Reflections: Meloncholy on May 17th, 2012

Probably, the most shocking change in my life was the transition from military life as a professional soldier back to the “real world” civilian life. 

During the course of my career I had experienced other cultures, and that didn’t phase me other than welcoming the opportunity to learn about other people, their history and their culture.
Brothers in Arms, 7th Infantry, US Army
In the military, although most of us try to keep up on what is happening back home, we don’t really experience the gist of what is happening in the every day life in America, so we become out of touch, much like the politicians who leave their state with the task to represent their constituents and become out of touch of what is happening back on main street.
In the military, from basic training and all through enlistment, several enlistments if you choose it as a career, team work learned to be essential and bonding to each other becomes natural. 
As one of my military mentors stated: “We take care of our own, we take care of each other”.
That has become something out of the ordinary in today’s society, especially since the establishment generation of the “its all about me” society. I found civilian communities didn’t even know their neighbor’s name, much less anything about them, especially true in the urban and now suburban communities.
When I was stationed at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, one morning, after performing “PT” and changing into my uniform, I attended the daily morning First Sergeant meeting before morning formation and found that a family within our on-post community had a fire in their assigned family quarters. It has forced them to evacuate with just the clothes they had on hand and all was lost either by fire or smoke contamination or water from the fire hoses that put it out. The family, a husband, wife and two children were immediately given emergency quarters. Platoon leaders in my company went about with a tin can to collect donations that morning and within one week the family moved from transition quarters to a new assigned residence on post. When they arrived there was a “Welcome Home” banner strung across the entrance and when they entered it was complete with furniture taken from the post second-hand store including bedding for their beds. The kitchen had a modest set of dinnerware, flatware, and cookware and a pantry full of food. The children had toys and a board game for the family’s entertainment. A neighbor donated a television.
Army One Source
What I remember the most is the tears of joy of the fellow soldier and his wife, and the smiles of happiness and surprise of the two children who had acted like children do on Christmas Day when the presents are revealed under the Christmas tree.
This was the life style of the military and I appreciated most every day of it for many, many years. I remember other special moments of comradeship, like when my son was born and my unit was so supportive; and other times when receiving departing gifts when assigned elsewhere, especially when my troops pooled together and bought me a gold-tipped fountain pen and a plaque for my desk with my name engraved in brass.
When I mustered out of the life of the military to become a civilian again, I had found that too many of my fellow citizens had allowed politicians and special interest groups deteriorate our government, moving farther away from the democratic republic that was created by wise and brave men who formed a union of separate colonies into a unification of states under a central government with limited powers.
I was not totally isolated to know what was going on back in America, in American society. The wind of change was sweeping across America and it wasn’t bringing a vision of a bright future for my country. Americans had become apathetic, allowed themselves to be manipulated by “community organizers” and actually believed in the rhetoric they were fed – big business was evil, class envy, the whole socialist mentality that has been instilled within a generation or two while I was serving the country I had left for a career as a soldier.
I had not appreciated the wisdom of Ronald Reagan as much as I should have when he served as our President and Commander-in-Chief; and realize how much he worked hard in ending the Cold War, bringing down the Berlin Wall, a symbol of the Iron Curtain of communist oppression and his endeavors to make politicians and the people see what they were allowing to happen in his country he served so well. Although my political and patriot philosophy was much like his, I was want for the detail.
Rush and Kathryn
While serving with NATO at the headquarters building of the LSE chapter in Izmir, Turkey, I had an apartment with access to Armed Forces television, and became interested in the radio personality of Rush Limbaugh, who at the time also had a television show. It was a period of awakening for me, just as attending classes at the European Chapter of the University of Maryland had awakened and sparked the intellectual side of my personality. He was like a great voice coming out of the wilderness and made a person stop and think about what We the People have been taking for granted and have allowed to slip away so slowly that our society hadn’t noticed; but those that were in the process of that gradual change were clear on their purpose – long-term goals of making the democratic republic of our founders disappear into history. Of course, this was before his prescription drug addiction, which he overcame.
