Progressive Propaganda in Recall Walker Campaign

The nation is watching Wisconsin as the battle between Governor Scott Walker and the Wisconsin unions continues, meanwhile, other teachers are grabbing their retirements and some leaving because of financial woes in many states dictates a not-so-bright future because of economic failure and government overspending – and most importantly, because of the parasite called unions.
The average union worker pays the union bosses $1,000 a year to keep their jobs, theoretically.

Michael Keegan, President of the progressive-socialist organization called People for the American Way, whose name is a misrepresentation because the American way is the way of the Jeffersonian republic, not the dictates of Marxism. He has written a scathing article (Huffington Post, a premiere socialist media mouthpiece) against Scott Walker, whose recall election will be on June 5th, 2012. He claims that the Koch Brothers, billionaires, are running anti-union TV ads, and of course uses the progressive term: “right-wing”.

Keegan claims that the protestors and TV ads “bash” health care reform (ObamaCare), progressives (socialists), immigrants (only illegal ones), and American Muslims. Odd, I never seen any vote for Walker ads that even mentioned Muslims, much less “bash” them. And it is all for, according to Keegan and his socialist associates, to stand up for the interests of big business; using the same old cliché used by socialists since its creation as a political element.
Few articles have I read that is so filled with socialist propaganda than this one, but then again look at the source: Huffington Post – an Internet media phenomenon that heralds socialism, but refuses to call it what it is, instead calling themselves “progressives”.
Despite the record of getting the budget back on track and reducing Wisconsin state government spending, and much better job than the previous progressive governor: Jim Doyle, who implemented the biggest tax increase in our state’s history at $1 billion – which included raising state fees 38%. I guess these people want Wisconsin to return to those days.
My only beef with Governor Walker is that he did not drop the huge increase in state fees (and licensing) to a more realistic number, especially since he is working well at reducing government spending.
First of all, it is businesses that create and maintain jobs and if the economy goes sour and businesses fail, guess what? You have what we have now a poor economy and uneven (what the progressives backwardly call “unfair”) – where some companies pay less taxes than others through government tax cuts that the Democrats promote for those who are good political contributors. Plain and simple. And, yes, to a degree this is happening within the GOP establishment; however, you will find the most corruption is tied in to the Democrats, from election fraud, union thuggery and politics, to securing votes from undocumented aliens and voters in graveyards.
The major problem, when it comes to unions, is twofold: (1) unions have gained too much power and (2) they have worked their way into government through government employees and corrupt politicians. Unions have helped create economic distress and stress upon the cost of living index – and even have literally put businesses into bankruptcy. In addition, their thug-type attitude and actions against those that use their right of freedom of choice are forced to join unions. Government has done little to stop this parasitic entity.
Governor Scott Walker only told government employees (union members) that they must pay into their retirement fund like the majority of Americans do across the country, and put a muzzle on union thugs and what they call “collective bargaining”.
It is plain and simple racketeering, just like Jesse Jackson’s campaign against businesses in trumped up charges of inequality.
The biggest whiners in the progressive group in Wisconsin are the teachers. They average $40,000 annual salaries with benefits and only have to work nine months. Sweet deal. This, of course, doesn’t mean their job is menial or even easy, it is just that taxpayers are paying for their wages, the administration, and all the infrastructure tied into it – with not enough return. Our educational system is as bankrupt as our nation soon will be. We have been falling behind for decades and no one stops to think that what they have been doing all along, believing that more tax dollars will fix the problem, will fix it. Hello? If what you are doing is causing a problem, isn’t it time to look at a more viable and realistic and different solution?
That will never do for the progressives. And the rest of America has had their fill of it.
That is why Scott Walker was elected. And that is why Wisconsinites are backing him up on June 5thto show the unions and their whining progressive-socialist membership that we have had enough of their thirst for power, money and skullduggery.
You won’t believe the article when your read that Keegan blames Wisconsin’s “shortfall” budget on Walker, when actually it has improved over the previous occupant of the governor’s mansion. Walker knew he had a mess to deal with and dealt with it, as promised. Now Keegan is going to blame him for the economy before he was in office?
Doesn’t this remind you of Obama in several ways?
Keegan is right, however, Americans have the right to associate and form a union; however, they also have the right to not associate and form a union; and unions, a private entity, has no business in government employee matters.
Just as unions have put businesses into bankruptcy and economic stress with their growing wages, so union bosses can collect more dues, so it is with government; except that government just prints more paper money to meet the growing costs that is caused by overpaid employees – meaning they make much more than the comparable job in the private sector WITH benefits that would make you drool.
That is what this is all about.
Union bosses make two or three times what Governor Scott Walker is being paid with taxpayer revenue. And, there isn’t a week that goes by when one reads that at least one union person is up for charges of fraud, et cetera.
Keegan states that unions have become a “scapegoat”. No, Mr. Keegan, the taxpayer is sick of the cost and headache of big government, whether it be state or federal; and they also want to decide without being coerced or threatened into becoming part of a union – taxpayers have the right to say NO to unions because it makes the cost of government too high.
Think of it this way – your taxes are being paid toward government employee wages (and so are they paying taxes, to be fair), and they make more than you do!
Don’t listen to progressive whiners, and especially union thugs. Unions had a great purpose once, but power and money made them corrupt. It is time to set them in their place.
Vote for Scott Walker this June 5th, Wisconsinites.
And as far as “People for the American Way” – let’s look at the names of the leadership/board members:
Alec Baldwin … who said eight days before the impeachment of Bill Clinton:
If we were in another country … we would stone Henry Hyde to death and we would go to their homes and kill their wives and their children. We would kill their families, for what they’re doing to this country
He has been a pain in society’s rear for some time. He’s pompous and has a bad temper. Apparently that is why Kim Basinger divorced him. Baldwin is also a strong supporter of PETA, which is a fanatical animal rights organization who has exterminated more animals than they have saved. Needless to say, Baldwin is a progressive-socialistand supports those that are.
Kathleen Turner … an actress that has played in “hot” roles and a talented actress. She is a donor to the Democratic Party, part of Hollywood’s progressive click, and was one of the first celebrities to endorse John Kerry in his bid for the presidency. Less volatile than Baldwin, but definitely a supporter of progressive-socialism. She was sued by Nicholas Cage for falsely writing in her autobiography that he was arrested twice for DUI and possible stole a Chihuahua. She apologized publicly.
And, of course, the President: Michael B. Keegan, the author of the misinforming piece published by Huffington Post. All in the views of progressive-socialism.
In another article, yes at Huffington Post, Keegan calls “class warfare” imaginary. I guess if you tell lies long enough, you end up believing them yourself. Apparently he hasn’t compared the Democratic Party platform and rules of engagement with the writings of Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky (community organizer/mentor of Barack H. Obama, alias Barry Soetoro).
Keep Governor Scott Walker, vote for him on June 5th — progressives hate him because he is doing his job.