United Nations: A Useless, Corrupt, and Dangerous Organization

The United Nation‘s reputation is anything but honorable. It has a history of failure, tyranny, corruption, and abuse.
When GW Bush was president he opposed the UN proposal of an international gun control mandate. Barack Obama has done the opposite and placed not only our sovereignty, but the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States – after hard work and constant appeal to state governments, 49 out of 50 states now have concealed carry laws and favoring the right for anyone to defend themselves if necessary. Twenty-five states, since Oklahoma changed its laws, now has an open carry law allowing lawful citizens to carry firearms in the open, like in a hip holster outside of clothing. The Obama administration, of course, has been against the rights of the Second Amendment, and now he is siding with other socialist, tyrannical national leadership in sanctioning a UN mandate.

A series of meetings are scheduled for July in New York City, the UN building, that will discuss the UN Arms Treaty with a myriad of restrictions that the NRA and other gun right groups are strongly in disagreement. The UN mandate proposed will treat civilian firearms and ammunition just as warships and attack helicopters are treated in world trade of weaponry.

After the July conference, the unelected officials of the UN will return on August 27thfor another conference concerning the UN Programme of Action on Small Arms and Light Weapons (POA). It is what has been discussed for some time within the UN regarding personally owned firearms.
Along with those two committees there will also be a discussion concerning the Programme for Conventional Ammunition Stockpile Management and other UN firearm protocol.
The UN is not a transparent world organization entity. Behind a myriad of bureaucracy, paperwork, regulations, and double-talk there lies an ulterior self-serving motive. Remember, the UN Council of Human Rights has at least 50% of its UN officials on board that are from a nation that commits human rights violations. Might I add hypocrisy to this corrupt organization’s list of character representation?
The UN members want us to believe that they can provide security, when they failed so many times when sending UN troops to a hot spot, as well as solving the issue that sent them there in the first place. And we must never forget that while nations were imposing sanctions against Saddam Hussein for his human rights violations as well as determination to build nuclear/biological weaponry, that at least two individuals of their membership were secretly aiding Saddam Hussein for big bucks.
The UN failed the people in Darfur, Bosnia, Rwanda, and Uganda and they are failing many more as I write this around the world. Their nation member list and voting authority within the UN includes human rights abusers, tyrannical governments, and militant aggressors who have no desire for peace. Representatives within the UN and members of its various committees, including that governing human rights issues, are nations like: China, North Korea,Cuba, Syria, Sudan.
The true purpose of the United Nations has long been lost amid its corruption and allowance of nation members to join with the ability to vote, when encouragement of nations to reform is lost because all nations are allowed to join. It should only be nations that fit the criteria of a democratic government.
The utopian socialist and governments of tyranny cannot fathom America’s culture of freedom, opportunity, and individualism.
The NRA, National Rifle Association, is fighting this as I write this. If you are not a member, join. If you do not wish to be a member, at least support in some way, like donations to NRA, to continue the fight against those who would take away our freedom, rights, and liberties – whether it be foreign or domestic.
I object profusely against the idea that peace is only possible by disarming citizens of all nations, and allowing a non-elected body of national representatives to dictate to other nations any mandate that increases its powerful bureaucracy. The UN has been working on, for some time now, a global world government in which the UN would be its seat. Why would any person or nation anywhere in the globe leave its fate to a body of leadership that is not elected or sanctioned By the People?
What is Obama and others like him thinking?
I guess it is easier to rid others of their rights while putting oneself above the law, as we have seen in the past three-plus years he has been office. Which brings an important rule for voters: never elect lawyers or community organizers. Lawyers lie a lot, looking to circumvent laws through loopholes and legal trickery; and community organizers arejust another word for a socialist racketeer.
There are too many Americans who are against “nation building” when it comes to foreign policy; however, it is our unwritten duty as (was) a constitutional, democratic republic. For if we stand alone as an island surrounded by a sea of despots and tyranny; how does anyone expect to survive as a free nation? There is nothing wrong in “nation building” where we help others help themselves and become self sufficient democratic republics, favoring democracy over socialism and communism – or even fascism, as in the case of Palestine to name just one.
What America needs to do is give notice to the United Nations that they must find another spot for a headquarters and then put the building up for sale – which would help towards the monstrous national debt that Obama has doubled since GW Bush, after complaining about his administrative spending, along with Congress.
Otherwise, the United Nations must reform and become an exclusive world-body organization where free and democratic nations only need to apply. Spending taxpayer funds on this decrepit organization is a complete waste.
The United States should resign its membership and give notice that they must vacate the UN building and get off American soil. Let the oil-rich Arabs foot the bill. Maybe at the same time we should initiate an organization that is a coalition of free nations in order to organize against those that aren’t. The United States has a long and bad practice of buying its friends – and like in real life – it just doesn’t work.

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