The most alarming thing, We the People, my fellow Americans, to include myself, had allowed an element of our society to make us believe that America must encourage Big Government policies in order to survive in the modern world, and rely on those presumably with our interests in mind to legislate, regulate, and orchestrate our personal lives because they were more capable than the average American. In reality, it had become almost like fiefdom in the medieval age, where the ruling elite controlled the peasant population; and certainly the tax system and its climbing rate had become just as oppressive. And so began my request for reformation, hoping that enough fellow Americans would awaken and realize that those that have been steering America in the name of the People, are blindly leading it to dangerous rocky shoals to founder and finally sink into the oblivion of other nations in human history.
It is true that the wisdom and knowledge of classic education, especially history and political ideology had surpassed beyond the society of the time, citizens with vision, purpose, and above all the character and integrity required to create a nation that rose from thirteen separate, squabbling colonies into united state governments under one flag, a central government, and the will of the People.
But despite the slipping of America into something other than that which was created, there are Americans who believe we can rise above these times of tribulations, just as we have before. Learning from mistakes is a major start. Realizing that our society has allowed the basic virtues that make civilization become successful slip away into a society that has become self-centered, influenced by special interest groups and leadership that has replaced the Jeffersonian republic with an American style democratic socialism; and allow them to educate our children into thinking their “progressive” ideology instead of the tried and proven philosophy of those that created our nation that was once a model for others to emulate. Today, too many Americans are looking to solve our problems by emulating other nations’ mistaken road to democratic socialism and communism; despite seeing the consequences in the international news.
In trying times we have turned too much and too frequently to the government and have developed not just a welfare state, but a nation with people who actually believe that they have the right to forced distribution of wealth and income from other Americans.
Case in point would be the two people in the state of Michigan who won a large amount of money by winning the state lottery and thinking nothing of continuing to accept checks from the welfare program, as well as food stamps that was initiated to help people through hard times until they can improve their lives.
There is nothing wrong with providing a helping hand to those experiencing a bad time in their life; but a hand out will not improve the situation.
If a man was starving and provided daily fish from his neighbor’s catch, would he not benefit more if he were taught how to catch his own fish? That is the principle of what social programs should be about, like what Habitat for Humanity has done across America – they provide the opportunity for people to have their own homes through volunteer builders and the recipients must work a certain amount of hours on the home being built for them, as well as pay a mortgage to cover its cost. It’s a “helping hand up” not a “hand out”.
We must all agree that taxation supports our government, just as any other nation must do; however, it is how that funding is spent that is key to success.
Politicians, voted for By the People, have, by the sanction of too many people, been overspending and wasting our tax dollars for too long. When the budget is presented to Congress, too often the mentality is to raise taxes in order to meet the growing expenditures, when in reality they should be cutting back on waste and unnecessary spending instead. In other words, those that operate our government refuse to slow or stop spending; but instead want more out of your earned money. And, like spoiled children, their hunger increases as more funds are gathered from those that earned it.
Taxes have also been used to manipulate the populace by collecting little or nothing from one sector of society and making up the difference by gouging another part of society. Those that push this sort of taxation know they are creating a society that will (and has) become dependent upon that form of income and wealth distribution, That very same element that considers itself the elite to rule also know, from the pages of Marxism, that class envy is an important tool to incite the populace to favor their political agenda. If we took what they say about successful citizens and their businesses to be inherently “evil” – they are not remembering that successful businesses is what provides employment and opportunities for the rest of the populace.
Plain and simple, those that favor democratic socialism, punish those that have succeeded and reward to those that have failed or not have succeeded as well.
A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take from you everything you have.Thomas Jefferson
Taxation has become a form of punishment, the tobacco tax is a good example. They are punishing a group of citizens that use a specific legal product by overtaxing it. It is also a method of social engineering, when government uses taxes to make the People act and/or the way they want them to.
