State of Our Union: Vehicle Deaths vs Firearm Deaths

Media Matters is supposed to be a non-political entity that is supposed to sift out truth in media, but it strictly targets media concerns on the conservative side of the political aisle.
This article concerns “Media Matters for America” and its credibility.

It is hard to believe that it is independent of political influence when:
  • It describes itself as a progressive research and information center dedicated to … correcting conservative information. It does not scrutinize all media, just the ones that are traditionally conservative; which means it is bias.
  • Media Matters is also the Violence Policy Center, which is an activist National Coalition to Ban Handguns whose founder is also involved in the New Right Watch. Hardly, once again, objective in their view, policies and outlook.
  • George Soros funds the operation that is a left-progressive operation. Almost anything that has to do with progressive politics, socialism, has Soros name behind it – and his money.
The Violence Policy Centerissued a press release on May 22ndthat provided statistics for 2009 in which it stated that 10 states had more firearm-related deaths than motor vehicle-related deaths. The NRA-ILA (NRA Institute for Legislative Action) sent an email Alert to me last week pointing out these discrepancies.
The VPC wrote this:
Motor vehicle deaths are on the decline as the result of a successful decades-long public health-based injury prevention strategy that includes safety-related changes to vehicles and highway design …
It also complained that the manufacture of firearms is not regulated by the government in the same way. But, VPC and affiliates do not want to “regulate” handguns – they want them totally eliminated and unavailable to American citizens, never considering the Second Amendment being violated by such a law. They do not fully realize that to give up the Second Amendment, the First Amendment is surely to follow – and where is the line drawn?
Progressives, liberals, democratic-socialists – whatever they chose to call themselves and whatever description matches their political ideology; have one major problem: the don’t have lines drawn as to how far they will go within their political social engineering agenda. True conservatives draw lines, trying all the while to be fair and balanced. But a constitutional conservative is even better for the United States because it is conservative in values, but strict upon enforcing and heeding constitutional law. Because the founders established a constitutional republic and no other system has surpassed that form of government in terms of individual freedom of choice, speech, right to keep and bear arms, et cetera.
Back to the subject: vehicle deaths being compared to firearm deaths, like comparing “apples and oranges” – something that a liberal-progressive-socialist is continually guilty of, mulling up any discussion and most of the time ending with violent or derogatory commentary because they realize they have not facts to stand upon.
Fact: Vehicle-related deaths are accidents (unless someone tries to commit suicide driving over a cliff). While firearm-related deaths are suicides, homicides, and sometimes accidents. I think everyone could agree that accident prevention of the category topics is different. It is just plain common sense, which seems to have died in the past two decades or so. The NRA reported this on their NRA News.
Media Mattershas, under the guidelines of their statistical studies, accused the NRA of making a contrived argument.
Fact: In 2009, 99.5% of motor vehicle-related deaths were accidental – vehicular homicides and suicides was 0.5%, ½ of one percent. In contrast, only 1.8% of firearm-related deaths were accidental, while suicides and homicides combined together, which includes justifiable homicides by private citizens and law enforcement officers is the remaining 98.2%.
In all states of the Union, deaths from motor vehicles outnumber firearm accidents by a large number. In the US, in 2009, there were 36,216 accidental deaths involving motor vehicles; but only 554 incidents involving firearms.
More states are enacting Right-to-Carry laws by permit; yet rather than firearm accidents increasing with more citizens carrying firearms – accidents with firearms have decreased. This may be due to the fact that most states require a firearm safety course (or proof of military service with a DD 214) for those applying for a permit to carry concealed firearms. On the opposite spectrum, motor vehicle deaths dropped to 41,000 in 1992 and then rose again to almost 45,000 between 2004 and 2007; despite the Rand regulation passed to curb/regulate for a lower motor vehicle death rate. This also shows that government regulations are not always the answer, but the endeavor of the private sector of citizens in a society does better than over-regulating its citizens.
It is surmised that the motor vehicle deaths dropped in 2009 because of the economic recession of 2008 – less people were driving or driving less than they did before because of fuel costs.
The hard-fact numbers speak out against the bias of “Media Matters” – as well as the progressive-socialist “Violence Policy Center” and other such organizations who are working to eat away rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and its amendments.
So, those voters who think for themselves, because that is why Media Matters and company have been pushing this nonsense in order to pick up votes this year, can look at hard numbers or numbers that have been adjusted to come out the way the presenter wants it to reveal. And, that is another tool the progressive-socialist and political establishment in Washington, DC (both sides of the aisle in some cases) where they snooker the American people.
So, educate yourself and be a responsible and smart voter – use the vast information access available at your keyboard, whether it be in your home or the local library. Learn all you can about constitutional law, so you can be armed with knowledge.
Knowledge is a far better tool than propaganda. Knowledge is power to the people. Tyrants don’t want the people to have knowledge, and history has proven this.
Once this has been established, We the People will have better choices of candidates when election time comes around; and increasingly, there will be less elections where the responsible voter must choose the “lesser of two evils”.
It will be a hard and long road leading to the return of the constitutional republic – but your children and their children (as long as they maintain watch upon their constitution and those that operate our government), will thank you.