Government Sanctions Mass Murder, But With Certain Limitation

Do you know that Congress, the House of Representatives, is debating upon a bill that would ban abortions this week? No, it is not what you think.
They are debating upon the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act (PRENDA) (reintroduced, first in 2008) that would punish doctors with up to five years in prison for performing abortions because the parents are seeking a child of the other sex. 
Republicans claim that they support the bill because it protects the civil rights of unborn children, especially born to minority parents. i

Ed O’Keefe reported:

In a statement, the bill’s main sponsor, Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) noted that “A minority baby is currently five times more likely to be aborted than a white baby, and nearly half of all black babies are aborted, with over 70 percent of abortion clinics being located in predominantly minority neighborhoods.” The National Right to Life Committee, a staunch abortion opponent, said the bill is necessary to combat the growing trend of “sex selection abortions” in Asian countries, where parents prefer to give birth to boys. The trend is also growing in popularity in the United States, especially in Asian communities, the group said. … But Democrats say the bill could unfairly target minority women seeking abortions, because doctors may suspect they are trying to abort a fetus because of its sex.

Here is a prime example of government inserting its authority into a subject that is clearly wrong, whether because of sex of an infant or not. The solution is that government needs to get out of it, and/or call it what it is — mass murder.
First, when aborted, the prenatal infant is a living being, a very tiny human being, and unless the infant is going to be born with horrible disabilities or the infant was procreated because a mother was raped – the government has, since the Supreme Court legislated from their judicial bench in the Roe vs Wade decision; abortion is not only sanctioned by the government, but uses taxpayer dollars to assist in its cost.
The argument from the progressives has always been that it the mother’s right because it involves her body and she has freedom of choice to do whatever she wishes with it.
On that premise, the following should no longer be against the law or involve government: (1) suicide cannot be a crime, it is the individual’s personal life to choose to do so, (2) tobacco and alcohol can no longer be taxed by the federal government (required federal tax stamp), because that is regulation against a product and against choice of anyone using that product; so tobacco and alcohol can only be taxed a state sales tax like any other product – it is a person’s health choice to smoke or not to smoke; (3) prostitution cannot be illegal – it is a woman’s right to sell her body for sex or not.
Whether or not We the People agree upon any of these things as being moral or not, the only law that can be passed is the legal age law to be a prostitute and purchase tobacco and alcohol. Suicide cannot be a crime because, according to progressives for abortion, it is a woman’s right concerning her body; so it is the right of any citizen to check out whenever they feel necessary.
Do you see the hypocrisy here?
And check this out …
The NRLC charged in a statement Tuesday that Democratic lawmakers who accuse Republicans of waging a “war on women” should consider “whether they wish to be recorded as being defenders of the escalating war on baby girls.”
War on women”?
What about the war against unborn children?
Unborn children suffer because a woman accidentally got pregnant, not because it is deformed, an effort to save mother’s life, or an unwanted child because of a rape. 
Abortion clinics have become a murder factory, and the same people condemn the actions (rightly so) for murdering people because they are Jews (Hitler’s Final Solution).
What is the real, technical difference?
And the last hypocrisy I wish to mention is that the same people who think nothing of mass abortion practices are against capital punishment – the death penalty.
It is okay to murder an innocent human infant, but not a person who has committed a horrible crime against the life of their victim or victims.
This is why the framers of the Constitution, the founders of our nation wanted limited government. And that limitation has been grossly breached for decades upon decades in slow increments until we have the overbearing, expensive, inefficient government we have today. They have made so many laws that they can’t keep track of what is or isn’t against the law. Legislation has been and remains to increase so, that it is used for social engineering (anti-fast food bills and tobacco and alcohol beverage laws and taxes) and punishing a certain sector of society, those who make a certain amount or over are taxed more than other citizens.
There should be no law sanctioning wholesale abortion.
There should be no law forbidding or trying to prevent anyone from using a legal product, as long as that person is “legal age” determined by a majority vote.
There should be no law that states a person, like someone dying of a terminal disease and suffering and/or running up huge medical bills that their families will get stuck with – against being allowed to committing suicide. Assisted suicide would be a different matter because it conflicts with the medical doctors and nurses Hippocratic Oath. However, that sacred, traditional vote has been thrown into a rubbish pile when wholesale abortion became standard practice. 
Abortion would have to be discussed and decided upon by the medical institutions that determine standards of medical practice and the consent of the mother.
The government makes decisions about private property, who can live or not live, et cetera. Government, those who are operating it “For the People”, will listen to minority and special interest groups before they listen to the majority – the ones whose votes count in their elections.
The Golden Rule of Liberty is this: You can do whatever you think is right as long as it doesn’t interfere with other people’s rights.
And, that is another problem with our government today, it is no longer kept simplified. Everything has to be a myriad of bureaucratic policy and paperwork that is becoming more inefficient as it continues to expand its scope and power.
The vote is expected to be tomorrow in the House of Representatives. Call or email your representative to not vote on such a bill unless it removes government out of the abortion racket. Oh yes, that is another thing. The tissue from all of those murdered infants are not just discarded, they are sold off for use in research and other scientific endeavors.
Where is the Hippocratic Oathapplied when it comes to wholesale abortion?
The House strategy is to bring the bill under suspension of normal rules of order which requires two-thirds to support.

While virtually all Republicans are expected to vote for the bill, along with some moderate Democrats, other Democrats are expected to vote against it because Republicans have previously promised not to bring up controversial measures under suspension of normal rules.

The decision concerning abortion falls upon the medical community, when it involves medical circumstance, be it physical or mental – not the government. The guidelines of those decision can be legislated for humane reasons. Thus, there will be no more abortion clinics that taxpayers pay for someone’s abortion other than their own.

We don’t want to return to the historical period where women have to go to some backstreet doctor to perform unsafe abortions; however, as usual, government always carries things too far, mostly because it becomes a political issue, not a moral or rightful issue. It, like illegal alien issue, is all about votes. And it is wrong for taxpayers’ funds who are against abortion to have to pay for another citizen’s (or non-citizen) abortion.

I understand that there are those in Congress who are putting limitations upon the abortion issue with this legislation, since government has involved itself; but there isn’t any legislation being passed that takes government out of it or addresses the hypocrisy of government policies. There wouldn’t be an issue if government didn’t take upon itself the task of promoting mass abortion.
Limited government fellow Americans. That’s the ticket. That’s the path we should follow, a path guided by the Constitution of the United States and the judiciary not having legislative power. There are separate branches for a reason – and that separation has increasingly lessened as decades have gone by to come to a climax in this day and age of big government and the minority telling the rest of us how to live and what liberties we have or don’t have.
WE can do something because We the Peopleare the responsible trustees of the Constitution of the United States and its government.
I don’t want my tax money paying for another’s abortion. 
You haven’t sent an email or called yet?
There are many issues that have long been on the table but never resolved — important issues that concerns freedom of choice, liberty, life, and limited government. This problem is not just against the policies of Barack Obama, but it is against what the seat of our central federal government has become, members of Congress the initial body that drafts legislation is just as guilty. Watch the following video, and know that it is We the People that must insist upon Washington reforming itself. You do not have to be a Catholic, a minority or whatever — just a fellow American citizen to believe this and agree with the following video:



i 2Chambers, Ed O’Keefe, Washington Post, May 30th 2012.