America Needs a President Who Can Say "NO"

Lurita Doan has the right idea of what kind of President we need in 2012 and in every election thereafter: A president who can say “NO”.
  • Say “NO” to America-bashing.
  • Say “NO” to strangling regulations.
  • Say “NO” to bailouts.
  • Say “NO” to subsidies for expensive and often useless energy schemes. *
  • Say “NO” to ethanol subsidies. *
  • Say “NO” to expanding entitlements.
  • Say “NO” to raising the debt limit.
  • Say “NO” to excessive federal spending.
  • Say “NO” to Czars. (presently there are 40! Czars don’t work for free.)
  • Say “NO” to union pandering.
  • Say “NO” to environmental extremists whose advocacy is not logical or even scientific. *
  • Say “NO” to schemes and methods to encourage voter fraud.
  • Say “NO” to providing terrorists more rights than the average American.
  • Say “NO” to spending more time attending reelection fundraisers and frequent vacations rather than working at solving America’s issues and problems.
  • Say “NO” to getting involved in civil and public matters, like the Georgetown student who is protesting because she doesn’t get free contraceptives from the local university/government and using the death of a teenager (when many die each week) because it is election year. And, especially, say “NO” to inflaming racism no matter which side of the fence it generates from.