Walker Recall After-Action Report

Well, Governor Scott Walker won the recall election – thanks to Wisconsin voters; but in the aftermath the leftist media, Democrats, and unions are whining about it.
After the recall election was over, NBC with host Chuck Todd asked this pointless and ridiculous question:

Looking back, do you have any regret of going at the issue of collective bargaining itself” …

What do you think, Todd? Do you actually think, Todd?

After Scott Walker became governor he began working at trimming spending in government and working with the business industry; which certainly worked: Wisconsin state percentage rate of unemployment is down to 6.7% – one of the lowest in the nation. Of course, certain counties in the state have a higher than average unemployment rate, like Door County, but it is still lower than it was when Jim Doyle was governor.

Todd is also ignorant of the fact that by reforming collective bargaining for public employment has also caused an improved economy.
In answer to Todd at left-media NBC, Governor Walker replied:

No, I think in our case the product itself was positive – and we’ve documented more than $1 billion dollar with the savings, in fact, for the first time in twelve years property taxes went down on a median valued home and statewide we went from a $3.6 billion dollar deficit to a $154 million dollar surplus. 

Governor Walker’s only regret was not taking extra time before initiating the move against overtime and collective bargaining abuse, to explain it more to the people.
Apparently some people got it, even those belonging to the unions, because for the first time they could opt out – and some did. They were also the ones who were union members who were for Walker’s reformation policy (and success) and voted to keep him as governor.
Then, of course, all across the progressive world of America, the media, unions, and sociocrats wailed that it was big money that won the election, referring to Walker’s money raised which was higher than Barrett, the opposition. This clearly showed, once again, the hypocrisy of the political left and the parasitic unions: they were gathering support and donations from within Wisconsin and from other states.
Schultz at NBC – Perplexed and Angry
MSNBCalso contributed to the cause of unions and sociocrats with Shultz lecturing union members who voted for Walker. According to their report: 27% of public employee union members voted for Walker. And it was 38% figure for union member household voters (spouses, et cetera) who also voted for Walker. Schultz was fit to be tied, stating:
you got to explain to the country and to your union why the hell you did that.
Well, Schultz, you probably wouldn’t understand it, but it was the correct thing to do.
And what did Schultz view as the problem of this outcome?
He reiterated what Obama said in the 2008 campaign referring that …

people who live in rural areas vote for Republicans because they have a tendency to “cling” to guns and religion, and suggested that Obama was correct in his diagnosis.

You, Schultz, and others like you who support progressive democratic-socialism in America, who have been brainwashed for decades can’t understand and/or cannot think for yourselves. Common sense, thanks to folks like Schultz, is a thing of the past.
It is more important to stick with a political party than doing the correct thing. And, if that political entity is wrong in what it is doing as far as policy, the object is not to actually fix a problem, but instead point fingers at someone else and continue doing what they are doing without any regard for change that would actually make it better. Couldn’t do that, it would make like that particular political entity or individual was actually going about their elected task in a wrong manner.
In 1919, after Boston police went on strike to protest the city’s refusal to recognize their new union, Gov. Calvin Coolidge ordered the National Guard into the streets. Sam Gompers, the legendary father of American labor, wrote the governor that the Boston police had been denied their rights. Coolidge’s terse reply put him in our history books:
“Your assertion that the Commissioner was wrong cannot justify the wrong of leaving the city unguarded. … There is no right to strike against the public safety by anyone, anywhere, any time.”
Ronald Reagan’s firing of the striking air traffic controllers, whose union had been among the few to endorse him, marked him as a leader willing to act against a powerful union if the public interest commands it. Gov. Scott Walker is now in that tradition. He has just routed a recall campaign that began with state senators disgracefully fleeing to Illinois rather than provide a quorum and mobs occupying his capitol. … The Badger State rout of Big Labor was total.
Governor Walker in addition to reducing the collective bargaining oppression, also told the unions to collect their own dues. It is incredible that unions expect the federal and state government to take union dues from paychecks at taxpayer expense in administrative expenditures. Well, that isn’t the case in Wisconsin anymore.
Something remarkable happen when Governor Walker made that move:
With their union dues no longer taken out of their paychecks, tens of thousands of Wisconsin public employees refused to pony up those dues and quit their union, instead. Many union members do not believe they get their money’s worth from unions that claim to represent them, and would prefer to get out of the union and keep the dues money themselves. This desertion by their members represents a massive vote of no confidence in unions like the America Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, the Service Employees International Union and the American Federation of Teachers. AFSCME in Wisconsin lost 34,000 of its 62,000 members last year alone.
I will tell you what is happening here, just in case you didn’t figure it out on your own: Americans are waking up to the long-running propaganda of the political left and its unions, strong-arm tactics, as well as purchasing politicians like prostitutes, with campaign dollars in order to continue its stranglehold on government employees and siphoning taxpayer money into their bank accounts.
One cannot blame people like Schultz, he was probably taught in school by union teachers that collective bargaining is an established right; despite not being written into the US Constitution.
I mean when a teacher chastises and screams at and embarrasses a student for speaking out against President Barack Obama, and even telling him it is against the law doing so – there needs to be a clean up of teachers, just as in the US Congress, to rid those kind of people. They are providing not only incorrect information and making up their own history and rules, but creating another generation of sheeple – products of a tyrannical nanny state. Thank goodness for a student who recorded that incident on his cell phone. I never did find out if the teacher was fired, but she was immediately put on suspension. I don’t want those kind of teachers being with my children the amount of hours they are, for who knows what is going on that hasn’t been reported.
With the results and state facts aforementioned, one can see that some union members had no choice and are actually victims of a corrupt and overbearing system. As Buchananpointed out:
Where there were twice as many Americans working in manufacturing as in government in 1960, today the reverse is true. We have 22 million workers in government and 11 million in manufacturing. This is an immense and costly army for taxpayers to sustain.
So now you know when a politician preaches that he or she is going to “create jobs” – remember – government can only “create” jobs by hiring directly and making government bigger and more of a burden on the taxpayer. Government can only “create” jobs another way, a better way – by limiting itself in the degree of intrusion upon the private sector, which history shows does a far better job.
What is happening in America has already happened in Europe, which is why Greece, Italy, and Spain are going bankrupt. I do hope that the Governor Walker recall election is only the beginning. It is time long past due to remove a privately operated business entity like the unions (and they want to bad mouth oil companies), and get them out of the business of government. Traditionally, our government, especially the feds, have offered reasonably good wages and salaries, often higher than the private sector, to attract well qualified employees.
[See also Kyle Drennen story]
If we continue to follow the European models of socialism, we will end up like them. And, who will bail US out? Europe? China? Russia? South American nations?
Yeah, right.
States and cities have begun to cut their labor force; except for troubled states whose citizens keep electing the wrong people, like Obama’s state of Illinois and Jerry Brown’s state of California.
Another interesting statistic, while union members dwindled in the private sector to about 6.9%, until now, in the historic Walker recall election, union membership was growing in government labor. Unions are finding out that the American people are sick of their corruption and that they have become nothing more than a parasite, one that ends up killing its host.
Scott Walker deserved to win. The only reason why the recall election was initiated was because he was doing what he was elected to do. It takes longer to fix a situation than it does to use preventive methods, but We the People of Wisconsin can see the results of his methods and realize that maybe, just maybe, our nation is heading back to when the Constitution was the law and “welfare of the People” didn’t mean entitlements.
Union workers that can now opt out are bringing home at least $1,000 a year extra. They can use that for their retirement investments, or whatever. 
The process will be slow, but things would get better if voters would choose candidates who are constitutionally minded, and actually do what they are elected for and paid to do.
Meanwhile, the White House remains silent on the issue.
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