State of Our Union: We the People – Reform Now

I have stated in several articles over several years that the founding principle of expecting reformation of our government to a constitutional government is that society first must reform itself. My generation, sadly to say, have raised a selfish generation and that selfish generation has raised a generation whose philosophy is “it’s all about ME”.
We the Peoplemust take it upon ourselves in every place in America to strengthen our family unity and to develop our children’s character. 

This is the job of family and society – not government or the educational system. The latter, which is part of government (that should be regulated by state, not federal), has the task to prepare our children with knowledge that will carry them through the levels of education towards a career that will benefit them economically and personally. Educated people of any nation is a benefit to that nation, and it also ties in with being responsible citizens as well as informative and knowledgeable voters. Children should be taught all through the education process the Constitution and its amendments, why they were created and how our government works. It is equally important that they can read at a level that expands their comprehension, which in turn expands themselves further in the education process.
The so-called “dumbing-down” of our children because of the politically correct crowd feeling it was unfair that students must meet certain requirements and some don’t (or won’t) has produced at least one generation of which some are almost illiterate.
This is not acceptable in the United States nor should it be in any nation in the world. Challenges and goals at graduated levels through childhood builds character and the willingness to achieve their set goals – hoping they have them, which is another topic for another time.
Amanda Clayton, Lotto Winner
A good example of how Americans today feel they are entitled to anything they can get “free” from the government and no regard for others is the case of two people in the state of Michigan, a state that has a high rate of people using welfare benefits, who won the state lottery and continued to collect their state’s food stamps and medical benefits.
The excuse of Amanda Clayton, 25, of Lincoln Park, Michigan: “I am unemployed”. The same excuse that Leroy Fick, of Saginaw, Michigan gave when he won the lump sum payment of $2 million in June of 2010 before taxes. 
Someone from the state office read her story and pulled her benefits in March of 2011.
Now, instead of a better life with her winnings, Clayton was appeared in court on April 10th to face charges of two counts of welfare fraud collecting $5,475 in food and medical benefits from August of 2011 through March 2012 and could face up to four years in prison that includes a $5,000 fine. A state court judge set the bond at $10,000 in a court appearance on the 10th-11ththof April.
Investigators found that she had not reported her winnings as income as the Michigan state law requires to be done within ten days of receipt of any change in income than was reported when applying for welfare benefits, according to the Michigan Department of Human Services, Office of Inspector General.
Governor Snyder
Not to let this go as a rule already on the books within the welfare department, the Michigan legislators and its governor decide to add to the list of a vast amount of laws already on the books. Governor Snyder signed legislation on April 12th that had already been initiated when a Bay County man used food stamps after winning $850,000 lump sum lottery. It states that lottery officials must notify welfare officials about winners of $1,000 or more and will also require that asset tests be used to determine eligibility for public assistance programs. It was already unlawful to not contact the welfare state department, but this new law requires that the lottery offices notify state government agencies when a lottery winner receives their money.
The second charge against the Clayton woman is that she was employed for five months in 2011 and didn’t report it; so her excuse that she was “unemployed” even after collecting her lottery winnings is a lame excuse.
Personally, I hope the judge throws the book at her and she spends four years in prison; however, viewing the overcrowded prisons and the expense of her upkeep by taxpayers, the judge should fine her the amount she illegally collected to be returned to the state welfare fund, plus the $5,000 fine and interest upon any money owed. That is what the IRS does when you underpay your taxes, doesn’t it? In this case, it is outright fraud to receive that much money as well as being employed and not reporting it is inexcusable.
She is innocent until proven guilty; however, in this case that facts are in the open.
This also brings to mind what a woman complained about while I was at a grocery store. There was a person in the line who used her food stamp card to get groceries – no problem. But then she went to the counter where they were selling lottery tickets and bought $50 worth of lottery tickets. Naturally the woman was upset and stated if she could afford to pay for that amount of lottery tickets (and probably lose all of it) – then she can afford to purchase food.
I agree. This is what you get when people are raised in a welfare state.
Now you know why character, integrity and not being selfish is an important thing to teach our children and all children of every generation.
It is not just a religious moral, but an important set of values that relies on the ages old “Golden Rule” – that every people in the world know about and should practice.
Welfare fraud has always been a problem. It’s always in the news:
  • In Pennsylvania, ten residents pleaded guilty to welfare fraud and sentenced.
  • In Ohio, an ex-welfare worker was indicted for fraud by mishandling more than $150,000 in welfare and Medicaid benefits.
  • In Binghamton, a person who parked his Mercedes Benz in front of the Department of Social Services applied for welfare benefits – in this case, fraud was prevented. The man was arrested for attempt to commit fraud. Whenever one applies for welfare benefits, they must list their assets. Some people fail to do so. Incidents have been reported that people would come to the office to apply in wheelchairs and then after leaving, get out of it and walk away and still another case where the person forged doctor notes to get benefits.
It is people like these who ruin it for others who just need assistance to get them through until they can work again or through some other personal disaster.
