Obama File: Where Does One Begin?

Election 2012 is going to be an embarrassment, especially for the Democrats and who they are backing.
I have a long list in the Obama File – longer than any president I have kept tabs on, of poor management, embarrassing foreign affairs (US standpoint), myriad of campaign promises never kept, unconstitutional acts, and so on.
I will begin with the Whitehouse.govwebsite, designed so Americans can take advantage of modern technology, and see what is taking place in White House schedules and events. Instead, the presidential candidate who promised a more transparent government than the GW Bush administration, is using it for propaganda purposes. 

The screen sized photo also depicts his narcissism, as Dr. Sam Vaknin asserted. His campaign relies on making up things about the opposition and changing his views on gay marriage, thinking that Americans will love him for it or rather fall for it. And, speaking of character and personal background: he is abandoned by his father when he was less than 5 years old, then after moving to a foreign country to live with a stepfather, his mother abandons him in 1979, where he is raised by his white grandparents. Yet, he writes a book about his father, whom he really didn’t know, and doesn’t speak much or anything in praise about the white grandparents who raised him when his mother abandoned him. All of this and being mentored by racist-socialists and associating with criminal element didn’t faze American voters because they wanted the first black president – nothing else seemed to matter, not documented discrepancies of what he said in campaign 2008 or the detailed truth about what he lied about. And then there is the racist preacher who at first, Obama said he knew him for 20 years, he and Michelle attending the church with children, and then when it comes out about what exactly Jeremiah Wright preached – suddenly Obama reverses his comments about “mentor” and states that Reverend Wright never preached that kind of thing in the 20 years he knew him. Read Why Jeremiah Wright Matters – Stillby Larry Elders.
I am not going to even get in to the fact that strong evidence shows that the birth record produced by Barack Obama and friends has been determined to be an computerized fraudulent document. Jeremiah Wright described his relation with Barack Obama as a “second father”.
Sheriff Joe Arpaiowas asked by a group to investigate the birth records of Barack Obamaalias Barry Soetoro. He accepted the challenge or task. It was the third time an expert stated that the birth record was fabricated; but an additional, unsuspecting evidence was discovered – Barack Obama’s registration required in lieu of a draft was also doctored, part of it concerning his social security number.
Still, there are Obama supporters, most of which seems to live in Hollyweird and make up wackos like George Clooney, and other Hollywood progressive socialists.
At the White House website, after getting past a page that asks if you want email updates, there is a slide show that serves as a campaign front, starting with his “To Do” list for Congress and how he is going to “create jobs”. Other politicians, in both sides of the political aisle, preach the same nonsense. There are only two ways the government can “create” more jobs: (1) expand the federal government to employ more government workers, and (2) get out of the face of the private business sector and quit overtaxing them to prevent their choosing to move overseas.
Some of the statistics at the site are questionable, but let’s face it, many Americans are skeptical and suspicious of this administration – even those who have traditionally voted Democrat. He has failed to meet the mark as president, and most importantly he has failed America and its citizens.
One of the latest aggravating things is Obama is spending $20 million of taxpayer funding to promote his ObamaCare and threatening the Supreme Court that if they don’t make the “right” decision, it will be considered a move towards advocacy instead of a Supreme Court decision.
MSNBC, notorious for its progressive “Hail to Comrade Chief” socialist ideology that goes way beyond objective news reporting – prints Obama’s words as if they were scriptures out of one of the Gospels. Like:
Federal spending under Obama at historic lows … It’s clear that Obama has been the most fiscally moderate president we’ve had in 60 years.
I guess they are referring to what is called Obamanomics, an alter ego of Reaganomics. What a side show, what a three-ring circus, what an embarrassment.
If the line above didn’t hit home, there is even a chart to go along with the political rhetoric. According to Ed Schultz, the chart exposes “the big myth” about Obama’s spending. I guess they never read the book by John Lott, economist: Debacle: Obama’s War on Jobs and Growth and What We Can Do Now to Regain Our Future.
Credit is given to Obama for the $825 billion stimulus bill that was GW Bush administration idea. But let them take credit for something that didn’t work and just put the government in deeper debt.
Hey, I wish that this stuff was made up – it is true that non-fiction is stranger than fiction.
And, of course, while some of this economic problem began when GW Bush was in office, it is not as much as what the Obama crowd would have you believe. Like spending twice as much as Bush in the first two years and finding out ObamaCare is going to cost much more than originally announced. Why should that surprise We the People?
I guess for Obama fans, this could be disconcerting or unbelievable.
But back to the White House website …
All presidents in one form or another, some less than others, used White House publicity – especially when Al Gore invented the Internet – so use as PR and making the occupants, staff and administration look good.
Here’s one that certainly is reminiscent to the campaign in 2008 when Obama compared himself to FDR, the page reads:
Did you know? On August 14, 1935, President Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act. Today the Obama administration continues to protect seniors and ensure Social Security will be there for future generations.
Obama made some “New Deals” of his own as well. As far as Social Security, that has been robbed by Congress back a few decades and since. Of course, the blame rests upon the “Baby Boomers” – too many seniors; but fail to realize if there are more than there are more paying in, and some die before they can collect – and guess what? You got it, the beneficiary is Uncle Sam.
Ronald Reagan simplified the tax code, which since has been further complicated and lowered the top progressive tax rate from 70% to 28% without using the “Buffet Rule”. Thereby it improved the economy, which took awhile to take full effect; which is one of the reasons why the 1990s and Bill Clinton would brag about having a “surplus”. People believed it too. They also believed Clinton when he said government (those that operate it) know more about dealing with things that is in our personal life as individuals that the People.
Meanwhile, the media and Obama administration continues to persecute Christians – minus being thrown into an arena with wild animals or being crucified (so far) – and at the same time fears to offend the Muslims no matter what they do.
Then there is the Obama program to stop coal production in the United States, and the latest is a 20-year ban on uranium mining on federal land in Arizona.
According to Lincoln Brown:

an email from a National Park Service hydrologist states that the Draft Environmental Impact Statement fails to establish links between impacts on water and uranium mining.  The leaked email states in part: ‘This is obviously a touchy case where the hard science doesn’t strongly support a policy position. Probably the best way to ‘finesse’ this would be fall back on the ‘precautionary principle’ and take the position that in absence of even more complete certainty that there is no connection between uranium mines and regional ground water, we need to be cautions[sic]??

You can read more HERE.
It will cost one thousand jobs and $29 million.
This ends this episode of the OBAMA FILE.
Tune in where you will find out where Michelle Obama shops to get her outrageous outfits, and the whereabouts of her costume designer.
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