Myth Blaster: Cartoon from Scotland?

It appears that bloggers need to be more careful about what they print — if they are interested in correct information. Bloggers like Sodahead (opinion section), Free Republic, and Charleston Tea Party — then it hit the chain email, like this one:

It’s not only the English who have a sense of humor.
The Scots do as well! New Antiseptic
This cartoon originated in Scotland….It looks like most of the world is laughing at our nation’s leadership!


Myth Blaster Verdict: FALSE. Cartoon did not originate from Scotland. It was created by “Dials” at TobyToon website. He was inspired by his son, according to his post. It seems that the Scots are laughing at us, but in this case, not because of Obama; but the gullibility of some and the insistence of others to post something without checking it out first — be
Also, here is the cartoon, complete with proper links and coding: