We The People vs Media Power

If someone breaks a law or takes advantage of a law, does that require that the law be repealed? That is what the morons are saying and protesting about concerning the “Stand Your Ground” law in Florida – a part of the second amendment is to be able to defend yourself – if that is the case of Zimmerman, and if not – he must pay for the crime. Otherwise, Americans should not expect a law repealed and take everyone else’s rights away just because someone breaks the law or abuses it.
For example, how about if I gathered some people together, made some signs and protested against the Driver’s License law in my state? My reason would be that a drunk driver killed one of our fellow Americans, so I want the Driver’s License law to change or be repealed. If there are no privately owned vehicles on the road, then the death toll will be reduced.

It is nonsense, isn’t it? 
Why weren’t these more recent pics used by media?
Instead they used the media used these photos.
Bed-waiting and socialist-agenda individuals believe that inanimate objects cause crime – and yet, statistics show that those states that allow citizens to actually exercise the First Amendment have less violent crimes than the anti-gun states and counties across America. Let’s be real – socialists and communist, tyrants, don’t want We the People to be armed. It interferes with their agenda. It is what the founders inserted as the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights and worded the way it is. 
Too bad they outlawed dueling after Alexander Hamilton died of wounds from an encounter with Aaron Burr. People would think twice about making hasty and radical remarks against someone’s integrity and honor.
At this writing, the only state who do not abide by the Second Amendment is Illinois – and the district of Columbia, Washington, DC. Both states have been crime-ridden for decades. And, it is not secret that the state of Illinois has more criminals who are politicians than any other – the Chicago political machine got Obama elected, both in Senate and White House. And, since Republicans pay too much attention to the media and TV ads, the wrong pick was chosen to run against Obama in Presidential Election 2012. We will see how well Congress does. But it doesn’t matter if Republicans gain the majority – they properly use it, instead choosing to “compromise” and worry more about bipartisanship than constitutional law. Too many “moderates”, which is a nice way of calling a RINO, an actual responsible politician. In reality, they should stop being politicians after the election and become statesmen and stateswomen, or in some cases, a little of both. Politics is for elections, doing what one was voted to do is another issue.
Well, that is what certain groups of Americans are trying to do about the Florida self- protection law — repeal it because of Trayvon Martin’s death. 
What about the weekly hundreds murdered below the age of 20?
The media was just waiting for something to stand against the ever-growing popularity of our state and federal governments actually abiding by the Constitution of the United States.
That is what protestors and the mainstream media believe, specifically the media – who only reports news they want to report or what news reports help them in the media’s insistence in controlling how the public thinks. They rarely report the whole story or report before they actually have facts.
Because of the George Zimmerman trial, who is being charged with 2nd-degree murder in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin wants to happen. People want the “Stand Your Ground” self defense law because of that incident, and as from the beginning of this event that led to the death of Martin, everyone is assuming Zimmerman is guilty as charged.
But what if YOU were physically attacked, your head being beaten on the ground and your cry for help brings no one? You have a concealed weapon and in the desperate struggle, in which it appears you are losing, you pull that firearm and discharge it, killing your assailant. Does it matter if the person was armed or not?
Nothing would be as so blow out of proportion if the victim was another race other than African “black” American. Would there be public outrage? Would there be protestors and public figures forming a lynching party? 
Guess what? There are people murdered every day that are “white” Caucasians for one reason or another.  Hispanics and Asians as well. America is made up of citizens will many types of backgrounds and racial heredity. How could Zimmerman be a racist if he helped “black” children in the area? (Attested by who knew Zimmerman, and, you guessed it, “black”). Mainstream media didn’t pick up on this, they were too busy looking for a lynching scenario and fulfill their anti-firearm mentality.
There is much we do not know about what happened when someone suspicious or acting suspicious was seen by George Zimmerman, who called the local police for assistance. If the trial is a fair one, we hope the truth will prevail – either for or against Zimmerman.
From the very first few hours after the incident, the media instantly brought the report of it in purely conjecture bias fashion.
It is now known by much of the public that for sensationalism aspects and their anti-second amendment mentality, the media reports only the bad aspects of the use of firearms – whether it be an armed robbery by criminals or a neighborhood watch person allegedly defending himself. Immediately, because of his Anglo-Saxon name, it was assumed he was “white” and immediately it became a “racial” issue. Thanks to the media and big mouth “civil rights leaders” – who employ racial issues like a gangster uses muscle to racketeer money from the public and private institutions.
It turned out that George Zimmerman was, at least part of his ancestry, Hispanic. This should not have been any part of the issue to begin with. In addition, the media finds an old photo (it doesn’t look like the real Zimmerman appearing before court recently) that makes him look like a real mean and dangerous person in the form of a mug shot.
Then the media shows an old photograph depicting a younger Martin and paints him to be the model youth that police records show differently. He had an arrest record for theft and was suspended from school because he got caught with drugs. Real youth model, huh?
The entire affair is a disgusting incident. And why is it so much in national news when these things happen daily in cities like LA, Chicago, and New York? Teenagers are gunned down and teenagers are shooters involved in gangs and crime.
It is because it is election year and this president is the same race as Trayvon Martin – “who could have been his son”. Viewing the youth’s criminal record, I guess he could have been Barack Obama’s son. Look at pictures of Obama in his youth.
The whole point of this farce is that the media and the political left is constantly trying to figure out ways to repeal the second amendment – or make it useless. And, trust me and what the founders said: if the second amendment goes, the other amendments in the bill of rights will soon follow. Americans already have lost their property rights.
It is like the Arizona immigration law, which is a law that is designed to defend the state from the invasion from Mexico – and the arrival of the drug-crime cartels from south-of-the-border. State governments have those rights – especially when the federal government doesn’t enforce immigration laws in place. We are back to where we were at that caused the civil war – state government rights issues. Not that I believe that slavery was EVER right for a nation that professed to be a democratic republic.
The media must be taught a strong and lasting lesson, and their misuse of the “power of the press” be curtailed once and for all – without jeopardizing their rights under the First Amendment.
Simple. Turn off the news, quit reading their newspapers for a while. Boycott the news media until they start reporting objectively and truthfully. And maybe we will hear more about Americans lawfully defending themselves by using the second amendment, instead of those dirt bags that use firearms unlawfully.
You can sift through for truth on the Internet. Tell the media to either start living under acceptable standards of news reporting (this does not include “opinion” articles) objectively and truthfully – or go bankrupt.
That is the power of We the People. Use it wisely.
I have a feeling that Zimmerman isn’t going to receive a fair trial – the judge refused to issue a gag order on those involved in the case.