State of Our Union: Wasting YOUR Tax Money

The following is documented waste of the federal government for 2011 from the Wastebook 2011in PDF:
  • The government’s medical arm has complained about Americans not eating healthy and has even attempted to or succeeded in passing intrusive legislation that is not constitutional or to put it more bluntly – none of the government’s business. At the same time the federal government has spent $800,00 of our tax money to subsidize an International House of Pancakes (IHOP) franchise that has been rated as one of the top unhealthy places to eat. The reason: to help an underserved community. I am not making this up, folks. The federal funding went to the Anacostia Economic Development Corporation and according to the Congressional Research Service (CRS), $500,000 of the $765,000 grant was used as an equity injection in DC Pancakes LLC for a 19% ownership interest

    The remaining funds went to training costs for new employees and consultants. The new IHOP is located in a popular Washington, DC neighborhood called Columbia Heights, which has become a big shopping spot for some and one of Washington’s more desirable neighborhoods. Businesses around the new IHOP include Target, Bed-Bath-and Beyond, Best Buy, and Starbucks. [Sources: Government Pancakes for ‘Underserved’ Yuppies, Washington Examiner, November 23, 2010; Congressional Research Service.]

  • The US Agency for International Development is spending $20 million in a four year program, beginning in 2010, called Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop, as part of a Pakistani arts organization. The US agency provided the first $10 million for the project in FY 2011. The program is a Pakistan Sesame Street workshop by the creators of the original Sesame Street. The only character adopted from the original Sesame Street will be Elmo. The rest of the cast will be new local Pakistani characters. [Source: FoxNews/AP, US Bankrolls Pakistani Sesame Street Hoping It Will ‘Increase Tolerance’.
  • Dead Federal Employees Continue to Get Benefit Checks … according to the US Office of Personnel Management it cost taxpayers $601 million in the last five years. One example given: son cashed dead father’s checks for 37 years, costing taxpayers $500,000, finally discovered in 2008, when the son died. The lost funds were never recovered. In one year the federal government pays about $120 million to deceased former federal employees. How much of that is recovered I could not find out.
  • The International Center for the History of Electronic Games received over $100,000 in federal funds (your money, if you pay income tax) for “video game preservation”. The museum charges $13 for admission.
  • One of enemies of the free world is China; yet the US is debt with that nation to the tune of $1.1 trillion. President Obama ordered troops to be stationed in Australia because of Chinese threat in the area when there were international complications between China and the Philippines over fishing rights. In 2011, the US government spent nearly $18 million on foreign aid programs to China above what is owed. It included $2.5 million for social services and about $4.4 million for programs to improve China’s environment – when it should be going to the debt owed to that nation instead of sending charity checks. At the present time, China can afford to fund there own programs because they are better off financially in several economic areas than the United States is right now, even with its buildup of its military in recent years. China’s debt-to-GDP ratio is only 26%. while the US public debt exceeds 100% of its Gross Domestic Product. In other words, the United States owes much more than it produces. Anyone surprised?
  • At this writing, no one can explain why taxpayer funding of $1 million that was supposed to help Los Angeles homeless and low-income residents went to an international architecture firm that is designing a NFL football stadium. That must be like the millions that were unaccounted for out of the bailout money.
  • Almost $1 billion (or maybe more) went to tax credits for energy efficient residential improvements to people who don’t own homes and includes prisoners and underage children. The TIGTA stated that the IRS cannot verify whether individuals claiming Residential Energy Credits are entitled to them. This is the same federal agency that will take your home away for owing income tax.
  • US State Department, Hillary Clinton’s agency, awarded $350,000 in federal funds (your money) to represent the United States in the 54th International Art Exhibition in Venice, Italy from June 4th through November 27th last year. In front of the pavilion is an inverted British military tank with a treadmill on top while a former Olympic runners uses the treadmill. The “artist” claims that the “art exhibit” was supposed to be an American tank, but none was available. The exhibit is supposed to symbolize “America’s faded glory”. There were other ridiculous exhibits there as well.
  • The Department of Agriculture Market Access Program (MAP) spends $200 million to subsidize advertising, market research, and travel around the globe for various industry groups – private sector entities. In the year that the US Cotton Industry received $20.3 million from MAP (2010), it was the same year the business earned $5.3 billion, according to the USDA. One would think the company could afford its own expenses?
These are just a few of shocking examples of how your hard-earned tax dollars, stolen from your paychecks is spent. No wonder we are so far in debt. Yet politicians would rather increase taxes or invent new ones rather than be fiscally responsible.
Well, like an old saying goes: “It’s easy to spend other people’s money”.
The problem is that other peopleare running out of it.
Of course, President Obama and the US Congress is to blame for these particular wasteful ventures; but this has been going on for some time during previous federal administrations. It is just another campaign lie against Barack Obama.
Meanwhile, Wisconsin progressives, whining government employees, want to recall Governor Scott Walker because they have to pay into their retirement fund like the rest of the nation in the private sector does, as well as paying $6 more out of their paychecks for the premium health care insurance they get.
Oh, the horror and “unfairness” of it!
If you live in Wisconsin, please vote to keep Governor Walker – don’t pay attention to the lies spewed, and disregard the man behind the curtain.
And, lastly … you know that little box that is on your end-of-the-year tax preparation form for income tax, where the IRS asks if you want to contribute $3 to the campaign fund? That money is spent for political party conventions and shin-digs. Just thought those that check that box would want to know.
Isn’t it time for We the People to tell the federal government “We have had enough”?
I don’t want to be pessimistic – but I certainly won’t hold my breath.