Wisconsin Recall: We the People vs Unions and their Puppets

The day to vote to either recall or retain Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin is approaching soon – Tuesday, June 5th. I have already given an overview as to who and what organizations are behind this ridiculous election where voters have to go back to the neighborhood voting places and vote again. I believe that most will still choose Scott Walker.

Do Wisconsinites really want to “turn back the clock” and have a Governor like Jim Doyle who raised taxes $1 billion that included state fees that were raised 38%?
Do we really want to see more jobs lost because businesses are taxed so heavily that they would rather move out of state?

Do we really want to see corruption return, as in the Doyle-Casino scandal (which disappeared off the net when he was reelected – Wisconsinite voters have short memories)?

Those protesting against Walker to be recalled are puppets (“useful idiots”) of the trade unions that are behind this campaign against our governor who is doing what he said he would do when he asked We the People to vote for him.
The video after this article will plainly show that government workers, whether it be state or federal, have had it good and now that cutbacks must take place to reduce government cost – they don’t want to pay for their own retirement programs. Governor Walker made sure that cuts were made in this way to prevent any layoffs, which would increase unemployment, of government employees.

The biggest culprit in this bizarre scenario is the Teachers’ Union. First, unions are a private business institution that has no business getting involved with government operations – but that is exactly what they have been doing since politicians allowed them to interact through government employee system. It has been standard practice to ensure wages and salaries were offered to government employees and provide essential benefits in order to obtain and retain good, competent employees. But experience dealing with some of them demonstrates a different picture.

Government employees, as the video and an article by Kyle Olson points out, make more money than the average worker, has better benefits than the average worker – and it is paid, large part, by the workers representing 86% of the private sector working class to pay government employees in Wisconsin that only represent about 14%.
Unions also raise the cost of government, as demonstrated in the private sector, unions have bankrupted companies and corporations because union workers want more and more money, which in turn, a portion goes to the unions. On an average, the union worker pays out about $1,000 per year to trade unions.
How would you like to have paid holidays for every government declared holiday? Government workers are usually the only ones that get paid time off for every government declared holiday.
Teachers start at a wage that private sector workers must earn after years of employment – and they only have to work nine months out of the year.

Compared to the producer class, Milwaukee’s teachers are getting a pretty sweet deal. When school is in session, teachers work almost 4 hours less each week than the standard private sector employee does. And instead of getting the usual two weeks off each year, Milwaukee teachers enjoy nearly 14 weeks vacation. All told, the typical producer-class employee works well over 600 hours a year more than the typical government school employee. You would think with this workload, total compensation for government teachers would be a lot less than for private-sector workers. But when you add salary, retirement and health benefits, a first-year teacher’s total compensation is almost $56 per contracted hour worked. For a fifth-year teacher, it’s over $60 an hour. A tenth year teacher, more than $66 an hour. And teachers can retire sooner, too, at age 57. … Producer-class workers earn less than $735 a week. For a typical 40-hour week, that works out to just over $18 an hour. … Next time you see government employees demanding that you sacrifice even more for them, remind them that a public servant is supposed to serve the public, not turn the public into their servants.

Governor Walker is not catering to Wisconsin businesses and corporations for personal gain, he is trying to keep business here and get more business to come here – which means MORE JOBS.

I was raised by parents that told me that doing the right thing is much harder than following the crowd and doing the right thing. It isn’t always popular, but in the long run more satisfying to do what is right.
I must confess that I voted for the other Republican candidate in the last election for governor; but, I am sure going to choose Scott Walker this time. He is doing what he said he was going to do – that in itself is a good thing. Are jobs picking up as fast as we like? No. But it is better than it was last year, and it will get better if we keep a steady course and do the what is right.
Contrary to the opposition’s propaganda, Governor Walker did not eliminate collective bargaining. Linda Chavez told the real story in recent article:

The Wisconsin recall election of Republican Gov. Scott Walker is not going quite like the unions and the Democratic Party expected. Back in 2011, many pundits thought that the governor had overreached when he took on public employee unions, restricting — though not eliminating — collective bargaining rights. But he did so because he inherited a state in dire financial shape with a deficit of $3.6 billion and public employee pensions and benefits that threatened to bankrupt the state. When a Republican-controlled legislature tried to pass legislation to rein in the abuses, Democratic representatives literally fled the state to make a vote impossible. As a result of some clever parliamentary footwork that separated fiscal items in the bill so that a quorum would not be required to pass the legislation, Walker managed to get the bill passed. The unions sued, unsuccessfully, and the bill became law, incurring the wrath of Wisconsin’s powerful unions — public and private sector. … Even in a heavily union state like Wisconsin, union membership is tiny compared to the total labor force. And when it comes to public employees, most taxpayers realize that they are actually footing the bill for salaries and benefits, which more often than not exceed their own. When many workers have no health insurance, they may feel chagrined at having to fork over more taxes to pay for Cadillac policies for union members whose own healthcare contributions are much smaller. When most employees get two weeks paid vacation if they’re lucky, they may resent paying full time salaries to teachers who work only nine months a year and spend only five hours a day in the classroom with week-long holidays, professional development and snow days off. … If Walker does survive the recall election June 5, it will put the state of Wisconsin in political play for the GOP in the presidential election. It seemed unlikely that Wisconsin, which went for President Obama by 14 points in 2008, would be a tossup this year. But the Republican base has been energized by the unions’ attempt to oust Walker. Independents, and even some fiscally conservative Democrats, may also jump ship from Obama in the fall. If so, the electoral map looks better for Mitt Romney, which is why some in the Obama campaign are worried that their friends in the labor movement may have overreached.

Unions must be booted out of government business. Their power and corruption is quite evident here. Unions from other states have even funneled money to Wisconsin unions because this is now a national issue. Americans, politicians, and union bosses are watching for different reasons, but same purpose – to see where this goes and to mark it as a turning point.
This isn’t just about Scott Walker, this is about unions strong-arming American workers, taking away their freedom of choice, and, like a parasite, killing its host.
And teachers who keep asking for more and more benefits and larger salaries are part of an important element that makes a nation great or not – educating the leadership and voters of the future; yet compared to other nations we have been steadily falling from the fifth spot towards the 25th spot on the list of best educated individuals and best educational institutions from kindergarten to colleges and universities. It is a travesty and detrimental to America’s future. Progressives want to keep the people ignorant and only know what they want them to know; and accuse their opposition with anything they can think of, most of which they have or presently are committing themselves.
The following important and factual video was produced by EAGF(Education Action Group Foundation), for whom Kyle is founder and CEO, that is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that promotes sensible education reform. Please watch this, it isn’t too long, but most important. And after watching it, I hope you understand why Scott Walker needs to remain Wisconsin’s governor. Recall elections are designed to be used against elected officials who are not performing their jobs. Governor Scott Walker is being recalled for performing his job. That statement only should open a few eyes.

Please go to your voting polls, if you are a registered Wisconsin voter, and vote to keep Scott Walker. And, if you didn’t vote for him before or didn’t bother to vote – please attend and show the unions and selfish government workers that We the People are not going to take nonsense from the minority that is supposed to be public servants.

The sooner voters do the right thing, the sooner Governor Walker can get back to what he was elected for.
Thank you in advance for your vote for Governor Scott Walker.