Convict Leads Obama in West Virginia Primary

No, this is not Light Side of Lighthouse humor – this is for real!
May 7thwas the Democratic presidential primary election in West Virginia and Keith Judd, who is serving a sentenced in 1999 for two counts of mailing a threatening communication with intent to extort money or something of value while making threats at the University of New Mexico, was a registered candidate.

Judd, pictured below, was sentenced to 210 months in federal prison and has appealed several times without success.

Keith Judd (Statehouse Bureau photo)
Judd paid his $2,500 filing fee (where do inmates get that kind of money?) and submitted a notarized certification of announcement from the Federal Correctional Institution in Texarkana. No one filed to be a delegate for Judd.
The citizens of West Virginia are upset with Obama after his crusade against the coal industry, which means that Obama will not get enough votes in the November 2012 election. In the primary election, in ten of the 55 counties of West Virginia, Obama received 105,854 votes compared to 72,544 votes for convict Judd. 
This is an example of what I have suggested for some time — those who register to campaign to hold public office should have a background check performed as part of the application. The last time I checked, those citizens who have committed a felony can (a) no longer eligible to vote and (b) no longer able to purchase (legally) a firearm.
If Obama would have had to have a security background check, he would never have been senator, much less a president.  
To save embarrassment, Obama should drop his bid for a second term. 
But I know he won’t. 
He is like Bill Clinton and hasn’t good character. 
At least Richard Nixon resigned rather than going through the process of impeachment – for lying; the same charges against Bill Clinton in which the spineless and corrupt Congress didn’t vote for impeachment in his case. Clinton knew he was guilty and actually had the gall to stand before the American people on television and lie to them – but still, people supported him. It’s because, they said, it was his private business having sex in the White House and committing adultery with a young intern was not really having sex. Conduct unbecoming of the President of the United States or any elected public official at any level.
When Americans, from any state, would rather vote for a convict than reelect a president – Wouldn’t one think that something is amiss?
Obama groupies are still in favor of this unconstitutional, do-nothing president. 
What an embarrassment – like Bill Clinton.
Jimmy Carter (but great humanitarian and naive) might have been one of the worst presidents, but at least he had character. 
Barack H. Obama is going to be at the top of the list in history books as the worst. 
As bad as GW Bush was about keeping promises and paying attention to domestic issues, Bush still outshines Obama. 
Meanwhile, in an unrelated news snippet: 
China has raised its already high tariff on the American auto industry at a high 25%. China needs the money to build its military might against the United States. In addition, GM is giving auto technology to China, which it already has in the form of the electric car.
What can our leadership and corporations be thinking?
That’s what a government-, union-run company does, apparently.
Jobs and technology are going to China – something that Obama claimed against Bush.