Taxation is also part of the process of manipulation. A corporation that donates a sizable amount for a particular politician or political party to win an election will be rewarded with tax breaks – like General Electric, for example. And don’t let anyone lead you to believe that it is only one political party that is doing this, traditionally the Democrats saying that is what the Republicans do.
Politics, the operation of our government and the process of getting elected has become a big game, a game that is dangerous; and a game that has steadily disintegrating the nation that rocked the world in its establishment as a democratic republic.
There is much to be ashamed of as there is to be proud in America today. However, we have had a history of correcting our mistakes, as severe as some of them have been, and until recently owned up to the truth in history.
We have experienced periods in our history that we are not proud of – creating a document that declares all men are equaland still allow legal slavery; but this does not deter from the facts and goodness that our system of government has achieved. 
America and its people finally rid our nation of slavery, as well as promoting civil rights where people are supposed to be judged not by the color of their skin, but the nature of their character
Women, thanks to another amendment to the Constitution of the United States also have achieved a milestone in human history through the right and liberty of voting and later equal opportunity.
I miss the attitude and environment of “Brothers in Arms” where we all wore the same uniform and were all Americans with a unified and cohesive purpose. It didn’t matter where you came from, who your ancestors were, or what gender you happened to be – we all wore the same uniform and honored the same flag, and represented the overall character and integrity of the United States.
Government that grows beyond its limited powers prescribed by the Constitution of the United States has been abused in many ways through several avenues.
Joseph Stalin did not just gain control of the people through mere force and terror, but also making the people dependent upon the elite that operated the government and reinforced that conforming populace by controlling Russia’s educational system. The government, and those that operated it, became the focal point above all else. The people must live equally and in commune, where everything must be shared by all for the benefit of the nation’s government, not the people as individuals, but collectively.
If you do not think this happening in America, you are naïve, or you haven’t actually looked at textbooks or examined the curriculum in schools that have been taken over by unions, or you have been in a coma for too long.
Thomas Jefferson was wise because he was educated, and he and other founders, like Benjamin Franklin, fully knew that without an educated people, the responsibility, sanctity, and logical aspect of voting would be forsaken through manipulation.
Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves, therefore, are its only safe depositories. And to render them safe, their minds must be improved to a certain degree. Thomas Jefferson, Notes on the State of Virginia, 1782
Our government, those that operate it, continue to believe that spending more money is the solution for the woes of the educational institution; despite history proving differently.
The only thing more expensive than education is ignorance.
Benjamin Franklin
Thomas Jefferson, and other founders, also saw that the media could (and would) abuse their freedom of speech in order to manipulate the populace, and instead of providing a source of objective, truthful information, become a tool of those whose agenda negated the principles of a democratic republic and increased power to the government and unto themselves. Politicians are arrogant during their term until it is time for election, then they appeal to the American voters for their support painting themselves as something that their record proves different. Today, the politician spends more time campaigning than serving their constitutional purpose with the help of the powerful tool of the media.
…wherever the people are well informed they can be trusted with their own government.Thomas Jefferson, letter to Richard Price; January 8th, 1789
He also said:
Information is the currency of democracy.
America has gone bankrupt in that respect, if it weren’t for the Internet it could be worse.
As one can readily see, there is much to do in getting America back on track; and its foundation must be the acceptance of society to change its way of thinking, not letting others think for themselves, and become more informed and responsible citizens and voters in order to reform the government. For if those we elect represent the culture and mindset of the People, than we must reflect upon our thoughts, change our methods and thinking when choosing those who operate our government – more wisely.
Thanks to citizens, politicians in Congress believe it is the quantity of legislation that counts and not the quality. Those that operate our government have learned ways to circumvent constitutional law, and in some cases, flat-out ignore it. Like the global warming theory, it is based upon consensus, not logic nor fact.
