Obama File: Small Business Declines and So Does Our Liberties

While big business corporations employ many and contribute to the flow of economy, it has been the small business folks who have been the backbone of any nation’s economic well being. Government has gotten so far into bureaucracy in the United States that former Soviet Union bloc nation citizens find it easy to start a business (and maintain it) in comparison – and those nations have also gone to the flat tax system, uncomplicated; which has boosted their economies. What happened, America? We used to be a model nation to follow. What happened is that too many Americans have been brainwashed into thinking that socialism is better than a constitutional republic, as well as thinking that government entitlements paid by taxpayers is a citizen’s “right” – among other problems.
The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.Thomas Jefferson

If we would have stayed on the path of Reaganomics, things would have been different as we entered the 21stcentury.

New federal data show the rate of business start-ups continues to fall in this recovery. According to the Census Bureau, the start-up rate, measured as a share of all firms, has plunged to 7% from 9% in 2008 and from 11% in 2006. The pace, moreover, is almost half the 1980s’ peak of 13%. Of all the negative trends tracking this administration, this may be the most disturbing. As start-ups have hit an all-time low, we’ve seen an accompanying decline in job creation from start-ups, which explains the jobless recovery. The data, which go back to the early ’80s, show that the share of new job creation from start-ups has fallen from over 40% in that decade, when business formation exploded and the economy saw huge gains in payroll employment, to under 30% today. The difference is incentives: President Reagan slashed taxes and unshackled entrepreneurs from burdensome government rules, while Obama strangles them with new red tape and threats of tax hikes. … A separate study, prepared by the OECD, reveals that the U.S. has fallen behind most of its global competitors in promoting entrepreneurship. Based on a ranking of regulations, it’s now easier to start a business in Slovenia, Estonia and Hungary — three former Iron Curtain countries — than in America. Canada, our liberal northern neighbor, is now head and shoulders above America in entrepreneurial friendliness. It requires the least number of procedures to start a business of any of the OECD nations. … It’s plain from federal data that start-ups are critical to job creation. And their alarming dearth under Obama helps explain why this recovery is so anemic. If the president really wants to get America working again, he’d stop blaming state budget cuts and congressional Republicans and adopt Reagan’s pro-entrepreneurial policies. Unfortunately, he’s a rigid leftist ideologue who’d rather stand in the way of new business formation and jobs.

Thomas Sowell, one of my favorite economists has frequently shown (and proven) that socialism kills a nation’s economic well being. So why in the devil is Obama so hyped into socialism? And even more disconcerting – Why are Americans voting for these people?
Sowell wrote:

What President Obama has been pushing for, and moving toward, is more insidious [than socialism]: government control of the economy, while leaving ownership in private hands. … Thus the Obama administration can arbitrarily force insurance companies to cover the children of their customers until the children are 26 years old. Obviously, this creates favorable publicity for President Obama. But if this and other government edicts cause insurance premiums to rise, then that is something that can be blamed on the ‘greed’ of the insurance companies. … What socialism, fascism and other ideologies of the left have in common is an assumption that some very wise people — like themselves — need to take decisions out of the hands of lesser people, like the rest of us, and impose those decisions by government fiat.

What is Barack Obama doing about this and other situations?
He is doing what he did when he didn’t go to Wisconsin to either stand up for (which is what he would have done) the unions or stood against them. He did nothing. In this case, it is a good thing; not that the Wisconsinites would have paid attention to him anyway.
He is playing golf instead of keeping abreast of the situation with the “Fast and Furious” scandal.
He is doing everything, and more, of the things he blamed GW Bush for and told Americans there as “hope and change”. Now voters hope that there will be a change in the White House.
What is President Obama doing about the security leaks that recently came to light.
What is the media reporting or talking about amongst the media pinheads?
Obama is having a bad week.
Hey, let me clue you media folks: This president has had a bad week ever since he lied under oath that he would support and defend the Constitution of the United States when he was inaugurated. The democratic-socialists didn’t give GW Bush a week to settle in before they were all over him about anything they could think of or imagine – with the media right in there with them; as well as bloggers on the Internet depicting him as a modern era Hitler.
As far as the leaks, Richard Cohen wrote:

