Barack Obama Inserts Self Praise in Other Presidents’ Bios

From the first week in office, everything had to be about him – the 44th President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama. It is one of the reasons why he has been diagnosed as a narcissist
Here is an addition to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s bio under the caption: Did You Know? …
On August 14, 1935, President Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act. Today the Obama Administration continues to protect seniors and ensure Social Security will be there for future generations.

The way he talked about the death of Obama bin Laden, one would think he was there pulling the trigger. A president with no military experience, not even the ROTC.

Then there is his autobiography, which most people write sometime in their later life, but apparently he wanted to write about his father who abandoned him at age two, married to both “Barry’s” mother and a woman with two children in Kenya. When Barack’s father returned to Kenya, he had two more children with his wife there before he died. Barack writes much about his father, but doesn’t give much credit to his maternal grandparents who raised him in absence of both a mother and a father.
A more accurate biography was written by Mark Alexander in 2008 – not enough voters read it or believed it.
But to get to the gist of it, I was reading another essay byMark Alexander over at Patriot Post, who discovered that Barack H. Obama had not only his biography in the official White House Historical Association biographies, but had inserted his name and his alleged achievements. No, this is for real, not a hoax. Check it our before it disappears – it is under president bio from Herbert Hoover to GW Bush – but not under his own. There wouldn’t be enough space to put the “Did You Know” information about this imposter.
In his own biography, he, or his author, describes himself as having values from the heartland, he never lived in America’s heartland, traditionally rural America. It also states that his upbringing was in a strong family. His father abandoned him at age two and later his mother dumped him with his maternal grandparents; or decided he needed to further his education in America, to be fair. However, she resumed her wander lust life.Maybe the “strong family” is the grandparents.
A scary feature is that he taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago … maybe to search for loopholes? And, just what was he teaching about it?
Then, of course it incorrectly brags about his time in the state senate, where he expanded government while helped to increase taxes upon the people of Illinois. Of course, it doesn’t state that.
His record can be easily checked out in the US senatorial record when he served as US Senator, Illinois; where he was not present to vote for important issues – yet the bio states:
As a United States Senator, he reached across the aisle to pass groundbreaking lobbying reform, locked up the world’s most dangerous weapons, and bring transparency to government by putting federal spending online.
It doesn’t mention that he was against troops in Iraq; but his presidential record shows a big difference in policy.
Federal spending has been onlinelong before he was a senator. I guess he is like Al Gore, who alluded that he invented the Internet. What’s with these Democrats and their view of themselves with such aristocratic egotism?
I wish I could laugh about the part: locked up the world’s most dangerous weapons.
All weapons a dangerous in the wrong hands! 
But are we going to take them away from everyone, even law abiding citizens? 
Obama would if he had the chance. 
I am not even going to tackle the statement about transparency to government line.
At least with other presidential bios, it only sticks to the actions actually taken, and not some flowery words that doesn’t state specifics. But, that is how he got elected. He promised change, but the voters didn’t insist that he clarifies just what that change would be. Obama was too busy making the other guy look bad.
And, that is how this election is going to be – on both sides, unfortunately. However, when an incumbent, some mention should be about what the political opponent didn’t do, especially when he stated he would do it when campaigning.
Ronald Reagan‘s former Attorney General stated of this finding:
What they have done is to spoil the integrity of the historical narrative.
Hey, don’t sweat it, I never use the White House website for presidential information anyway – don’t trust it as reliable source. Unfortunately, I have read that students use it.
The inserted Obama information is at the bottom of the biographies from Hoover on, except Harold Ford; probably because he was another president who didn’t do notable things. 
Don’t know.
The inserted text has a title: Did You Know?
No other president, that I can ascertain, has ever pulled this self praised buffoonery.
Well, there was one dictator who had similar expressions and self love.
How terribly crude, how terribly dangerous.
The Patriot Post is not the only source talking about Obama’s insertions into other president’s biography:
New York Times Blogs (that is unique)
FOX News (of course)
Apparently this is disgusting for many, even the traditional “I Love Obama” media and Obama Groupies. To whom are referred as “useful idiots”.
Maybe if Obama wasn’t more into the writings of Marx and Salinsky, and paid attention to the US Constitution, he may have accomplished something. The kind of change, for most of the Obama voters wasn’t expected. In reality, in terms of Afghanistan and Guantanamo and US citizen rights and liberties – he didn’t change a thing. In terms of economy and foreign affairs he made it worse; increasing the speed of the hyper-inflationary economy looming ahead.
This president is going to have to imagine a lot of accomplishments, but it will do him no good for he will most likely go down in history as the worst president (as far as accomplishments and unconstitutional actions) in US history, thus far. There will be many bullet commentaries like Did You Know? at the end of his truthful historical biography; some already being written. A new one, Amateur by Edward Klein
Also read how the already hated IRS can force the ObamaCare mandates, article by Michael F. Cannon at Townhall. (Yes, the IRS Can Use Liens and Incarceration to Enforce ObamaCare’s Individual Mandate).
Congress needs to repeal the whole ObamaCare legislation and throw it in the garbage where it belongs; and Mitt Romney (I don’t have my hopes up) needs to persuade Congress (if he is next president) to change the 16th Amendment to a flat tax, no deductions, and no IRS except as small auditing agency. Assuming, of course, that an independent doesn’t get majority vote and electoral votes. Ron Paul?
It is a federal government agency that has TOO much power, as well as unconstitutional in the manner in which they collect. Need a tax system that is difficult to cheat and all Americans pay the same rate.

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