Wisconsin Laws: Good and Bad

Today, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has signed into law two important hunting initiatives.  Assembly Bill 311, sponsored by state Representative Jim Steineke (R-5), and Senate Bill 411, sponsored by state Senator Terry Moulton (R-23), passed by large bipartisan majorities in both houses of the state legislature and will help preserve Wisconsin’s hunting heritage. 

AB 311, the Hunting Heritage Act, will encourage the recruitment and retention of hunters and trappers through initiatives in the bill. For example, AB 311 will reduce hunting fees to hunt small game, deer, and wild turkeys. Also, AB 311 will reduce fees and offer prizes for experienced hunters and trappers who recruit novices to share in Wisconsin’s hunting heritage.

SB 411 will authorize the state Department of Natural Resources to establish a season for the regulated hunting of wolves in response to the long-overdue federal de-listing of this species from the endangered species list. This de-listing recognizes the successful recovery of the gray wolf population in the Western Great Lakes Region. Hunters have served as an essential tool for the management of wildlife throughout this country and SB 411 will create a framework for managing the state’s wolf population using this time-tested method. A scientifically-regulated hunting season will help to ensure balance between predator and prey populations. SB 411 will allow a fixed number of wolf tags to be filled in a given year with half to be chosen by a lottery system and half by “preference points” given to those applicants who applied for but who were not issued a wolf harvesting license in previous seasons.
Thank you, Governor Walker for signing these bills into law and to the state Senators and Representatives who voted for them. Also, thank you to our members who contacted their state legislators in support of this pro-hunting legislation. 
That’s the good law. Here is the bad law issue… 
Now, if only Governor Walker and state Senators and Representatives would rescind the unconstitutional law that violates private property rights – the smoking ban that does not allow smoking on premises of privately-owned establishments like restaurants, saloons, and motels/hotels. It was passed through state legislature and signed by former unconstitutional Governor Doyle. It needs to be rescinded.
Government should not have the power to tell private-owned business establishments that they cannot or their customers cannot use a legal product on the premises. It is the choice of the business owner – whether it be smoking or not smoking; or divided sections for each type of customer.
In order to reform the federal government, we must start at the lowest levels, working our way to the top from city council to Washington, DC – and return those rights unlawfully taken away. These laws are not for the benefit of the American people, but instead catering to special interest groups who think they can dictate other citizens as to how they should live their lives – always sticking their nose in other people’s business. They have the constitutional right. I have found that those who insist that a woman has a right to decide about her own body, in the case of the abortion issue; so then does a smoker have the right to govern his/her own body.
Individual freedom is what our nation is about, according to the Constitution – not special interest groups or the few telling other what or what they cannot do – unlawfully.
If smokers do not like the fact that a privately-owned business allows smoking – then go somewhere else. No one has the right to take rights from others in the name of their rights.
Today tobacco, tomorrow what you wear, what you drive, what you eat. Limited government means just that.
Are you listening, progressives and habitual nosy bodies?