Cinco de Mayo is NOT an American Holiday-Celebration

Battle of Puebla
Cinco de Mayo (5th of May) is a date of great importance in Mexico that marks the victory of the Mexican army against the French at the Battle of Puebla. It is also celebrated by Chicanosin the United States, reportedly more so than in Mexico.
Because Chicano organizations envision a revolution (through subversion rather than arms) in which they intend to regain the territory (Aztlan) they claim belongs to Mexico – when, in fact, Spain was the first to colonize and declare that territory, which relinquished those claims long ago. 

We the People have suffered from the affects of uninvited people from Mexico who disregard our immigration laws, legislated for the best interest of the United States and its people, who have not enforced immigration laws, and we have come to adopt foreign national holidays as well?

Some historians (Donald W. Miles) believes that if Mexico had not expelled the French with their revolution, the French would have sided with the Confederates and the United States would have remained divided between North and South – history would have changed drastically.
AP News reports that President Obama hosted a Cinco de Mayo party at the White House, a bit early. Illegal immigrants have been a sought after voting base for politicians, and this proves it. To add insult to injury, the president announced:
There’s still plenty of unfinished business, including fixing our broken immigration system. It’s long past the time that we unleash the promise of all our young peole and make the DREAM Act a reality.
Mitt Romney(Mormon family from Mexico) has pledged to veto (if he doesn’t change his mind) the legislation that would allow undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children to stay in America legally as long as they have a clean record and graduate from high or serve in the military. 
Republican Senator Marco Rubio has alsopushed his version of the bill that would provide temporary, non-immigrant visas. Either way – with a serious employment problem in America for its citizens that belong here what exactly does this Washington leadership think they are doing? Senator Rubio was a big part of the Tea Party movement – so why is he sponsoring such a bill? Because he, like Mitt Romney (calls himself “moderate”), is a RINO.
Government schools have even included in their curriculum (see Apples4theTeacher) right along with American holidays and activities like: Teacher Appreciation Week (of course), Mothers Day, Armed Forces Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Columbus Day, Constitution Day and Constitution Week, Presidents Day, Independence Day, and Fathers Day as well as studies about Presidents, Labor Day, Hispanic Heritage Month, Black History Month, and Native American heritage – all pertaining to the United States. At this particular site, believe it or not, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Ash Wednesday, Kwanza, Mardi Gras, Passover, St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day is included.
All across America for several generations, ethnic groups have celebrated their immigrant heritage that made America the “Melting Pot” of the world – but in the end result, all loyal Americans. There are celebrations in American communities for heritage weeks for Chinese, Hispanic, Native American, Scandinavian, German, Irish, and so on. The term describes that American citizens heritage began somewhere else, except for Native Americans – but they still consider themselves Americans in heart and soul.
But not so in a large part of the Hispanic community. Too many believe that parts of America is “stolen real estate” and advocate the Aztlan movement. Organizations like La Voz de Aztlan, La Raza (organization of Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor– appointed by Barack Obama), and MEChAare subversive organizations threatening the sovereignty of the United States. Yet, politicians we vote in office are more interested in obtaining a voting base, rather than retention of America’s true heritage and sovereignty issues.
The illegal immigration issue has been and is still a problem because the federal government does not enforce the laws they have legislated. Instead they would rather take the easier way out and just provide amnesty (often indirectly) via bills in Congress that history shows only encourages more unlawful entry into the United States. A myriad of problems have been the result: increased crime because illegal immigrants do not receive the required background check; possibility of an epidemic of diseases spread by immigrants who have not received the required medical examination before entry into the United States; immigrant quota is based upon (supposed to be) the unemployment rate in United States and so illegal immigrants increases the unemployment problem; and not only are they breaking the law of crossing our border uninvited (invasion), they invariably break other laws like fraudulent identification in order to remain in the United States.
Politicians have balked at Voter ID requirements not because they truly feel it is wrong against perceived “rights” (illegal immigrants have no rights except transportation back over the border), but because they have found illegal immigrants with fraudulent identification are an added voting base – for undocumented people are voting illegally.
So, the problem is not just the illegal immigrants themselves, but politicians in Washington, DC and state governments who ignore immigration laws at the expense of America’s economic well being and national security. When states decide to pick up where the federal government has failed in order to protect their citizens and their economy from illegal immigration, the federal government cries foul and insists that state governments do not have the authority – but they certainly do. They are not adding to the statutes of the federal government, but are enforcing what statutes are in place that the federal government has ignored for decades.
Chicano Rapper
There is nothing “racial” about this issue – it is regarding the protection of citizens against increased crime due to infiltration of criminals and Mexican cartels, as well as protecting their economy because those illegal immigrants expect (and get from politicians) public benefits that is supposed to be afforded only to citizens of the United States. It has been proven that illegal people cross the border to deliver their babies in order to abuse the law of the Constitution referring to persons born in the United States being automatic citizens; which in fact is null and void because the parents are not citizens and in recent subversive activities of groups aforementioned, are not intending to become US loyal citizens, but instead create cultural geographical areas and literally create their own governed communities or communities that are crime-ridden due to gangland activities.
The right of sovereignty of the United States is not a racial issue – it is an issue that protects the rights of its citizens and the interests and security of our nation.
Out of many nations around the world, the United States is sympathetic for those people that choose to leave their country of origin in order to achieve a better life; however, there is only so much room and we cannot create a problem that causes unemployment to rise in respect to the amount of people versus the amount of jobs available.
That means that we should also look at the unemployment statistics and examine whether or not we need to reduce the amount of legal immigration or suspend it for one year until things stabilize for the betterment of the United States. Those interests concerning national security and economic well being is more important than interests of foreign nations or foreign people. It has to be in order to survive.
US or Mexico stamp?
American voters need to vote wisely and choose candidates that abide by the Constitution and have a real plan in solving this major issue – and to quit adopting foreign holidays that have no meaning in the United States. If anyone comes here, they must agree to adopt our holidays and traditions, not create a pocket of what they left behind in the issue of culture and expect Americans to learn their language instead of learning English the traditional language of the people of the United States. 
And, we have our own flag representing the people of our nation – we don’t need foreign flags for a substitute — wherever they come from. 
If it were up to those presently in Washington, DC, there would be a North American Union dissolving our sovereignty as well as our Constitution.