Reflections: May 7th 2012

The essence of the American spirit of tradition and its universal principles is stated by Matthew Spalding of the Heritage Foundation:

America is different because it is uniquely dedicated to the universal principles of human liberty: that all are fundamentally equal and equally endowed with unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Our government exists to secure these God-given rights, deriving its just powers from the consent of the governed. Our Constitution limits the power of government under the rule of law, creating a vigorous framework for expanding economic opportunity, protecting national independence, and securing liberty and justice for all. … American policy must not be driven either by the naïve notion that we can rid the world of tyranny and remake other nations in our image or by foolish claims that we can somehow withdraw from the world and isolate ourselves from threats to our sovereignty and independence. The better course — consistent with constitutional government, under which elected leaders have an obligation to act in the best interests of the people they represent and on whose behalf they exercise power — is to focus on America’s vital national interests in light of its principles, maintaining the United States’ freedom of action while prudently advancing liberty in the world.
Matthew Spalding

Ronald Reagan saw the problems in America but always maintained faith in the America people to reform itself and thus reform those that are supposed to be serving citizens in government …

An opportunity society awaits us. We need only believe in ourselves and give men and women of faith, courage, and vision the freedom to build it. Let others run down America and seek to punish success. Let them call you greedy for not wanting government to take more and more of your earnings. Let them defend their tombstone society of wage and price guidelines, mandatory quotas, tax increases, planned shortages, and shared sacrifices. We want no part of that mess, thank you very much. Ronald Reagan

Walter Williams has in insight upon protesters, who instead of protesting the White House, chose to harass Wall Street …
Nearly 1,000 protesters were arrested in New York between Sept. 18 and Oct. 15. Police collected information on each arrestee’s name, age, sex, criminal charge, home address and — in most cases — race. The median value of the homes of the arrestees was $305,000 — a far higher number than the $185,400 median value of owner-occupied homes of the rest of us. Ninety-five of the arrestees lived in homes valued at more than $500,000. Those who rented paid a median rent of $1,850 per month. Of the 984 protesters arrested, at least 797 are white. One Occupy Wall Street protester arrested — presumably, if you listen to the mainstream media, penniless and from a blue-collar family — lived in an $850,000 home in the nation’s capital. Recall that while on the campaign trail, Obama promised, ‘We will stand up in this election to bring about the change that won’t just win an election but will transform America.’ … During the forthcoming elections, we can be assured that these people will do all they can, including violent protests, to help Obama have an additional four years to continue his transformation of our nation.
Walter E. Williams
The last election campaign was “Hope and Change” – and this campaign it is “Forward” in the same manner of Marxist propaganda and political rhetoric of the past. Our president is leading us in three directions and “forward” is not a promising outlook. Once again this president relies upon key words and icons that are not explained in detail as to just how Obama is going to move things “forward”. The Hope and Change of last election turned out to be a flop, and truthfully a bold face lie. Shame on the voters for not getting the detail as to what kind of change it would be. He and his cohorts in Congress have opted to achieve a goal of “changing” the Constitution, and if that cannot be accomplished just flat out ignore it. Barack Obama is dangerous and not the type to be trusted to wield power and neither his czars, and especially Eric Holder. Corruption, not change is the keyword in this administration; yet not a sense of outrage from the media. It was found out that the Obama administration, through a whistleblower, has been instructed not to publicize or dwell on crimes committed by black Americans and the president continues to issue policies that bypass Congress and defy the Constitution. If we had a Congress with intestinal fortitude and honesty, impeachment proceedings would have begun in 2011, and hopefully condemn and impeach this president whose record will go down in history as THE worst.
The Left and its media tool was all out to publicize their desire to impeach GW Bush for less than the charges that could be brought forth upon Obama; most of which the Bush charges would mostly be political lies. 
Everyone in Washington and the media is afraid, I believe, to really dig into Obama’s transgressions and failures because of this race; yet it was because of his race, according to polls of voters, that he was elected. I believe that because this community organizer and charlatan lawyer is not qualified to lead. His recent Afghanistan speech was impressive, but while he talked all I could think of that, like GW Bush, it was the only achievement he could muster because his domestic affairs are despicable. 
Our government should be praised and endeared by the American people, and would if it had stuck (those governing it) to the principles for which it was created; and the voters were more responsible about who they vote for and the reasons why.
America cannot afford to have Obama in Washington any longer. The damage he has done will take awhile to fix, and as always, it is the American public who suffers. Some deserve to suffer for their bad voting decisions and self-choice ignorance — believing propaganda instead of truth. 
Truth will always prevail — eventually. But America cannot wait any longer for Americans to wake up. Our republic needs to be saved and reformed and many of the American people reforming with it. We need to return to values and honor those traditions that made us a great nation. We have had bad periods in history, like slavery and not allowing women to vote — but those were corrected. This is what we need — elected officials to make the proper corrections. They can start by either ridding Americans of the income tax system or reforming it to less than 1,000 page of regulations. If we are to still send in forms, the form should be on a postcard size form and everyone should pay a flat rate — no deductions and no free rides for selected corporations and businesses that politicians show special interest in. And all legislation must pass the constitutional litmus test before being presented on the floor for voting in both Senate and House. No more retirement programs paid for by the taxpayers for lifetime politicians in Washington. Governor Scott Walker reformed the state government employee benefits by making them co-pay like the rest of us; and elected officials should NEVER receive such benefits. Let them invest in a private investment fund or rely on social security like too many of us in the private sector. Part of their problem in Congress is they think they are better than the average American, yet plead for their votes in the election process. 
Enuff “reflections” for now …