According toLiberty Index:
The United States federal government spends 70% of the total spending on social welfare and state governments are responsible for the remaining 30%.
In 1998, the US spend just under $300 billion in welfare expense and in 2010 in jumped to $800 billion. It has decreased to $700 million in 2012 because of certain spending cuts.
For the fiscal year of 2012, total gross spending (includes everything – to states and federal agencies and programs, as well as military) the bill was $6.3 trillion. That is 40% of the GDP.
Now for those of you against military expenditures, remember this: US expenditures is more expensive because we have the latest technology; however, compared to the total of world nations – we are only at about 20% of the world’s expenditures. China, for example, spends more per capita than the United States. And, out of that expenditures, like social programs there is an extreme amount of waste. The major culprit: the Pentagon.
Spending fifteen years in the US Army and the last third of it in upper administration and security, I can tell you – the higher the echelon, the more money wasted. It has been an ongoing problem and it is usually addressed (when they feel the pressure) to start bottom to up, when it should be the other way around.
According to a US Senate hearing, $13 billion that was provided for the Pentagon to use for weapons contractors between 1985 to 1995 was not accounted for. Add another $15 billion during that period for management waste, we are talking about funds that could be used elsewhere and help reduce the debt. And we are talking graft from the big contractors between 1980 and 1992: Grumman, Lockheed, Northrop, and Rockwell. These are older dates, but the problem continues, I assure you. And, it has happened through past history of the United States. Rutherford B. Hayes wrote in his diary in the late 1800s:
The real difficulty is with the vast wealth and power in the hands of the few … It is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people no longer. It is a government of corporations, by corporations, and for corporations.
Corporate welfareis a form of government assistance that is not included in the numbers of social welfare, but still racks up billions of dollars. Much of it is embedded in the tax code system that Americans have tried to be rid of for decades, but unsuccessful for several reasons: (1) tax prepares who make income off of taxpayer misery; (2) government officials don’t want to give up the power via the IRS and a means to keep track of citizens and their activities through the income tax system; (3) too many politicians are afraid to buck the Washington good old boy system.
Corporations are the biggest campaign donors – even to those politicians who provide rhetoric against the “wealthy” and who readily accept donations from the wealthy. Corporations have power in the lobby system and convince Congress that their ideas will benefit everyone. It is not necessarily graft between corporations and Congress; but instead politicians who are not savvy and, in most cases, do not pay attention to the limitations set forth in the Constitution of the United States. Most often the problem is caused by a series of events and issues – not just one simple solution.
And, since I am writing about corporations, I would like to emphasize that government does not createjobs – they just help by keeping its intrusion upon the private sector at a minimum and according to constitutional law. You would think that politicians campaigning would quit mentioning this – for more people are becoming aware of that form of political BS. Both Democrats and Republicans are guilty of it. We need less lawyers in government office and more economists and those who had at least a minor in college in political philosophy.
The apparent lead candidate for the GOP appears to be Romney, who just doesn’t get the picture when it comes to what needs to be done. And Obama? Let me count the ways he definitely is out of the ballpark on what America is all about and what it needs.
Now, because of fuel prices, he thinks that targeting oil market regulators to deter manipulation by speculators is going to solve the issue. It may be part of the problem, but once again, politicians never learn from past mistakes or realize what the actual CAUSE is of America’s economic problems and other domestic and foreign issues are – it is called limited government prescribed by the Constitution of the United States and its amendments, which Obama has repeatedly ignored or defied against. What he and his cohorts want is that government become the manipulator in the oil market instead of the private sector because government, those that are elected to operate it, know more than the People. That becomes more of a reality when you consider it has been the same government people who have pushed the “dumb-down” educational system – people knowing only what government wants them to know. That philosophy is reminiscent of the medieval age when the Church was either THE power or the power behind the power. Theocracy.
The other power that needs to be reformed is the Federal Reserve – candidates Ron Paul and New Gingrich, both being ignored by media and political establishment, have pointed this out.
And, of course, this will cost the government (taxpayers) money – $52 million. Let’s face it, all his “pet projects” like green energy has failed. He certainly should fire all of his economic advisors, and Congress should treat him like a lame duck.
He has been “lame” for four years. Now, election year 2012, he thinks he can make up for lost time and actually improve something he has blamed on Bush (some elements true, but the economic problems began in the Clinton administration.
With all of these issues at state and federal levels, solutions are not present, only the finger-pointing is popular. That is why We the People need to act, and do so with the best power of the time – voting. However, by voting for the same type of people and allowing the mainstream media to determine who is the “popular”candidate and/or the political establishment stacking the deck – this game is going to end the same where We the People are going to suffer for it.
We the People must reform themselves and show the politicians and their political clubs that we are not falling for it anymore – we want results and, as promised, done yesterday. 
The Constitution of the United States does not guarantee happiness for all – we all must work at accomplishing it, and do so individually without being detrimental to others rights and liberties – free to be all we can possibly be through freedom of choice.