Obama File: Demands that Romney Show 12 Years of Tax Records

People, I stated that Mitt Romneycan’t take the heat because he is a “fence rider” politician – he goes where the votes may be instead of doing what is best for his state, and if elected as president, for the nation. It is already known he instituted and signed into law what is called RomneyCare – a watered down version of the federal program, which isn’t nearly as bad according to FactCheck

While politicians have a right over time to change their position because sometimes position must change as the times change; however, this man changes views only to make himself look better.

And, I also stated that the Obama Democrats are going to eat him alive, as they did before, mostly because of his record and the fact that despite making over $20 million in one year, he only paid 20.5% interest rate; while others who made less paid more. True, this is the unfairness of the system, and this time around, Obama’s campaign theme is no longer “hope and change” but instead, “unfairness”. The idea is to make the other side of the political coin look like they are unfair and favor the wealthy – same old socialist/communist ploy straight out of the book of Marxism.
Now, Obama is insisting that Romney make public the last twelve years of his income tax statements. Yet, have we seen the last twelve years of Mr. Obama’s? Has Obama addressed the discrepancies of his social security number in his submission of information concerning the draft registration as well as the fact that experts state that his birth certificate he produced has been altered. Called to court, or at least his lawyer representatives, the judge was notified there would be no representation. In so many terms, according to Obama and company, the president doesn’t have to answer to lower courts. Indeed, according to his statements, he don’t even have to answer to “unelected officials” in the Supreme Court.
Diane Sawyer, of ABC, the same person who interviewed Obama several times, but never any controversial issues has grilled Romney, by beginning in a video:
President Obama threw down a kind of gauntlet to you over the weekend. And he said, release 12 years of your tax returns.
Of course, Romney’s refusal makes him look bad – but for now, there will be no release of tax records other than those already released during the primary campaign (2011 and 2012).
Republicans were not using their head when they went along with the media and the GOP establishment in choosing Romney. What ever were they thinking?
At least Newt Gingrich stands and comes back with one liners against opponents who push negative issues, and keeps himself informed as well as his long experience in government that would do well against Obama.
The same goes for Ron Paul.
Because, especially Ron Paul, has nothing but facts and is determined to seek and display truth, as well as determined to do something about the issues rather than just talk about them or blame someone else for not being addressed and solved.
I doubt that the American voter will fall for the Obama lies a second time; but thinking back to when Jim Doyle was governor and what he did and didn’t do, like raising taxes when he said he wouldn’t in the first term – Wisconsinites voted him in for another term – and he immediately raised taxes and federal fees which amounted to a $1 billion tax increase. State fees were raised 38% during a time when people are suffering under a severe recession.
With that sort of history, I am reluctant to be confident in my fellow American voters in choosing wisely and with logic instead of emotion or believing the same lies told in a different way.
And, in another example of how media tries to ignore Democrat political issues that make them look bad – NBC is finally speaking out about the Las Vegas spending spree at taxpayer expense.