Back to the Republic: Reformation of America

I am always referring to our nation as a republic, but just what does “republic” mean. In history, there were republics before the United States was formed and its Constitution and amendments were created.

REPUBLIC, according to the Merriam-WesbterDictionary:
1a (1) : a government having a chief of state who is not a monarch and who in modern times is usually a president (2): a political unit (as a nation) having such a form of government.
b (1) : a government in which supreme power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by elected officers and representatives responsible to them and governing according to law (2) :a political unit (as a nation) having such a form of government.
c: a usually specified republicangovernment of a political unit <the Republic>
2: a body of persons freely engaged in a specified activity <the republic of letters>
3: a constituent political and territorial unit of the former nations of Czechoslovakia, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, or Yugoslavia

Since this essay concerns the republic we call America, the United States of America, as Americans, I choose to obtain the definition from those that founded our government and created its constitution:

If we resort for a criterion to the different principles on which different forms of government are established, we may define a republic to be, or at least may bestow that name on, a government which derives all its powers directly or indirectly from the great body of the people, and is administered by persons holding their offices during pleasure for a limited period, or during good behavior.
James MadisonFederalist No. 39

So, the reason for defining America, the United States, a republic, the significant factor is that it is a constitutional government or we can say that the United States is a constitutional republicor democratic republic – supposed to be. I have often used the term Jeffersonian republic here at the Lighthouse Journal, and that too applies to the general description of exactly what type of government the founders created. It is also a form of democracy, but not a pure democracy which would not work well, as the wise founders decided because they had studied that educational institutions had in their curriculum – classical education, wisdom of the ancient civilizations that created the concept – ancient Greeks, later adopted in another form by the Romans. Today, classical education refers to traditional Western culture that focuses upon education understood and taught in the Middle Ages, systematized during the Renaissance by Petrus Ramus. The Renaissance, as its descriptive word means, was a reformation period that boosted Western culture and education out of the “Dark Ages” when ancient wisdom and knowledge had been lost as great civilizations fell, particularly the Roman Empire. It helped advance thought and knowledge in several venues of study: literature, poetry, drama, philosophy, history, art, natural science, mathematics, politics, religion, economics, and ethics. In the 1930s, a great collection was gathered set into many volumes (originally 54 volumes) called the Great Books of Western Civilization. Two more volumes were added called The Great Ideas: A Syntopicon. I have the complete reprinted edition in my personal library and highly recommend it as a great source for general reading and reference. Encyclopedia Britannica offers this invaluable collection of great works.
It would be a great thing if someone or a group of scholars would gather together works and create Great Books of Eastern Civilization. People of the western hemisphere, for the most part, would be more informative upon the wisdom that could be obtained from such a collection of volumes.
So, from this first discussion, we can see that education is important, was important and was key to the creation and development of the final product that the founders entrusted to do so had put together and became known as the Constitution of the United States.
This essay will demonstrate that when We the People of today’s America want reformation back to the Jeffersonian republic, in the form it was created and want our elected officials, supposed to be representatives of the People to not only adhere to its articles and amendments, but protect its integrity. The Constitution, for the most part, is in simple language, meant to come to the point of what must be followed and emphasizes the limitations mandated upon those that operate our central, federal government; as well as that all states of the Union must abide by and cannot change without legal proceedings as described in the constitution. State governments have their own constitutions, which is appropriate, because authority is delegated to the states and each state has its particular elements or circumstances to deal with. However, state governments and its constitutions cannot alter the Constitution of the United States without two-thirds majority vote of Congress and ratification by states. State government can add to the US Constitution in order to address issues and circumstances concerning that particular state.
These points were important to the founders because they did not want the central government to “micromanage” – but instead, delegate authority to keep the central (federal) government limited in its powers, as prescribed by the Constitution of the United States. In addition, ten amendments were added that has come to be known as the Bill of Rights, because it deals with guarantees of rights that federal, state, country, and city governments must follow and ensure are enforced. The Constitution is the laws concerning government authority and its responsibilities and the amendments is a listing of rights and liberties of the People. The Declaration of Independence is also an important document because it clearly defines the reasoning behind the act of declaring independence from a tyrannical government and which led to the formation of the United States of America.
Rand Paul, at the Spartan of Truth website, son (US Senator) of presidential candidate (US Representative)Ron Paul of Texas and advocate of the Tea Party movement, wrote We Need to Go Back to a Constitutional Government (5-13-2012):

The message of freedom and liberty is very much alive with the Paul family. There is nothing more that I hope for than a Ron Paul Presidency, but if that happens to fail, I believe that there is a back up plan and his name is Rand. Dr. Paul has said it many times, that even if he doesn’t win the Republican nomination, he has already won in his eyes, as his message has gone far and wide to his audience and planted the seeds of liberty, that have been missing from politics for a while now.

