State of Our Union: A Venting Moment

It seems that both sides of the political fence is focusing upon female voters; in the case of Obama he has included “Black” Americans to reach out to by drawing his political race card in his unauthorized statement concerning a civil matter in Florida and the death of a teenager. Of course, as usual, the issue of illegal immigrants is held in check because they want Hispanics to vote – legal Americans or not. Looks like the Democrats will be looking toward cemeteries for their voting base this election.

Barack H. Obama gathered groupies who were naïve enough in 2008 to vote for him – all under the elusive (meaning he didn’t provide too many details) rhetoric of “hope and change”. He was supposed to pull out of his magic hat millions of jobs thanks to the “green” industry that he supports enthusiastically, getting a handle on the runaway deficit and government spending (hard to do when Big Government is his game), the all-healing universal health care that come to be known as “ObamaCare”, redo Bush foreign policy, and incite racial unity.
This is the fourth (and hopefully the last) year of his tenure of his presidency. Apparently he spent too much time on expensive vacations and golfing for things are not what was promised – not even close. Well, I guess we can credit him for pulling personnel out of Iraq. But are we totally out of that situation?
Gas has almost doubled in price. Government still stands in the way of America being self-supporting when it comes to crude oil.
Billions of dollars have been wasted in wind and solar projects. Let’s face it, who can afford the outrageous prices of solar and wind energy systems with our economy – deep in recession. Those “green” companies are in financial difficulty and Obama and his team in Congress believe government must help with yet another bailout. Those “green” companies are producing little green energy. And, besides, it has been shown that the global warming voodoo science is just that.
Unemployment rates are averaging above 8%, when 5% was considered a “jobless recovery” during the GW Bush days.
The world around us – from the Middle East to the Korean peninsula are chaos.
Racial relations today are back to where they were in the recent past. Everyone should pay attention to what Martin Luther King preached – it is character, not skin pigmentation that is the makeup of a human being. Unfortunately, according to what appears in the mainstream media – racism is coming from the other side of the fence, and urban folks just don’t get it that character, education, and working for career goals is the only way to improve oneself – not the government and its social programs or playing the extreme odds of state lotteries.
Barack Obama labeled GW Bush as “unpatriotic” with $4 trillion borrowed in his eight years in office. I didn’t want him for the second term, but the media and the political establishment wouldn’t allow real constitutional conservatives to have a chance at winning the hearts and minds of voters. Once again, choosing the lesser of two evils – at that time it was Al Gore. Mr. Obama has spent better than GW Bush: $5 trillion dollars in half of the time it took Bush – four years.
Barack Obama ACTED like he was in tune with the people and wanted to hear what they say; however, despite a major public outcry against his ObamaCare, he and his cohorts got it passed and signed and now we are hoping that the stacked Supreme Court will do its job – for once.
Of course, during the course of four years it was an easy thing to blame everything upon the previous president; after all, he isn’t the first to do so – despite knowing full well what the situation and important issues that needed to be addressed were in place. In fact, that was the major campaign theme – making things better through Big Government. Of course, history shows us that this could never happen and that a good government is a limited government. But, hell, too many Americans think history is boring. Apparently, so do members of Congress and the President.
And, if Barack Obama wasn’t blaming it on Bush, he was saying that it could have been worse if he or someone like him were still president. That part would probably be true if that president wasn’t for limiting government and getting a handle on the budget.
This election year will be spent with Obama trying to get the American voters to forget what he promised and focus on some miraculous silver lining in all of this. After all, he is a narcissist, like his buddy Bill Clinton, who according to some Americans should have been “Black”.
This campaign will be the time-honored strategy of divide-and-conquer, with Americans in the middle and falling for it. Obama will preach about “fairness” when he and Congress has allowed the most unfair tax system remain in place. But then how could he make the “one percent” of America look like enemies of the people and state? Of course, this does not deter Obama or members of Congress who use the divide-and-conquer theme to take their campaign donations.
It will be a campaign filled with “Us and Them” rhetoric. It looks like the GOP establishment’s poster boy, Mitt Romney, is going to be the guy to compete against Barack Obama for the prize of sitting in the Oval Office – doing little or nothing, but looking like they are. Things probably won’t look better in Congress, the way the polls look.
Of course, everything is now blamed upon the one percent wealthiest Americans – who actually create jobs. Government only creates jobs by keeping out of private sector affairs as much as possible; or, in the case of Big Government, creating new agencies and offices to increase public employment. Well, at least in Washington and major cities where expensive federal buildings operate.
Barack Obama must know some history – he is emulating presidents like FDR, William Jennings Bryan, and Andrew Jackson.
Congressional approval rating is, of course, at its all-time low; it was low when GW Bush was in office as well. It is because the political establishment inserted too many moderates, who are really RINOs or liberal-progressives; and certainly not constitutionalists.
The ObamaCare pushed his health care plan through Congress by a narrow margin in 2009. It wouldn’t have happened if Republicans and certain Democrats had intestinal fortitude. Of course, says Obama, those justices deciding the case are “unelected” – so do not represent the people. Apparently, the Constitution, which supposedly he taught about at Harvard, is not to be paid attention to when a president has an agenda.
And back to the subject of women. The media reported the other day that 56% of women voters still are hot for Obama. Well, I don’t really put much salt into “polls” anyway; unless they are conducted nationwide. How it works is they gather a small element of America and then take that percentage – well, you know the deal. What may be popular in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, might not be so in Tampa, Houston, Seattle, or Phoenix. Of course, Seattle has been overrun by liberal-progressives in recent years.
Along with the women issue, Obama has brought the church, in the form of Catholic, into the fray with his federal subsidies of birth control – which hasn’t reduced the amount of unwanted babies but instead increased them. So, the answer is abortion. But if you make the private sector pay for its own abortion instead of American taxpayers – wouldn’t that help? Government ALWAYS makes things worse when it sticks its nose in private sector business. Like raising children. Like keeping family units together (maybe if they didn’t have to both work to make ends meet?). Like promoting good character instead of what is the latest fad.
You know, at this point, looking at Obama and who may take his place – I could just say America deserves what they vote for.
The problem is: those who use logic instead of emotion, don’t pay attention to campaign TV ads, and let the political establishment choose our primary candidates – will have to suffer along with those who vote for these types of candidates. From the city council locally to the state government, to the White House and Congress – you get what you voted for.
Would you be so careless when choosing an automobile or during a home purchase?
Thanks for stopping by and reading my mumblings … you’ll have to excuse me, I always get bummed out in April – reminded how stupid the income tax system is and depressed over the circus we call primary elections.
I am so tired of choosing the lesser evil at election voting polls.
Bring in the clowns.

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