Election Process: Culling Statesmen-women from Political Parasites

The Tea Party movement is for reform. 
Reformation back to a constitutional republic where federal government is limited and much of what it bears now as responsibility turned back over to state governments or remove government intervention.
When I have stated time and again that it is We the People who must insist upon changes, and those changes taking place by “smart votes” – using proper resources and staying away from the established rhetoric, et cetera.; I refer to the power of the people, which they seem not to either understand or refuse to use it.

Marco Rubio has won the election as United States Senator, Texas and who is a firm supporter of the Tea Party movement and the idea of limited government. He has won against Florida Governor Charlie Crist who is a RINO – Republican In Name Only – and part of the establishment that doesn’t want to rock the boat in Washington.
Senator Marco Rubio thanked FreedomWorksfor their support:
The most important thing I can say to FreedomWorks is thank you for believing in me when at the time the polls didn’t justify it. … right now, all across America, there are people that are sitting where I was sitting who probably are running against somebody with more money and more fame … thanks to groups like FreedomWorks, they’ll have a fighting chance.
The election process is one of the issues, in a long list of issues, that require solutions and reformation.
That reformation can be orchestrated by We the People.
For the election process to properly work and to achieve true reformation back to a constitutional republic, American citizens must exercise their voting rights with wisdom backed by truth and reputable sources. This can be accomplished by using the Internet to sift out information and checking sources. I always expect readers to check out whatever I am writing about – it is the way it should be. In addition, Americans need to ignore TV/radio ads. They are nothing but propaganda tools to make the other guy look bad, and as is too often, turns a campaign that is founded upon seeing how much dirt they can dig up instead of telling voters – WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO. Most citizens already know there are problems and who have been causing them or continuing the path that leads to such problems. What they need and should want to know is what a candidate is going to do about it, if elected. It is also important for voters to check past record of elected office and see whether their mouth is engaged with their actions.
It is really quite simple.
We need to tell politicians, mainstream media, and the political establishment leadership that we don’t want to hear their propaganda diatribe – we no longer believe them. What we believe in , or should believe in, is what action is taken and whether it is successful or not. What we need are legislators who will filter past legislation and get rid of those that are not conducive towards a limited government. And, importantly, maintaining a budget as if the money in the US Treasury was theirs, which part of it is because they pay taxes too. And speaking of taxes, everyone must pay the same rate. No more forcing citizens who are productive and successful to pay for those who are not. Everyone can make a fair share into the system, the type of system that is not a hand out, but a hand up. That is the only social programs we need. Social Security should be made to be placed into the hands of those who pay into it, and an option for social security payments to go into the social security trust fund (not touched for anything else) or a private investment program – or divided into both.
Congress needs to start taking responsibility and quit blaming everything on either corporations or the President of the United States. They are the legislators, and if the president counters against their authority or usurps his/her authority; then start impeachment hearing proceedings.
What do they think the “checks and balances” system is all about?
That also means that when Congress, the Senate, is dutifully bound to ensure that Supreme Court Justices are not advocates or bias or insert political opinions into their business of interpreting the law, and not legislating from the bench – because Congress can reject a Supreme Court Justice appointed by the President of the United States. This should have occurred in the case of Sotomayorwhen it was established she belonged to a subversiveand politicalentity called La Raza. Or in the case of Ginsberg, justification for her impeachment when she violated he oath of office on an Egyptian TV interview.
The 40% that pays little or no taxes and have been comfortable having everyone else pay their share – let me give you a reminder that loss of freedom is not worth the government checks; and if the government is reformed, there will still be help in some way or fashion, but only for you to help yourselves. It is because Americans know that bad things can happen to good people, but charity begins in local neighborhoods and not stolen from the Treasury of the People – the federal or state government. If that 40% cannot afford 10% or 15% flat tax, then they need to change their lifestyle or get educated and find a better job.
With all the serious issues on the plate – why are candidates arguing over same-sex marriage, when that is the responsibility of state government and ultimately the responsibility of the church. For it is the church or religious institution that first initiated the contract of marriage – not government. It is something that amounts to an agreement between two people, and the only time government should get involved is when marriage problems end up in the judiciary branch.
Candidates need to tell us what they are going to do, if elected; not tell us what the other candidate did wrong. For that is all we end up hearing.
We the People KNOW what is wrong. We want a viable and constitutional solution. If the candidate cannot live with that, then they might as well drop out.
We don’t need political parasites or prostitutes; We the People need statesmen and stateswomen — those that know the meaning or difference of both. When the campaign is over and the election won, it is time to turn to statesmanship, not selling out or making political clubs (parties) a priority over one’s required tasks or the United States and its people. And that means that when it comes to foreign policy — America comes first; for if we do not remain strong, are those nations we helped going to help us when we are on the brink of or in the act of falling?
America, the United States, can only be as good or great as the people who call themselves American. Reform yourselves and at the same time ensure that Washington and state governments reform or find another occupation.