Obama File: An Unconstitutional President

When the economy takes a nose dive, two phenomenon appear in society: increase in crime and increase in people playing lottery in hopes of striking it rich.
State governments enhance their budget with lottery big winners by collecting $17 billion of revenue per year from ticket sales, and when someone wins, a chunk out of the winnings for state income tax – and the feds collect even more because of its progressive tax rates that people have been fighting against for decades.

The chances of winning the Mega Millions lottery, a multi-state lottery, is approximately one in 176 million. But the state and federal government is always guaranteed to be the winners.

In December of 2011, Barack H.Obama, once again, bypassed Congress in yet another unconstitutional action, when he opened the Internet for gambling, making it easier for state governments to collect the lottery tax and illegal foreign operators targeting Americans; with internet connection and a credit card to play their state’s lottery or gamble with an illegal foreign operator.
Stephen DeMaura at Red Stateblog site, wrote:

In 1961, Congress passed the Interstate Wire Act, which prohibited certain forms of gambling.  Since then, online gambling of any kind has been illegal.  As lawmakers left Washington for Christmas in 2011, however, Obama’s Department of Justice reversed decades of precedent without congressional consult, ruling the Wire Act is limited to sports betting and effectively legalizing Internet gambling by removing the congressional prohibition. Looking to bump tax revenues for the year and expand the size of government, states are now moving quickly to take advantage of the new ruling.  Obama’s home state of Illinois became the first in the country to sell lottery tickets online – just three months after the administration’s decision. Delaware, New York, Maryland, Ohio and California are preparing for an online launch as well. Not only did the Obama administration come to this radical verdict without congressional insight, the Department of Justice avoided a public dialogue, leaving many concerns about Internet gambling out of the national political debate. Many advocates worry that moving the lottery online could lead to increased gambling among children and teenagers, as the identities of those purchasing the tickets are easy to conceal during a digital exchange. Others remain concerned about the impact on low-income families, as the lottery tax disproportionately impacts underprivileged Americans.  In South Carolina, for example, people in households earning under $40,000 account for 28 percent of the state’s population, yet comprise 54 percent of frequent lottery players. Similarly in Texas, instant tickets are more likely to be purchased by someone who is unemployed than an individual who is working or retired. … “Looking at historical data, it is fair that there has been a trend of lottery ticket sales moving in tandem with economic conditions,” Garrick Blalock, a Cornell University economist, told ABC News. “When people are feeling desperate, they are more likely to stop by the gas station and buy five lottery tickets, hoping they get a big windfall.” … Unfortunately, it’s not the first time this administration has bypassed congress to advance its own big-government agenda.  Time and time again, President Obama has disposed of our system of checks and balances that have kept this nation stable and grounded for over two centuries in order to further their narrow ideological agenda.    In fact, a recent New York Times piece explained “[Obama] declared, aides recalled, that the administration needed to more aggressively use executive power to govern in the face of Congressional obstructionism.” … The Obama administration has overstepped the president’s constitutional bounds, circumventing Congress and implementing its own agenda.  It’s time for Congress to regain control of this issue and call this administration’s bluff.

Demonizing of GW Bush
George W. Bush was hardly president for one week before the Democrats and its media propaganda tool was demonizing him. Of all the things that GW Bush was accused of, the Sociocrats are enacting. This does not leave the GW Bush legacy off the hook. He spent much time in foreign affairs and not enough time and action needed concerning domestic affairs, and when he did, it was something like the Patriot Act – which he should never have signed, but instead sent back to Congress to be rewritten and in compliance with constitutional law.
While it is clear that America cannot continue to exist as a free republic and its citizens are to retain and regain rights and liberties lost, by limiting the power of government according to the Constitution of the United States that the Obama administration has ignored; but the GOP establishment’s poster boy, Mitt Romney, is not the man for the job either. Now more than ever, we need a president and members of Congress who put the American people and the Constitution of the United States before any political club platform and loyalty to the established good old boys in Washington, DC.
Mitt Romney will NOT stop the progressive march toward a socialist America. We need an independent to oust Romney that will be able to stand against the Obama political machine. But where and who?
Yet, the initial reform must be in America’s society in order for true reform to take place in our state and federal governments. That reform must be to strengthen the fiber and core of any nation – the family unit; which raises children to standards and values that make good citizens, moral or civic. Americans must wean themselves from the government welfare system and that means taking personal responsibility and proper action for their own lives. This does not mean that we must totally obliterate those few programs that offer a helping hand that affords the chance for people to help themselves, but it does apply to social programs that neither work or just make Americans more dependent upon government – those operating it.
Here in the state of Wisconsin is a crisis that concerns every state of the Union and every citizen of the United States. It is the recall election scheduled for June 5th. I will get into more details in the next article, but it is relevant because private entity trade unions have infiltrated government employment agencies, which has no business in the affairs of government except lobbying and voting as individuals. And, individuals should have the right to choose being a member of a union or not, without fear of repercussion. It is selfish government employees who are primarily behind the plot to overthrow the people’s vote with misinformation and the help of the Wisconsin union.
That is what the Governor Walker is all about. Our governor promised to get a handle on government spending, and those that are employed by that government were all for it until he and the state legislation made them pay towards their retirement funds, like the private sector and other spending cuts. It is no different than what a responsible corporation does – when economics is dipping in the red, spending cuts must be made and sometimes that affects employment.
I will continue that discussion later …
My closing remarks is:
The Democrats were pushing for impeachment against GW Bush for the Iraq War and the Patriot Act; yet BH Obama has gone far beyond those transgressions – and they are not made up or blown out of proportion. Obama and company must leave Washington and those like him must be removed from office at the state levels as well. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land in all the states united under the republic; however, there are certain federal laws that should be left for decisions by state governments. In example: federal marriage laws. States should decide what constitutes a legal marriage, not the central government. The central government should be concerned with its limited constitutional responsibilities and never send troops or bomb another country without declaration of war by the Congress of the United States. That emergency privilege at the executive branch level as commander-in-chief is only for purposes of national defense, not military reprisal against another nation. It is high time that Americans be more responsible in voting and quit letting the political establishment and the media choose your candidates by only providing public coverage of candidates they think should qualify. Since the two traditional parties will not reform themselves in order to reform back to the republic the founders created; it is time for Americans to choose independent candidates or possibly a third party, like the Constitution Party candidates. The media must be stripped of their abuse of power that no longer is part of their right of free speech. Anyone, media or individual, has the right to speak out, but they do not have the right to control what is reported and provide only one side of a story. This is manipulation that is reminiscent of a state-controlled media, which is useless in regards to truthful information. 
Only We the People can initiate these changes and do so by choosing wisely when they vote and only considering those that have a record of upholding and defending the Constitution of the United States.