Pity the poor Obama administration leakers. They impart their much-cherished secrets to make their man look good and then, at the first chirp of criticism, are ordered to confess their (possible) crimes by the very same president they were seeking to please. In this, they are a bit like the male praying mantis. He does as asked and then the female bites his head off. … All administrations leak what they want when they want. Occasionally, some killjoy screams something about national security, but the republic somehow survives and the secret is usually only a secret to the American people, not to the enemy. This is undoubtedly the case with the recent disclosure regarding the use of a computer worm to wreak havoc with the Iranian nuclear program. … The leak that troubles me concerns the killing of suspected or actual terrorists. The triumphalist tone of the leaks … not only is in poor taste but shreds a long-standing convention that, in these matters, the president has deniability. The president of the United States is not The Godfather.

President Obama’s campaign rhetoric is a joke, talking about gay marriage and bragging about how “He” killed Obama bin Laden (you know, his namesake). Only one President of the United States actively took part in leading troops while in office – George Washington. Instead of praising those who actually carried out the mission with success – we just hear bragging coming from the Oval Office and videos with the Obama walking from the rear of combat vehicles in a military facility in Afghanistan and trying to convince the American people that he has actually done something – well, at least useful or constitutional.
There has been plenty of fodder to use against Obama for an impeachment hearing in the last two years – but that word is not even mentioned in mainstream media or in their “investigating” journalists; much less from within Congressional members.
Just like the wrong doings of Eric Holder, they would be accused of being racists. Hmm, what was said about GW Bush and proven false could also be considered racist, since Obama is black and Bush is white. Racism can be generated from both sides of the skin pigmentation fence. But unfortunately, it is only one-sided.
Cal Thomas wrote of the situation in Europe, which is a bird’s-eye view of what is in store for America in the near future if our leadership don’t start doing what they are elected and paid to do. Thomas mentions the “Iron Lady”, Margaret Thatcher, who was the United Kingdom’s counterpart to Ronald Reagan:

Unlike American states, European countries lack a common bond. There are different languages, different histories (Colorado, for example, never invaded Nebraska) and different religions, including for six decades, atheism imposed by communist dictators in Eastern Europe. … Living within one’s means was a lesson forgotten by individuals and governments, whose main preoccupation — in Europe and America — has been giving people what they want in hopes they’ll re-elect the politicians who dispensed the goodies. That formula has contributed to an unemployment rate in Spain approaching 25 percent. Spain last weekend was approved for a bailout of up to $125 billion from the euro-zone, the fourth country to ask for a loan since Europe’s debt crisis began. … [Prime Minister Margaret] Thatcher warned, ‘We have not successfully rolled back the frontiers of the state in Britain, only to see them re-imposed at a European level with a European super-state exercising a new dominance from Brussels.’ That is precisely the seductive siren call the ‘conservative’ British government now hears. … Today’s politicians can’t pretend they were not warned.

June 14th is Flag Day and the 237thanniversary of the United States Army. Let us honor our Old Glory and the troops who stolidly remain fighting in the Long War that must be won.

The difference between death and taxes is death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets.

Will Rogers, American humorist and cowboy: 1879 to 1935
There was a concrete reason why the framers of the Constitution of the United States insisted upon a limited federal government and strong state governments, as well as the checks and balances system. Isn’t it time to return to that system and quit looking for something better that doesn’t exist?

Most “White” folk have gotten over and beyond being “White” instead of just Caucasian. Now it is time for “Black” folk to just be Americans. No one can move forward by remaining in the enigma of the past, beyond learning from past mistakes. We truly, as a national people, cannot get over the ethnic barriers that makes up this nation if we continue to insist upon not being “color blind” and just refer to each other as fellow Americans or by our given names.
Keith A. Lehman