Obama File: Barack Obama Has Gone Beyond Too Far

While Americans are busily trying to keep above water in a sea of misinformation and while trying to make yet another personal budget in order to meet the rising cost, but no rise in their paychecks, and while American couples both have to work to meet the cost of living there are fellow Americans, politicians and special interest groups that are working to make their form of government supreme as your rights and liberties slowly dissolve in the background.

Democrats, thirteen of them so far, are distancing themselves from this radical president, Barack Hussein Obama alias Barry Soetoro, who has made Congress inconsequential in the workings of government, ignoring the Constitution, and going against everything he promised to the American people. He was a liar when he became senator and he is a liar now as a president. I had my beef with many policies of GW Bush and Bill Clinton before him, but President Obama has gone beyond the line drawn for decisions to enact impeachment hearing proceedings. Indeed, this is far worse than President Clinton dallying with an intern in the White House who underwent impeachment proceedings because he lied under oath about those sexual acts that were committed under an ethic issue. Media reports that even the Clintons, Bill and Hillary, are dissatisfied with this president.
Ron Paul, a constitutionalist, has warned about this to the American people and fellow Congress members – but the media and the Democrat Party has made him look the fool and he is dubbed by the GOP elite as a “radical”.
Since President Obama swore an oath to protect, defend and abide by the Constitution of the United States, he has committed perjury in repeating that oath before taking office. Since Obama became president, firearm sales have risen, even as the economy slumps and unemployment rises – because they fear that they will not have the means to protect life, liberty, and their property in the projected economic collapse of a government operated like a runaway train on a track headed for a broken bridge. And the fault mainly concerns this president, but also congressional members as well who are fearful to take a stand lest they be tagged as “racists” – both by the Obama administration and their propaganda tool within the American media.
Time and again, since 2008, this president has said one thing and performed the opposite. He has sided with aggressive nations towards the United States in acts of appeasements; and at the same time insulted our true allies. Everything that he blamed GW Bush for he has or is committing the same acts – and things far worse.
Frankly, from my personal standpoint, I can only say to those who voted for this guy – you were warned, but ignored his affiliations with socialists, his association with criminals, and his political backing by the most corrupt entity in the United States: the Chicago Political Machine. But what mattered most to them is that this man would be an icon, the first “Black” President of the United States. If that was important to them, why did they not seek a person with better character and who believes in a constitutional republic.
The following video depicts much of this, and after that, I will discuss the reports of the Obama administration sanctioning an assassination program “against terrorism” – but it involves people who are American citizens – meaning NO TRIAL as described in the Constitution of the United States.
The Liberal-Progressives are against capital punishment. They are always hailing their patriotism. They are always depicting the opposing political party as an evil entity that will take away your freedoms made up of racists, capitalists, et cetera.
The leader of their pack initiated, as Commander-in-Chief, an assassination program designed to take out Islamic fascist leadership in the continuing war against radical Islamic terrorism. This “hit list” was not initially created by Barack Obama, to be truthful, it was conceived during the GW Bush administration in coordination with the CIA and other clandestine operatives. I understand that this global conflict that was initiated by Islamic fundamentalists whose ideology and tactics are fascist and anti-Semitic, as well as anti-American, must be eradicated to protect all free nations of the world – and those who want to or are trying to become a free people.
Earlier this year it was confirmed that an assassination program was indeed in place, as reported by The New York Times (progressive mouthpiece) and the The Washington Post; and as you will see in this video, even the traditional leftist-progressive media like MSNBC is also reporting this as an alarm and in fear of the American people’s constitutional rights and liberties. President Obama authorized the CIA to kill Anwar al-Alwaki no matter where he is located and away from any established battlefield, like Afghanistan. In other words, there is a Wanted Dead or Alive notification, but the “Alive” is scratched out.
Various sources, some “moderate” conservatives who are generally not considered “radical” have put up a red flag and warningabout this president-turned-tyrant with an Orwellian agenda.
This is a president that chastised the Bush administration for holding prisoners taken in the War on Terrorism without due process; which indeed prisoners of war are not required to be on trial or have due process, unless they are being charged for mass murder, sabotage, or any other type of war crime against humanity. Then it is a tribunal that decides the fate of those prisoners of war – just as at Nuremberg after World War II. That is what Guantanamo Bay is and always has been – a POW camp. Instead, the media pushed to find reasons to put this facility in the limelight as a transgression against human rights against the GW Bush administration.
The following video is from a segment of the Glenn Beck Show. I know that people think he is a radical, even some conservatives – but the critics have never been able to trip him up because he does his research thoroughly. As Glenn points out in the video, even Salon, an ultra-left media entity is raising an alarm as showing that Obama is running a “secret state”.
By the way, Anwar al-Alwaki was a legal American citizen.
Progressives and other unconstitutional leadership always take advantage of a crisis, or creates one, so We the People will go along with decrease in rights and liberties and make our government more totalitarian and unrecognizable as a constitutional republic. Since 2001, this scenario has escalated and it doesn’t matter which political party is involved, one being worse than the other. More “radical”.
Folks, Mitt Romney is NOT the answer, just a choice of a lesser of two evils when it comes to strict policy toward bringing back the United States to be a constitutional republic for which it was created.

The time for impeachment proceedings to begin against Barack Obama alias Barry Soetoro was yesterday. If not, I do hope this man commits no more damage before someone takes his place — unless, the election system has become so corrupted that Obama wins a second term.
That is something that many Americans fear.
Frankly, it is quite sad that a man who represents an ethnic group in America would stain that group’s reputation in such diabolical manner; when there are so many Americans who are of the same ethnic group who would make good, constitutional elected officials and as President of the United States.
As Glenn Beck said – this is treasonous.
We the People must correct the mistake made of putting this person in the highest office of the land and ensure that they, as voters, do their research and not pay attention to TV ads and political propaganda that is spewed from the mainstream media, no matter what political party they belong to.
There is a real and present danger here and something must be done quickly. No wonder so many Americans are despondent — bad economy, too few employment opportunities, high prices versus low wages (unless you are employed by the government); rights and liberties melting into the sunset.
God help US.