Wisconsin – America is Watching

Every election campaign the same thing is said from the Republican camp, the conservative movement; but America still remains in trouble. Its citizens are losing rights and liberties from legislation and executive orders, but just at a faster rate because of the Obama administration. If you look at the results and/or accomplishments, even when GW Bush was in office – any improvement is negligible and only has slowed down the destruction of our constitutional republic as it was created.

Glenn Beck spoke about the first annual gathering of FreePAC in Dallas, Texas concerning an organization called FreedomWorks:

What FreedomWorks is doing is the first ever global Tea Party event and their asking 9/12ers, and Tea Party activists, and people that just believe in freedom to get together, and work together, learn together, link arms…it is going to be a historic event…grab your tickets and do it now.

The GOP is not as conservative as advertised, looking at it as a whole. There are too many RINOs – and the GOP establishment poster boys for nomination in the primary elections are RINOs, too often not following through with their promise of reformation of our government. I realize that too much rests upon the executive branch by the American people, only because of the pompous hoodoo that the people have come to believe.
What we need are constitutional conservatives. The general public, the conservatives and moderate liberals, just don’t trust Mitt Romney. He has to often said one thing and did another or changed his mind about his views for whatever reason. Changing views or plan of action when the atmosphere or times change is acceptable. That is comprising.
But the Constitution should not be compromised and should be the foundation and principles of every piece of legislation to reach the voting floor. Indeed, there should be a constitutional committee that screens each and every bill proposed for a vote to become legislation, for it constitutionality.
In elections, name calling is not the adult way to conduct oneself, in fact it is not the way in any circumstances in a civilized society. But every election we are lambasted with TV and radio ads doing just such a thing, and although the Democrats have the worst record, the Republicans are often to blame as well. Problem is that too many Americans, because they rely on emotion instead of logic, pay attention to the crud. I may watch it, but take little salt in any TV/radio campaign ad that isn’t informing me what the candidate intends to do if elected. A good example is the campaign against Governor Scott Walker, a recall vote, that is costing taxpayers’ money because government union workers don’t want to pitch in for their own retirement benefits. Now instead of getting it free with their good wages, they have to pay into the program like the rest of us.
He is being lambasted for working with Wisconsin businesses to improve the situation here in Wisconsin, which in turn creates new jobs and brings those laid off back to work. What do the campaign ads from union thugs and Sociocrats say? Walker is in cahoots with business. You know, the usual Marxist rhetoric that has been political propaganda tool for well over fifty years now. FDR used it.
Wisconsin was drowning in debt until the governor’s fiscally conservative measures erased Wisconsin’s $3.6 billion deficit. Rather than adopting the Democratic Party’s “cure-all” prescription of raising taxes, Walker lowered them, signing a property tax freeze and lowering school property taxes. Wisconsin is expected to have a budget surplus by 2013. Governor Walker made tough decisions during tough economic times. Walker’s proposal allowing union participation to be voluntary and requiring union workers to contribute to their generous benefit plans sent Wisconsin state senate Democrats reeling – literally. Once they realized Walker wasn’t going to back down, they absconded to a neighboring state in a childish display of political theatrics.
Once it was enacted, the bill President Obama once described as “an assault on unions,” became a pathway to independence. Wisconsin schools and local governments were given the freedom to live within their means when they were granted the ability to hire, fire and compensate based upon performance. The nonpartisan group, Wisconsin Taxpayer’s Alliance, reported that the savings from employee benefits “allowed districts to reduce costs” allowing districts like the Kaukauna school district to control their own destiny and convert a $400,000 deficit into a $1.5 million surplus. Walker’s success in Wisconsin is a threat to labor unions, Progressives and the Democratic Party. According to the New York Post, New York unions are sending resources “to oust the union-busting Walker on June 5 and stop the anti-union movement from spreading to other states.” …
A win for Walker will be a win for the rest of us because his policies could serve as an antidote to the economic contagion spreading across this country. No matter who wins in Wisconsin on June 5th, or in Washington this November, our economy will not improve without making tough choices. Either way, the job requires a strong leader and skillful surgeon, and Governor Scott Walker has proven he is up to the task.
The figures and statistics are on Scott Walker’s side.
Keep Walker in and elect more like him – elected officials who actually do something.
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