State of Our Union: Same Actions – Same Results

It looks like the media and political power is stronger than the fortitude of the majority of American people – if one can truly believe the “popularity” polls. That means that We the People, who are truly adamant in seeking true reform and choosing candidates who truly believe in limited government and individual liberties and freedom of choice are going to be forced in the November 2012 elections to choose the lesser evil candidate for the office of the President of the United States. It also means that there will be no majority of true reformers in either the Senate or the House. Which means that “Change” or rather true reformation will not take place.
Same actions = Same results. Do the math.

Even more scary is that Barack H. Obama gets reelected and continues to use his office to ignore his duty to be represented in a court of law that requests his presence or his attorney’s presence to answer the charges of social security fraud and ineligibility of the office of the President of the United States for alleged false birth certification and being foreign born.

It seems I am not the only who believes if anyone wants to reform something, they must not continue doing the same thing that caused the issues in the first place and continues the problem instead of solving it, or makes it worse …
Dick Army (Chairman, FreedomWorks) and Matt Kibbe (President/CEO, FreedomWorksand author of SourceWatch) wrote of the Republican Party in What Do Republicans Believe?– in the Wall Street Journal, March 21st2012:

Republicans seem particularly prone to doing the same thing again and again, expecting a different result. … President Obama’s re-election campaign is doubling down on the failed economic policies of tax, spend, borrow and print. It’s leaving little doubt in voters’ minds where the aggressively progressive Democratic Party stands. …

Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich: Media and Establishment enemies
Republicans in the true spirit of conservatism and constitutionalism within the Tea Party movement that the GOP establishment has taken as its own mechanism to get votes has shown in this primary that they are in charge when it comes to choosing primary candidates. Any candidate or candidates who buck the system or fails to meet the political establishment requirements of “business-as-usual” politics are, with the help of the eager media, either destroyed by a series of bad publicity or just plain ignored and/or made to look the fool.
Worse – the American people still fall for this stuff. Unbelievable.
It is because American voters rely too much on TV ads and media headlines, and rigged “popular” polls in the process of choosing before heading to the voting station. They do not use the enormous information tool of the Internet to inspect past political records, compare biographies, and examine the character of a candidate.
It has reached the point in our political history that there is no real difference between the two traditional political clubs, it is just that one is less evil than the other. And, anyone who promotes a third party to run against those two parties are doomed for the same reason a GOP candidate who doesn’t have the blessing of the establishment or the backing of the media.
The major things that is common between the Democrats and Republican membership is:
  • Both parties are reluctant or fearful in dealing with the Federal Reserve Bank system that should never been installed or at least never provided the power it has. It deals with issues that is the constitutional authority of the Congress as the authoritative power of the three branch system government. Ron Paul has provided a lucid solution to the problem, but he has been made to look like an idiot. Yet the real idiots, Romney and Santorum, golden boys of the Republican establishment, are made to look like the saviors from the Obama regime. G. Edward Griffin has provided lectures exposing the Federal Reserve system – but too many people prefer to watch YouTube videos that does not involve politics; because “politics is boring”.
  • Both parties use enormous amounts of cash, used in several ways, to get the majority to come to their side; yet neither party offers any real solutions – they are too busy making the other guy look bad by half-truths or flat-out lies. As Matt Kibbe puts it at his SourceWatch site:
The primaries have unleashed a tsunami of CEO cash for front groups and PACs. [Center for Media and Democracyand Citizens for a Sound Economy]
RINO politicians who call themselves “conservative moderates” have been detrimental to the grassroot movement of true government reform in reestablishing a limited government and returning individual freedom back to the American citizen. The establishment backs candidates like Romney and Santorum because they preach what the Tea Party movement truly believes and enacts; but when they are elected their office term resembles the tenure of GW Bush – talk and no action. In Congress, it is people like Charlie Crist and Arlen Specter who have openly gone over to the other side – Republicans who went for the ObamaCare bill passage.
Whatever the political club does or doesn’t do – the American people are tired of being lied to; yet do not understand the schematics of what will make true “Change” – the correct reformation that will bring back individual freedom and choices, reduce government powers according to the Constitution, and by doing so, get a handle on a runaway federal budget that all combined with over legislation has contributed greatly to the present economic recession.
The necessary actions to be taken to initiate true reform are:
  • Repeal ObamaCare, if the Supreme Court doesn’t do its constitutional duty (and if they don’t it is time to consider impeaching justices. It’s not being done: same actions same results.
  • Stop the EPA from destroying the American energy markets that are private institutions and should remain so. Ron Paul wants to delete that department almost entirely. But no one is listening. Same actions – same results.
  • Scrap the tax code – begin with a flat tax rate on income with no deductions; then work to not taxing that which Americans work so hard for – as a direct tax. Keep the same tax code – get the same results.
  • Reform or get rid of government entitlements that are broken, useless, and not cost effective for what they were designed for. Continue same actions, get same results.
  • Congress must balance the budget – not by raising taxes, but by trimming waste, corruption, and catering to special interest groups. Continue same actions will result in same results.
Life career politicians are enjoying the politics as usual atmosphere and are reluctant to “rock the boat” – or buck the establishment by dismantling the Big Government they helped to create. Keep the same politicians or elect those with same attitude and ideology, you will get the same results.
As you can see, it is ultimately the decision of voters as to who is going to make the real changes necessary to get America back on track.
It might help to quit voting for candidates that are lawyers or candidates whose voting record does not match their campaign “slogan” platform – and especially candidates who are puppets for the political establishment in Washington, DC.
If a true reformist president is elected, he is pretty much just treading water for reformation if the Congress is made up of the same political ideologists that got us in trouble – so both the Senate and House needs to be cleaned out. Same politicians equals same results.
I don’t know about you, fellow Americans, but I am tired of rhetoric and broken promises – flatly lied to and used by the political establishment that has invaded Washington, DC making themselves look like they are not. If you feel the same way, then change your voting habits and become more responsible by ignoring the TV ads and looking up candidate qualifications and voting record at On the Issues, for example. Take the mainstream media’s information lightly, relying more on media watch sites, like SourceWatch.
Otherwise keep doing it the way you’ve been doing – same actions, same results.