Bank of America: 2nd Amendment and Unconstitutional Bailout

 Last month it was reported that McMillan Firearms Manufacturing and McMillan Group International was a banking customer for 12 years and Operations Director, Kelly McMillan, told the Daily Caller and telephone interview in video shown above, that his company was no longer welcome as a customer because they are a firearms company.
The meeting took place at McMillan’s office with Ray Fox, Senior Vice President with Bank of America and was scheduled as a meeting concerning “account analysis”. 

Fox was quoted by McMillan and The Daily Caller:
We have to access the risk of doing business with a firearms related industry.
Bank of America was one of the biggest recipients of the government financial bailout under the Obama administration; and coincidentally, the Obama administration is not in agreement with the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.
In addition to this upsetting news, Bank of America has been providing credit cards to illegal immigrants because they do not require applicants to submit a social security number.
In 2010, one of the former CEOs of Bank of America was charged with securities fraud. In the same year, after receiving their bailout funds of more than $25 billion, paid for by taxpayer dollars, Washington homeowners sued Bank of America for intentionally withholding government funds intended to save homeowners from foreclosure.
Glenn Beckstated:
We know who Bank of America is. They are in the pocket of this administration. They are in the pocket of this government now. And this government never does anything straight up – this is why Cass Sunstein is the most dangerous man in America. They regulate. They isolate. They put you out of business. They’re not going to come after the guns. They’ll just put everybody out of business. This is what is happening now with McMillan.
Indeed, this is an example of what happens when a government, our government of a republic, does not adhere to the limited powers prescribed, and goes beyond consumer protection in fair business practices matters to taking over private industry and using pressure for those private industries to comply with their unconstitutional and unethical political policies.
Bank of America responded to this bad publicity by posting on Facebook the following:
We want to let you know that we hear your comments and questions regarding one of our customers. While we cannot discuss the details of any individual client we work with, we can assure you the allegations being made here are completely false. Bank of America does not have a policy that prohibits us from banking clients in this industry. In fact, we have numerous, longstanding customers in the industry. We are also extremely proud of our support of the US military and reject any assertion to the contrary. We count as clients many companies that provide for our nation’s defense. We employ thousands of veterans, Guardsmen, and Reservists, and plan to increase our hiring this year.
If Bank of America has no such policy, then why did the Senior Vice President arrange a private meeting in McMillan’s office? Too bad McMillan didn’t record it.
I believe McMillan, for why would a business man make false allegations about such a surprising event in which a banking institution uses, or falls prey to, political policy that governs their business transactions. It is fine that Bank of America denies it and even states they have firearm industry customers, but shouldn’t an audit have been conducted concerning the fair business practice of a bank that has taken $25 billion of the People’s money and then discriminate against another industry?
And McMillan responded in a public statement to the Bank of America Facebook statement:

The statement we [McMillan] posted was an accurate account of the events that transpired late last week. McMillan Group has been in good standing with B of A and a loyal customer for the past 12 years. We were told that we must finalize all of our accounts because we manufacture firearms. McMillan cannot speak for Bank of America’s company wide policies, but we can speak out about our personal experiences. We [McMillan] kindly suggest that if Corporate Bank of America has no policy against conducting business with firearms manufactures, then they should communicate these policies with their regional Vice Presidents and other management.

I just want to let everyone we will post here and on our website which bank we finally choose as our bank. We have had a large number of banks that have expressed an interest in being our bank of choice. You can rest assured that we will pick the appropriate bank and that they will be clear about their support of our 2nd Amendment rights and the firearms industry in general. Many of you may have seen BofA’s official position. Frankly it doesn’t surprise me. It hurts some for others to claim that I am dishonest and that what I posted didn’t happen, but it doesn’t surprise me. I haven’t made any claims about what their policy is, I haven’t even made any speculation. I just reported the events which took place in my office. I am in the process of checking with my merchant services provider to find out whether or not I will be able to discontinue taking BofA credit cards for payment. It has been mentioned that my contract with Visa and MasterCard may prevent me from doing so. Either way I will let everyone no when I get the news. I remember a saying I have heard most of my life, if you tell the truth you don’t have to have a good memory. Rest assured my story won’t change. I might get better at typing and proof reading, God knows I need that, but the story remains the same. Again thanks to everyone for your support. Do me a favor and tag in and let me know if you happen to hear any of the radio interviews scheduled over the next few days.
Many people in the United States feel that banking and financial institutions are a necessary evil, and many don’t trust them – so they are quick to believe urban legends circulating around. However, after reviewing the information and statements, I tend to believe Mr. McMillan.
If it is true that the Bank of America does not have such a corporate-wide policy, then why isn’t Mr. Fox, who allegedly was on his own in this matter, fired? Bank of America has taken the side of Senior Vice President Fox. I am sure there are witnesses within the McMillan office that can verify that Mr. Fox was indeed there with an appointment, even if what was discussed was not heard by anyone except Mr. McMillan.
See also, news release from Paulding County, Georgia.
What is distressing about this is the fact that government has overstepped its limited powers dictated by the Constitution of the United States and that power, not legal, is being abused. It is just what the Founders had warned future Americans about.

A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take from you everything you have.
Thomas Jefferson

And for a final thought … If Americans who support the Constitution and believe in reformation back to the original republic, as well as believe and support McMillan’s allegation, decide to boycott this institution — will the government insist upon bailing them out (again) because they are “too big to fail”?
This is just an example of how the bailout policy of our government is so very wrong.

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