Ya Gotta Laugh: But Really Not Funny

I guess every society in every civilization has its social division, whether it be based upon income or just what job we choose, or forced to, perform.
I have often written that lawyers are among the most despicable persons in a society, and yet we keep electing them to operate our government. To choose one despicable profession to be placed into another despicable profession, politician-lawyer, you are just asking for trouble.
Avoid “community organizers” running for public office as well. 

Who are the worst people in America? …talking about overall damage to society, it’s hard to imagine that any group is as counterproductive as politicians. Whether they’re causing financial crises, undermining American competitiveness, crippling upward mobility for the poor, or giving away our money in corrupt vote-buying schemes, it seems that politicians have a reverse Midas touch. …

The Center for Responsive Politics reports that President Obama has become the first politician in history to raise $1 billion in his political career. Imagine how much more he could have raised if people hadn’t lost it all in his economic plan. Just two weeks after a felon in jail got 41 percent of the Democratic vote in West Virginia, President Obama got embarrassed again in Arkansas yesterday when an unknown lawyer got 42 percent. See, that proves once and for all that there’s only a 1 percent difference between a lawyer and a convicted felon. … President Obama gave the commencement speech at Barnard College the other day. He told graduates their future is bright unless they want jobs. … President Obama is calling for more government reform after JP Morgan’s $2 billion loss. Really, is that what we need — the government stepping in? You know what’s going to happen? The government’s going to teach them how to lose $2 billion a DAY! … You can see previous collections of late-night jokes by clicking here, here, herehere, here, here, here, hereherehereherehereherehere, and here.

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