Free Sergeant Bergdahl – NOW!

On June 30th, 2009, Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl of Hailey, Idaho, was captured by Taliban Haqqani network in Afghanistan. Bergdahl is a US Army assigned to 1st Battalion, 501st Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division based at Fort Richardson, Alaska. i He has been missing and listed as POW as of June 30th, 2009.
The Taliban have released five videos showing him alive in captivity. The Taliban demand $1 million and the release of 21 Afghan prisoners in exchange for the release of Sergeant Bergdahl. They threaten to execute him. Most Afghan prisoners on the release list are being held at Guantanamo Bay. ii

One of the prisoners on the exchange-release list is Aafia Siddiqui.

Bowe Bergdahl has been in captivity for so long that when he was captured he was a PFC, and on June 17th, 2011, he was absentee promoted to the rank of Sergeant. Bergdahl stated on a video that he was captured when he fell behind on a a patrol. iii
Military officials claim they have been searching for Bergdahl, with no success.
In August 2010, FOX News reported that a Taliban commander, Haji Nadeem, stated that Bergdahl was helping to train the Taliban in bomb making and infantry tactics. The Pentagon dismissed this as Taliban Propaganda.
In August/September of 2011, Bergdahl tried to escape by jumping from a first-floor window of the mud-brick house in Pakistan in which he had been imprisoned, going into the nearby brush and forested mountainside. He spent three days and two nights without food or water, hiding in a shallow trench he dug with his hands and covered with leaves. Taliban found him and despite fighting hand-to-hand and five militants trying to subdue him he was overpowered and returned to custody. Now he is shackled at night and jailers are more watchful. They constantly move him from place to place, so he cannot be located. The story was told by Hafiz Hanif, a young Afghan militant who was featured in a cover story about Al Qaeda by Newsweek. The escape story was covered by The Daily Beast and claims that Hanif is a reliable source of information.
There is a support website for Sergeant Bergdahl that keeps track of the situation that includes a rare interview of the Bergdahl family who have constantly appealed to the US government to arrange for their son’s return. There is also a request for Americans to contact Congress on behalf of the Bergdahl family to insist upon either finding or making arrangements for the exchange of prisoners. Prisoner exchange has happened before in history; but forget about $1 million ransom.
No reward by the US government is offered for information leading to the rescue of Bowe Bergdahl. Colonel Oliver North (RET) stated in an interview in December of 2011:
But the United States does pay for information leading to the safe release of Americans who are being held under these kinds of circumstances.
ABC News reported that there was a reward of $25,000 offered.
All of this is a touchy affair and subject to many Americans, especially veterans of the Vietnam War, when in 1973, 591 American POWs were returned during Operation Homecoming out of a list of of 1,350 Americans captured or missing in action and about 1,200 Americans killed in action with no body recovered. The fate of POWs has been a serious controversy and the most troubling subject of the Vietnam War, as well as causing Americans to distrust their government to ensure that all missing in action personnel are accounted for, as well as using all means to free POWs.
The war in Afghanistan is an example of what happens when formal declaration of war is not issued by Congress and signed by the president.
To the date of this writing, Sergeant Bergdahl is the only POW in this war against Islamic Fascism – worldwide. This war has been unique in history because the enemy wears no specific uniform, bears no specific flag, and is not specific in just one nation that the enemy operates from.
President Obama made it a big thing about closing Guantanamo Bay and putting the prisoners of war in a civil court when he ran for presidency in 2008. He never closed the POW location. These prisoners ARE prisoners of war, they are not civil criminals; but they are criminals under the Geneva Convention on the article covering saboteurs and those who commit crimes against humanity – which both apply to these dirt bags. According to those international conventions, saboteurs are not required to receive a court trial, except tribunal, and can be shot in the enactment of sabotage.
The Taliban wants $1 million and 21 prisoners released for one US captive.
If I were the commander-in-chief, I would first try to see if our Special Forces working with the CIA could not find and free the captive. I certainly would not allow this much time to go on before taking action.
Recently Barack H. Obama went to Afghanistan in a surprise visit and worked out details with the Taliban and Afghanistan government of which were not disclosed other than superfluous information.
Why isn’t the Pakistan government helping in this matter? Are they on our side or not?
I would be, if president, very critical of the limited cooperation of the Pakistan government, since Bergdahl is being held in their country.
If there is a troop withdrawal scheduled, what about Sergeant Bergdahl, Mr. President?
Here is the message I would give to the captures. Exchange one prisoner from Guantanamo Bay whose charges are the least serious for Sergeant Bergdahl with no ransom money. The enemy has declared that if we do not comply that Bergdahl will be executed. I would reply that if Sergeant Bergdahl is executed or harmed in any way, those 21 prisoners that the Taliban want released will be executed the very next day.
The problem with US foreign policy is that we give in too much. And the other problem is that when we involve our military in acts of war, we need to fight that war to win – diplomacy should have been acted out BEFORE the war – after war becomes the only solution, we must fight that war to win and pay no tribute or ransom to any enemy of the United States and our coalition allies for any reason. 
Our American Armed Forces have suffered greatly as prisoners of war, cruelty inflicted by our enemies:
Sergeant Bergdahl needs to be found or released. Pakistan government must be held responsible for his release.
Our commander-in-chief doesn’t appear to be too concerned considering the limited speeches or public statements he has said on the matter. Yet, he is quick to make statements about the shooting of a teenager in Florida stating, to cause national racial animosity: “This could have been my son”. Yes, considering Trayvon Martin’s criminal background, I guess he COULD be your son, Mr. President.
NO American brother-in-arms should ever be left behind — alive or dead. 
And traitors like Taliban Walker should be executed, according to the law and the Constitution. Taliban Walker received only 20 years imprisonment with no parole (GW Bush administration). He renounced his citizenship and joined the Taliban fighting against American military units. Traitorous acts are specific in the Constitution of the United States. If no harm came to military servicemen during his traitorous acts, then at the least he should have been deported and told never to return to the United States and its territories. Instead, taxpayers are paying for his room and board at a federal prison. At his trial he pleaded guilty and stated:
I provided my services as a soldier to the Taliban last year from about August to December. In the course of doing so, I carried a rifle and two grenades. I did so knowingly and willingly knowing that it was illegal.
Our justice system is broken and too lenient; and our foreign policy is bankrupt. If we give in to bullies, it will not stop them or make them like us more — it will just encourage them to act in the same way they always have.
Bergdahl has been held for ransom from 2009 to 2012! Where is the media outrage!
No more compromise with Islamic Fascists and mass murderers.
Get Sergeant Bergdahl back home NOW.
ii Heintz, Jim; Amir Shah (December 25, 2009). “Family pleas for captive US soldier’s release” .