Ron Paul, US Representative in the House of Representatives, has long been an advocate of a constitutional government. Yet, he is painted (by media and political establishment) as a “radical” and even referred to as a “looney” – yet his truth cannot be refuted because he uses the Constitution of the United States as his guideline.
The headlines are reading that Ron Paulhas “thrown in the towel” and ended his campaign for president this morning. He has gotten more news coverage on this matter with the mainstream media than he has during his campaign to win the Republican primaries. Newt Gingrich, who preached against the “Republican political establishment” has already dropped out, yet is endorsing Mitt Romney, the very symbol of the hypocritical GOP political establishment that Gingrich professed to be against. The glee of the progressive-controlled media is not surprising – he was worrisome to them and the political establishment that doesn’t want the federal boat to be rocked. They want status quo even though that element has brought America economically to its knees and continues to destroy the republic that Jefferson and other founders worked so hard to create. Ron Paul’s strategy, based upon his knowledge of the political process was determined to gather Republican delegates to combat the popular vote of Mitt Romney, whose primary win demonstrates that too many Americans still pay attention to negative ad campaigning and the media controlled by the establishment. Those who are in the power know that Romney would have a better chance at losing to Obama than Ron Paul would.
Because Ron Paul hasn’t changed his mind or policies in order to get a popular vote, he has remained on the principles of constitutional law and is a major reason why so many youth and those Americans who have awaken from their apathetic, brainwashed, coma to realize that the political ideology that is continually presented, election after election – the establishment – has not worked. Yet, those politicians continue to do the same thing and the American voter continue to vote for the same type of politicians that put America into the crisis it is in today. In this venue, it doesn’t matter whether that establishment or group of elites is a member of the Democrat or Republican party.
Ron Paul has won the hearts and minds of the people of Iowa, Nevada, Maine, Louisiana, Washington, and Colorado in regards to delegate majority.
But, as Prison Planetpoints out (has Ron Paul supporters speaking out: video1and video2and video3):

Does that mean Paul has dropped out? Quit the race? Suspended his campaign? Packed his bags? Returned home to lil ole Lake Jackson, Texas? No, it means quite the opposite. It means that Paul will have more ability to focus on delegate selection instead of the many upcoming winner take all states. … Certainly, the timing will strike Paul supporters as odd, given that Paul has picked up a huge number of delegates in recent weeks, and the fact is starting to be known that delegates pledged to Romney can switch their vote at will. … Ron Paul announced today he would not be competing in the upcoming primary states, saying that he would focus, instead, on his delegate strategy. A strategy that is working, by the way, and transforming the Republican Party. It is something he has said many times since the February 11, 2012 caucus in Maine. … For the last two years the national media has been saying that Ron Paul is out. So how could that possibly be news? One might ask, “When has the mainstream media ever thought that Ron Paul was in?” … The delegate strategy is working. That is the way we will impact the platform in Tampa. That is the way we will begin the process of change. It is through the caucuses that we are attracting youth, like the twenty-one year old woman recently elected to the national committee from Maine or the Ron Paul Hispanics or the Independents who have never been involved in party politics. Our people have been punched, yelled at, lied to and worked until they can hardly stand. But on they come, fighting for their children, fighting for their future, angry at the corruption of the banks, of Wall Street, of the lobbyists, of the congress, of the White House. The battle for liberty is not over. It has just taken on a new phase. It cannot be stopped by the national media. If that were the case it would never have been born in the first place. And some will say that it is a lost cause, which I will not concede but it does remind me of Clarence Darrow’s famous line, “Lost causes are the only ones worth fighting for.”

Apparently America’s tradition of favoring the “underdog” has remained or been renewed. Youth of America are realizing that if something is not done there will be no America, or at least a recognizable one. They are realizing what is in store for them as they take on the debt run up by politicians in Washington who think nothing of stealing from one group to give to another and stepping upon the rights of the majority for the wants of a few; ignoring We the People because they do not understand the intricate workings of government.
But then again, the Big Government of today, and the income tax code system as an example – who fully understands it?
The Constitution is in plain and simple language, for at least those that have been educated or self educated away from the progressive-controlled educational system.
It is the responsibility of EVERY American to know and understand the Constitution and ensure that they put in public office those that not only understand it, but protect it and enforce it.
Americans that won’t quit or give in to subversion and tyranny still exist, like in Ron Paulas well as constitutional Sheriff Joe Arpaiowho has been targeted by the feds and progressive special interest groups for a long time now. Yet, the people of his county believe in him, his methods, his strict law enforcement, and his belief that the Constitution does matter and is NOT outdated.
I invite all Americans, legal citizens, naturalized or not, to begin a self-study program in understanding the most important document ever written – the Constitution of the United States and become responsible voters; as well as responsible citizens and parents – returning integrity, respect, and honor back into mainstream America leaving out the bias of our history.
We are a nation of different ethnic origins and religions, but we all have one thing in common – WE ARE AMERICANS!
Let’s start acting like an American, so we can live like Americans once more and leave a legacy for our children and their children that they can be proud of.
Freedom is not free nor just a gift of birth; but it must always be maintained and protected, for there are always those who will attempt to or succeed in taking it away.
All they have to do is convince the majority.
Reforming our government means we must reform ourselves and erase the propaganda that has filled our heads and our children’s heads. Education leads to knowledge and knowledge is power.
We have refined our Constitution since it was first written, not only making slavery illegal, but ensuring that all American citizens have the same opportunity to excel. We have added amendments to meet issues that ariseThe key word is “opportunity” – for the foundation of one’s success is not through “free” stuff from government and funding taken from others to do so, but self discipline, hard work, and determination to meet one’s personal goal. Our government should promote the pursuit of happiness, but it can never guarantee it. That falls upon the people and their freedom of choice, for that freedom requires the responsibility of accepting the results of those choices, good or bad.
Yes, there is always a price for freedom, and not necessarily in blood or physical conflict. And guarding those freedoms is a constant and vigilant process that We the People must never allow to be transgressed upon again.
Reform America, Reform our Government and make America the great nation and model for others to follow once again. You and I can do it. I have faith in most of you.