There are many important issues to address this election year, but the media and the candidates are discussing everything but what is important. Things like gay marriage, which the federal government should never get involved it because it is up to state government, just as the issues of our educational system. Everyone knows and many are experiencing in a crucial manner, the economic crisis which is too quickly escalating into something worse; where money is being generated without the monetary standard to back it up. The Federal Reserve System, like our tax system, is a cancer that many talk about, but few stand up against and advocate its reform. Politicians point fingers, but the educated and informed Americans know already what caused the problem, they want leadership that will finally correct it. The same element in government that caused the problem is still there, thanks to Americans who listen to rhetoric and political propaganda; rather than looking at the recorded history of the actions of those that remain in office for long periods and too often for life. It is the status quo that must change if Americans want a better America.
We should be proud of our Constitution, its creators and the founders of our nation – not look upon them as “old fashioned” and “outdated” – because the drafters had vision and wisdom to know that our Constitution must apply to generation upon generation with simple and straight forward articles and amendments that, if enacted, will keep America on its course of great achievements. Those achievements come from the varied walks of life that make up We the People. Even those that operate our government, supposedly on our behalf, come from among the People. Therefore, We the People have failed in its decision as to who and what element controls that government; therefore, we must improve ourselves before we can improve our government. We need leadership that uses wisdom of the founders, reasoning of an educated individual, and logic instead of emotion. Those who are members of political entities, like clubs, are more concerned with their power and authority rather than doing what is constitutional and right for ALL the people.
Illegal immigrants are not just undocumented and uninvited people in our country, but they are people who has not been screened for criminality and medical concerns, which also means that it is not just a problem within the American society, but it is added problem in terms of unemployment, crime rate, and the cost of government. Politicians circumvent the issue and do not enforce the immigration laws that body of government initiated for good reason because they have learned that undocumented people can become documented voters that will bend to their will because they allowed them to remain in our country despite committing unlawful acts concerning immigration and fraudulent identification. Illegal immigrants come here not to assimilate and become American citizens in honor of its traditions and opportunities; but to promote subversion and expand their culture into ours. Those in our government have allowed the expense of creating dual language documents, even presidential executive orders have been written in Spanish instead of English. So American citizens cannot understand it?
Would any other nation allow a certain ethnic group of immigrants demand that they change their national language – and get away with it?
Those against illegal immigration are wrongfully accused of being “racists” and against immigration, but it is not true. Americans have welcomed immigrants throughout its history because unless your ancestors were native Americans, we all share a history of immigration.
The abuse of executive orders and presidential directives in the past has been highlighted as a hallmark for the Obama administration as well. It is nothing new, however, President Clinton, and to a degree, President GW Bush abused it as well.
The solutions to the issues are simple and yet complex; but not unattainable. It would have been far easier to maintain the Constitutional democratic republic than the process it will take to regain it.
That is what Benjamin Franklinmeant when he answered a woman’s question after departing Independence Hall where our government was being established – “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” …
A republic, if you can keep it.
The threat Americans face today does not come from without, it has festered within with the help of those who would subvert it for their own wants and those that comply with them out of selfishness and ignorance. Enemies of the United States and free nations in general, are waiting patiently for that moment of implosion.

America is watching the events presently taking place: (1) awaiting the Supreme Court decision on the constitutionality of the so-called “ObamaCare” national health legislation and (2) the recall election of Governor Scott Walker. The latter event is going to be a deciding factor whether the people are going to stand for union misuse of power, inserting its power into our government, and unlawfully influencing government behind the scenes and through its unlawful power over government employment positions. Unions have become a parasite that generally kills its host — whether it be in the private sector or within the civilian government job positions.
If you want to see an example of how democratic socialism works, take a look at the state of California who once was the fifth wealthiest state in the world.

Coates, Eyler Robert. Thomas Jefferson on Politics and Government. “Educating the People.”
Coates, Eyler Robert.  Thomas Jefferson on Politics and Government.  “Publicly Supported Education.”


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