April 15th, 2012: 100th Anniversary of Sinking of Titanic

Now made famous by its discovery and investigation with modern robotic equipment, as well as the film, Titanic(1997) – the wreck is being protected by the United Nations and interested parties, like Director James Cameron.
It was boasted to be an unsinkable ship and before international regulations demanded it, only had enough lifeboats for 1,178 people and the ship had 2,224 people aboard. It was designed with an on-board gymnasium, swimming pool, libraries, prestigious restaurant, and spacious luxurious cabins for the comfort of those who could afford them. It was equipped with a powerful wireless telegraph for the convenience of the wealthy aboard her maiden voyage as well as for operational use. Titanic was one of three Olympic class ocean liners that was operated by the White Star Line built in Belfast between 1909 and 1911.

It was a masterpiece of naval engineering and a sight to see, and with watertight compartments and remotely activated watertight doors the designers, captain and crew were confident that she was the safest ship to ever sail the oceans. Titanic departed from Southampton, England on April 10th, 1912, stopping at Cherbourg, France and Queenstown, Ireland before heading west towards New York City, New York. After four days at sea and 375 miles south of Newfoundland, on April 14th, 1912, at 20 minutes before midnight (23:40) the Titanic struck an iceberg and a little over two hours later, on April 15th, 1912, the Titanic broke up and sank bow first with over 1,000 people still aboard her. Those who jumped in the water with no chance to board a lifeboat died within minutes from hypothermia in the freezing Atlantic Ocean. Those that were able to get to lifeboats, 710, were taken aboard the RMS Carpathia, who received the distress message and raced to the coordinates given, a few hours after the Titanic slipped into the icy dark waters.
This Sunday, April 15th, 2012 will be the 100thanniversary of the most tragic event in maritime history.
Here on the Peninsula, the Door County Maritime Museum in Sturgeon Bay will be observing the centennial of the sinking with their exhibit entitled Titanic’s Wake.
Door County Maritime Museum Executive Director, Bob Desh stated in a news release:
The loss of the great ship and the 1,514 souls who perished with her shocked the world. Titanic’s sinking would trigger official investigations on both sides of the Atlantic and forever change the way the world viewed maritime safety. In the United States House of Representatives eight hastily written bills were introduced on April 17 in response to the news of the sinking and Senator William Alben Smith of Michigan presented a resolution before the United States Senate calling for a formal investigation. This intriguing new exhibit explores the facts and circumstances surrounding that awful night in April a century ago and the lasting impact that Titanic’s demise continues to have on the maritime world.
Part of the exhibit is a 9-foot long model of the Titanic.
Local folks can get information at the museum’s website or call 920-743-5958.
Maritime events at the museum are:
  • Titanic’s Wake – Opened March 25th, 2012 and will end on June 17th, 2012.
  • On April 13th, 2012, Maritime Museum members are invited to attend a Dessert Social at 7pm marking the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking that is part of the Titanic’s Wake event.
  • Maritime Screening of the film Titanic in 3d will occur as a matinee on Saturday, April 14th, 2012 at the Museum and Sturgeon Bay Cinema, 10 am. Tickets are available at the Maritime Museum or call for advance tickets (or see if they are sold out) at 920-743-5958. The 3d film tickets are $8.
  • Lighthouse Festival Tickets went on sale on April 2nd, 2012 and the event will continue until June 7th, 2012. Attendees will tour lighthouses on the Peninsula at Chambers Island, Plum Island, Sherwood Point, and the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal Lighthouses. Those attending the festival can also choose among 12 land or water tours. Tickets are on sale to the public now, as of April 2nd. Members were able to get their tickets one month earlier.
One hundred years the remains of the Titanic has sat in deep waters of the icy cold Atlantic Ocean after being discovered and some of its artifacts recovered. The site has been officially proclaimed an archaeological site and thus has UNESCO protection. UNESCO is a maritime convention sponsored by the United Nations after concerns about its deterioration as a result of tourist visits and exploration submarines crashing into its structure.
Robert Ballard was one of the undersea explorers who discovered the wreck in 1985 and addressed concerns about the site’s protection, and in 2004 he undertook a dive that found the mainmast has been destroyed, the ship’s bell and light torn off and several holes made in the deck from submarines bumping into the historic ship.
In reality, it is a burial site for those that went down with the ship and should be treated with respect as one would for a tomb on land.
At this time, neither the United States or Canada is among the 41 states who have signed the protection agreement, and a number of tourist and exploration trips have been chartered under the sea off the coast of Newfoundland from those two countries.
For example, a United States company called Bluefishis offering two trips in submersibles to the wreck this July, each trip costing $59,680 (£37,636).
Through the use of ROVs (remote-controlled submersibles), damage has also been done to the wreck by bumping into it and placing memorial plaques on it. Ulrike Guerinstated:
One ROV got also caught in the cables. Artifacts have been taken and are for sale now and this is a main issue. The UNESCO convention foresees very detailed rules for activities directed at ancient wrecks, for instance supervision by an archaeologist, respect for human remains and the prohibition of the commercial for-profit recovery of artifacts.
As Indiana Jonescharacter stated in one of his films (loosely quoted):
Artifacts belong in a museum, not a private collection.
James Cameron, director (and writer) of the classic epic film, Titanic, (1997) is also part of the restoration and protection movement to save the wreck of the Titanic.
