor has a history of inserting political bias into her arguments and decisions as a judge. Many believe she was nominated and accepted as a Supreme Court Justice because she was Hispanic and ignored the fact she had been a member and affiliated with an Hispanic racist organization. Many worried that she would be bias in making decisions concerning illegal immigration issues.
The Supreme Court’s opinion will be completed this summer, which may have some effect on the 2012 election.
More as things develop.