State of Our Union: A Different Kind of War

Events in the past decade has showed that America’s adversaries, specifically China, have been gaining ground for a myriad of reasons; for example, our foreign policies and allowing China to join the WTO without first cleaning up its human rights act. But that is history – too bad that those that operate our government don’t pay attention to it.

In 1991, the Gulf War was an historical event that changed warfare of now and the future. Desert Storm was definitely a victory in several ways against a military power that was once the top three strongest and well-equipped army (thanks to US and Russia) in the world under the regime of Saddam Hussein. In 42 days (actually about 100 hours of actual offensive warfare), America and the coalition forces demonstrated that aggressive national leadership and its military infrastructure could be decimated in short work by a technologically advance land, air and sea armed forces. With pin-point bombing and satellite imaging, cities did not have to be demolished into ruin or civilians (for the most part) unharmed. The object was to destroy Saddam and his henchmen and thus prevent total destruction as what happened in Europe during World War II.

The victory surprised/shocked the Chinese. They no longer were confident about a direct military confrontation with the United States. So, they began formulating a plan to win the war against free nations and put themselves as a supreme superpower “by other means”.

In 1999, two Chinese colonels: Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui, wrote a book entitled Unrestricted Warfarethat was published by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Press. It acknowledged what I have written above, as well as formulated a plan to seek a victory against US “by other means” – which some were:

The book has become sort of a PLA manual of operations for worldwide economic warfare/supremacy and the same sort of planning has been found in confiscated printed materials concerning the Chinese infrastructureBill Gertzbeing one of the first to discover and report it.

However, all of this does not override the fact that the United States must continue to be the best technologically advanced armed forces; especially in defense technology. China has continued its continual increase of military capabilities as in the other plans mentioned above.
In The Secret Weapon: How Economic Terrorism Brought Down the US Stock Marketby Kevin D. Freeman he wrote with documentation and reliable sources that the 2008 market crash was an “unofficial” act of war on the United States. He also wrote the the:

al Qaeda’s successful attempt to change the Spanish government by bombing the Madrid train system just before Spain’s 2004 elections. Bloggers asked whether al Qaeda may have reprised the tactic in Washington using a financial attack instead of a bombing. Not incidentally, it wiped out John McCain’s lead in the presidential campaign, facilitating Barack Obama’s November victory.

His suspects in this scenario is not just China, but Russia, Venezuela and terrorist groups operating from several nations. On the suspicious suspect listis leftist George Soroswho profited on the “piggy back” crash; however that is not concrete in speculation. Most are angry at him and consider him “evil” for supporting Barack Obama, and for his $1 million donation to the left progressive group called Media Matters. However interviews show that he sides with leftist views of higher taxes – which doesn’t truly make sense, because he states that it is bad for the economy.
Back to Kevin Freeman, who wrote …
In late 2008, I received a copy of a 1944 letter written by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson. In it, the president asked for a study on how U.S. War-making efforts were impacting the economy, industry and morale in Germany and Japan. This was different from previous studies undertaken by the Economic Defense Board and Board of Economic Warfare, which had focused on procuring economic support for the U.S. War effort. FDR’s letter requested just the opposite: an analysis of how warfare could be used to target economies. Roosevelt understood that to defeat the enemy’s economy was to defeat the enemy. … Along with the letter came a request that I help IWSG “develop the present-day economic warfare threat doctrine and strategic appreciation.” IWSG is a part of Special Operations, Low-Intensity Conflict. …
Having watched the 2008 collapse up close and personal as an investment manager, it was clear to me that something out of the ordinary had happened. …
From Kevin Freeman’s “White Paper” …

Terrorists brought down the World Trade Center both as a symbol and as a direct attack on the U.S. financial system. They accomplished their feat after careful study and several trial runs. … Is it possible that enemies of the United States purposefully attacked our financial markets on or about September 11, 2008? There is some evidence that al-Qaida may have short-sold airline stocks in advance of the September 11, 2001 attacks. Could they have seen this to be a successful weapon to be used against our capitalist system?