Many theories have been surmised about the causes of the Titanic sinking; but the popular one among liberal-progressives is that global warming caused the iceberg to break away from the mainland and head towards the Titanic on April 14th, 1912.
A team of astronomers, according to ABCNewssays that the iceberg was sent into shipping lanes by a rare astronomical event. Figures that ABC would report such absurdities.
But unanimously, it was decided that human error and bad luck did the job. 
Leonardo DiCaprio – as – Jack Dawson
Kate Winslet – as – Rose DeWitt Bukater
Billy Zane – as – Caledon ‘Cal’ Hockley
Kathy Bates – as – Molly Brown
Frances Fisher – as – Ruth DeWitt Bukater
Gloria Stuart – as – Old Rose
Bill Paxton – as – Brock Lovett
Bernard Hill – as – Captain Edward James Smith
David Warner – as – Spicer Lovejoy
Victor Garber – as – Thomas Andrews
Jonathan Hyde – as – Bruce Ismay
Suzy Amis – as – Lizzy Calvert
Lewis Abernathy – as – Lewis Bodine
Nicholas Cascone – as – Bobby Buell
Anatoly M. Sagalevitch – Dr. Anatoly M. Sagalevitch
Danny Nucci – as – Fabrizio
Jason Barry – as – Tommy Ryan
Ewan Stewart – as – 1stOfficer Murdoch
Ioan Gruffold – as – 5thOfficer Harold Lowe
Jonny Phillips – as – 2ndOfficer Lightoller
Mark Lindsay Chapman – as – Chief Officer Wilde
Richard Graham – as – Quartermaster Rowe
Ron Donachie – as – Master At Arms
Eric Braeden – as – John Jacob Astor
Charlotte Chatton – as – Madeleine Astor
Bernard Fox – as – Colonel Archibald Gracie
Michael Ensign – as – Benjamin Guggenheim
Fannie Brett – as – Madame Aubert
Jennette Goldstein – as – Irish Mommy
Camilla Overbye Roos – as – Helga Dahl
Linda Kerns – as – 3rdClass Woman
Amy Gaipa – as – Trudy Bolt
Martin Jarvis – as – Sir Duff Gordon
Rosalind Ayres – as – Lady Duff Gordon
Rochelle Rose – as – Countess of Rothes
Jonathan Evans-Jones – as – Wallace Hartley
Brian Walsh – as – Irish Man
Rocky Taylor – as – Bert Cartmell
Alexandrea Owens – as – Cora Cartmell
Simon Crane – as – 4thOfficer Boxhall
Edward Fletcher – as – 6thOfficer Moody
Scott G. Anderson – as – Frederick Fleet
Martin East – as – Lookout Lee
Craig Kelly – as – Harold Bride
Gregory Cooke – as – Jack Phillips
Liam Tuohy – as – Chief Baker Joughin
Elsa Raven – as – Ida Strauss
Lew Palter – as – Isidor Strauss
Reece P. Thompson III – as – Irish Little Boy
Laramie Landis – as – Irish Little Girl
Amber Waddell – as – Cal’s Crying Girl
Alison Waddell – as – Cal’s Crying Girl
Mark Rafael Truitt – as – Yaley
John Walcutt – as – 1stClass Husband
Terry Forrestal – as – Chief Engineer Bell
Derek Lea – as – Leading Stoker Barrett
Richard Ashton – as – Carpenter John Hutchinson
Sean Nepita – as – Elevator Operator
Brendan Connolly – as – Scotland Road Steward
David Cronnelly – as – Crewman
Garth Wilton – as – 1stClass Waiter
Martin Laing – as – Promenade Deck Steward
Richard Fox – as – Steward #1
Nick Mearney – as – Steward #2
Kevin Owers – as – Steward #3
Mark Capri – as – Steward #4
Marc Cass – as – Hold Steward #1
Paul Herbert – as – Hold Steward #2
Emmett James – as – Stairwell Steward (Christopher Byrne)
Oliver Page – as – Steward Barnes
James Garrett – as – Titanic Porter
Erik Holland – as – Olaf Dahl
Jari Kinnunen – as – Bjorn Gunderson
Anders Falk – as – Olaus Gunderson
Martin Hub – as – Slovakian Father
Seth Adkins – as – Slovakian 3-Year-Old Boy
Barry Dennen – as – Praying Man
Vern Urich – as – Man in Water
Rebecca Klingler – as – Mother at Stern (Rebecca Jane Klingler)
Tricia O’Neil – as – Woman
Kathleen S. Dunn – as – Woman in Water (Kathleen Dunn)
Romeo Francis – as – Syrian Man
Mandana Marino – as – Syrian Woman
Van Ling – as – Chinese Man
Bjorn Olsen – as – Olaf
Dan Pettersson – as – Sven
Shay Duffin – as – Pubkeeper
Greg Ellis – as – Carpathia Steward
Diana Morgan – as News Reporter
Lorenz Hasler – as – Orchestra Member
Thomas Füri – as – Orchestra Member
Ference Szedlák – as – Orchestra Member
Béla Szedlák – as – Orchestra Member
Werner Giger – as – Orchestra Member
Patrick Murphy – as – Steerage Band Member (Gaelic Storm)
Stephen Wehmeyer – as – Steerage Band Member (Gaelic Storm)
Stephen Twigger – as – Steerage Band Member (Gaelic Storm)
Shep Lonsdale – as – Steerage Band Member (Gaelic Storm)
Samantha Hunt – as – Steerage Band Member (Gaelic Storm)
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