State of Our Union: Taxation as Social Engineering and Our Society

It seems that modern politicians and special interest groups, took the advice, in a way, from Alexander Hamilton when he wrote the Federalist No. 21 paper:

It is a singular advantage of taxes on articles of consumption that they contain in their own nature a security against excess. They prescribe their own limit, which cannot be exceeded without defeating the end purposed — that is, an extension of the revenue.

Taxation has been used for social engineering by members of Congress and president, and listen to special interest groups and minorities at the expense of the freedom of other Americans. 
Case in point is the alcohol and tobacco taxes. Both have been inflated by enormous taxes called “sin tax” – a way to cause a product to become unaffordable. However, it really hasn’t worked. In the past, the “sin tax” and Prohibition concept has boosted crime in the form of smuggling and black markets. 
Government has no business regulating behavior – leave that to the individual and private sector – like much of what government has their face in today.
What HAS worked is that people who are more aware of the dangers of excess or in the case of using tobacco products the health dangers. Society has performed, once again, what government cannot. The only thing “sin tax” does is repress individual liberties and piss people off.
What right does a government have in deterring a person to use a legal product?
What right does special interest groups who wail about tobacco (and usually not alcohol – go figure) – and at the same time advocate abortion as a liberty of a woman to have control of her own body. Smokers and tobacco users of various forms should also have that right. 
I am not advocating that everyone go out and buy tobacco and either chew it or smoke it – your better off without it; however, individual liberties include freedom of choice. The individual chooses to use tobacco or not, and suffers the consequences of that decision – in the latter case a more healthy life.
Taxation is not to be used for punishing a segment of the population or social engineering – it is a method of obtaining funds to operate the government, and nothing more. This issue is just as important as the issue of the income tax system and its encroachment upon society and failure of those that operate our government to keep it limited and efficient – with little or no waste.
And, if you are one of those that says these things don’t concern me, so why should I care …
The government in recent years has been targeting “fast foods” and “SUVs”, and even sodas – which will result in the same situation tobacco is in. Government folks don’t give a rip if you die of cancer from smoking – they just constantly look for excuses to overtax the people so they can continue their spending spree with the taxpayer funds. Flat out truth. Every time they run into budget problems they keep looking for more revenue to make up the difference, when in fact, they should budget like us folks here in America – spend less. Wouldn’t it be nice to operate OUR budget like the government does?
Can you imagine your bosses face when you demand more money in your paycheck because your bills are getting bigger?
It just won’t EVER happen.
Truthfully, much of what those congress folks do in Washington, DC and some state governments – if we tried it in private sector we would be in prison.
And, for a recent conundrum …
Star Parker wrote a good article on the conditions of our society, caused chiefly by Big Government:

huge, well financed organizations – to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars – already exist to keep pumping out arguments for big government to blacks and Hispanics. The National Urban League, NAACP, National Council of La Raza. … When Reagan became president, 18 percent of our babies were born out of wedlock compared to 41 percent today. Seventy two percent of black babies and 53 percent of Hispanic babies are now born out of wedlock. Yet both blacks and Hispanics attend church more frequently than the national average. Efforts must be expended to reach black and Hispanic clergy and community leaders to raise awareness how big government and moral relativism six days a week overwhelms the message heard from the pulpit on Sunday. Single parent homes are a ticket to poverty. This is a message that can save our country.

In addition, we cannot move away from racism with people like Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and others (including celebrities) who inflame hatred and animosity. We have to start looking at and thinking of each other as Americans – plain and simple. If people want to get out of poverty, they have to take good education more seriously, as well as good old fashioned hard work. They also must quit being brainwashed by socialism and socialists – quit voting for them – like Maxine Waters.
And, as an after-Easter reading, check out Katie Kieffer as she relates her thoughts in Judas Kisses Capitalism. She also mentions what I pointed to recently about some are saying that Jesus was a communist.
I also suggest the article by Lurita Doan: Obama’s Fraud.