The crash of 2008 had been a global problem, which made $50 trillion of wealth disappear. In the United States it was about $13 trillion in losses and no one at the time had a clue that it could be an act of warfare or terrorism – or both. It sounded like something from a paranoid schizophrenic blogger. The findings by experts showed that it wasn’t imagination.
Mr. Freeman has been an adviser to several government agencies for sometime: Pentagon, CIA and the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Credible evidence indicated that a global economic war was under way which was following the guidelines of the Chinese colonels in 1999. This type of war has the potential of taking out the largest economy and superpower down to the level of a “second-tier nation” in just ten years. Of course, with leadership like GW Bush and Barack Obama, and members of Congress who think like them – are unknowingly helping the our enemies.
China and Undeclared War
Brett Decker, co-author with William Triplett, in Bowing to Beijing, which also details the horrific human rights abuses in China wrote:
China’s leaders are engaged in a war against America. They view us as a threat to their regime and way of life. Hence, they have embarked on a systematic, long-term program to surpass us militarily, economically and politically. They are willing to do anything – purchase our national debt, steal our intellectual property, spend obscene amounts to buy influence in Washington, engage in extensive espionage in our government and large corporations, and sell sensitive missile and nuclear technology to our mortal enemies – to defeat us.
In recent years, the last two decades, we have taken espionage not as seriously as when the Rosenberg Trial found the couple (Juliusand Ethel Rosenberg) guilty of espionage and they were both executed. They thought that the government was being too harsh. But with espionage on the rise and we are losing national secrets in larger amounts – it is only a slap on the hand for what they have done. For example, during Clinton administration an FBI agent sold a list of our spies and contacts – it cost many people their lives. The judge in that trail who sentence them, stated:
I consider your crime worse than murder. … In committing the act of murder, the criminal kills only his victim. … But in your case, I believe your conduct in putting into the hands of the Russians the A-bomb years before our best scientists predicted Russia would perfect the bomb has already caused, in my opinion, the Communist aggression in Korea, with the resultant casualties exceeding 50,000 …
No one has been executed since for treason in the United States, primarily because it was felt that Mrs. Rosenberg should not have been on trial much less executed, and that only Mr. Rosenberg was guilty of actually participating in espionage.
Oil as Blackmail
For several years now, Salafist web sites as well as Islamic fascist organization spoke-persons have called for an “oil jihad against infidel America and its lackeys”. It is evident that OPEC and Middle East sovereign wealth funds have caused the increase in crude oil prices – the latter sentence explains why.
In another phase of economic warfare, there are the big financial services, like Lehman Brothers, who through financial manipulations like short selling and credit default swapping, as well as other complicated documentation; the old and established financial institution got into serious trouble. These have been called “bear raids” – and even George Soros admitted that bear raids had been used as weapons against Lehman Brothers. He should know because he profited in the biggest bear raid in the 20thcentury when the British pound went south in 1992. He is mentioned by name in the Chinese book, Unrestricted Warfare:
We believe that before long ‘financial warfare’ will undoubtedly be an entry in the various types of dictionaries of official military jargon. Moreover, when people revise the history books on 20th-century warfare in the early 21stcentury, the section on financial warfare will command the reader’s utmost attention. The main protagonist in this section of the history book will not be a statesman or a military strategist; rather, it will be George Soros.
And thus, we learn why so many people consider George Soros to be “evil”. 
I guess Glenn Beck isn’t crazy after all.
Available data showed that Lehman Brothers and other major financial companies were killed off by manipulation; most performed in secret, and using any kind of market obscurity they could. The world nearly entered a new Great Depression – but is still in deep recession.
Along with Islamic fundamentalists, other suspects include: Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, Russia, and, of course, China.

The third phase of this 21stcentury warfare has to do with America’s “Triple-A” credit rating and the drop of the US dollar in the world’s primary reserve currency. This type of attack would put the United States into what Greece and Italy are experiencing today.

Out of this bad news, there is some good news.
Representative Mac Thornberry, R-Texas, of the House Armed Services Committee included Mr. Freeman’s White Paper from 2009 required a review and response to the information he provided. A little slow on the response, but a good step toward defending America against its enemies.
Now, the big question is – will leaders who are elected this year and who are in Congress now, as well as the President of the United States going to be wise enough to react in a manner that will defend America from such adversaries?
Yes, a big question and scary thought, indeed.
Warfare has changed dramatically – and we must change with it. Afghanistan and Iraqi veterans can tell you that; and we must also look at the iceberg below the waterline – as outlined in that 1999 book.
Obama is certainly not up to this – and Romney, the GOP establishment poster boy, doesn’t raise any confidence in my direction – how about yours?
Now you see why YOUR vote is important – and never, ever think that your vote doesn’t count. For lack of five votes, we are stuck with the SAE system of measurement instead of the global, more efficient (tens instead of twelve measurement) metric weights and measures that the morons in Congress are responsible for as stated in the Constitution of the United States.
I guess they are too busy funding bridges to nowhere and passing legislation that takes away liberties and freedom of choice from the very people that put them in office, as well as paying heed to special interests, et cetera.
As of January 2012, we owe (foreign held govt debt)  $1,159.2 billion to China – more than any other nation owed. US owes $1,079 billion to Japan. The total debt to all foreign nations is $14 trillion. 
If you can find much of any product that isn’t – try not to buy “Made in China”. US and other nations make better quality anyway – without slave labor.
I still won’t give up, however.

No Romney either.