Obama File: Latest Executive Order Bypasses Congress – Again

President Barack Obama announced that he was issuing an executive order that would block deporting young immigrants who have no criminal record, despite the fact that it circumvents the federal immigration law, passed by constitutional legislation.
It is another one of Obama’s nose-thumbing move against constitutional law.
Rep. Steve King (Iowa) announced on June 15th that he intends to sue the President of the United States for issuing an executive order that counters federal law passed according to due process – abuse of executive power. Steve King successfully sued Governor Tom Vilsack back in 1999 over an executive order regarding gay discrimination and government employees. 

Initial response to those against this executive order is that GW Bush used the same executive power that bypassed constitutional due process when he was in office – which brought about a cry for his impeachment. No such words are being spoken against Barack Obama, mainly because they fear of being called racists. And that is basically the legacy of Obama policy throughout his tenure as President of the United States in that he does not recognize constitutional law and any transgressions or unethical acts committed by anyone within his administration, specifically Eric Holder, it suddenly becomes a racial issue.
The Obama administration has a weak campaign because of its failure to keep the promises of “Change”; and still others realizing just what those changes intend to accomplish. And now, when Obama had stated that he intended to be a president unlike GW Bush in his campaign in 2004, now is saying that anything is okay as long as the previous president did it. So where’s the change? Most of the policies and actions that he chastised Bush for was continued in his administration; and in the case of the growing national debt, has made matters worse by doing pretty much what Bush was doing.
And to put it in a more blunt perspective – What nation anywhere in the world would put up with foreign people, especially those who have defied immigration laws, would allow them to dictate to the citizens of that nation as to how to operate their government?
We the People is what is the foundation of the United States, and yet We the People are slowly losing rights, liberties, and sovereignty because we bend rules to compensate any group of people that represent a voting base. And although this is a big naughty mark against the Democratic-socialist party – the Republican party is not blameless. Both parties try to get special interest group votes by circumventing what We the People want.
Using the excuse that the previous president did it is not an equation for any argument. That person no longer sits in the Oval Office, and what the incumbent president does is what counts; especially when the incumbent performs actions that he previously denounced against the previous president in order to get elected.
No matter what political club any present congressional member or White House administration belongs to – our entire governmental system is broken. It is broken because constitutional law is only there when it can be circumvented or just plain ignored.
The Constitution of the United States is a document between We the People and those who have been entrusted to operate OUR government for US, We the People.
It is time way past due for We the People to demand that our government not only recognizes the Constitution of the United States as the law of the land, but abide by it. That includes limitation of central power and delegation of authority to the state governments. It is unlawful for the federal government to tell a county sheriff how to do his job when what he is doing is according to constitutional law and laws passed by due process and meeting the requirements of articles of the Constitution of the United States. I am, of course, referring to Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County, Arizona. Sheriff Arpaio has declared that Obama’s executive order will not affect Arizona. Rightly so because it is not a legal law. Laws cannot be made or transformed by executive order. Why have a check and balance system? Indeed, we no longer HAVE a check and balance system – not because there is something wrong with the system, but because We the People elect those who disregard it or circumvent it.
It is the voters, We the People, that are going to have to be strong and insistent that those elected perform their tasks in office according to the law of the land. Reformation is not going to be initiated and/or carried through to its purpose by political clubs or special interest groups. It will only occur through the Power of We the People.
YOU and I.
A movement has already started to begin this reformation in counties across America – from the bottom to the to Washington, DC. Sheriff Arpaio is a member of the CSPOA.
Do you know the purpose of CSPOA?
Is your county a part of it?
Are you, in some way, a part of the movement to take back our constitutional republic from those who would see it fall into the dust bin of history?
Are you armed with the knowledge of the Constitution of the United States and its amendments, as well as the Federalist Papers written by its framers or the Anti-Federalist Papers?
It is We the People that are this nation. When the US flag is flown, it does not represent the government, it represents the generations of We the People from the time when our nation was formed as a nation of united states.
Are we going to let minorities, in this case, foreign, transgress against our rights of sovereignty?
Allow anyone in OUR government to not enforce its own legally passed laws?
Where is the media outrage?
Where is the demand for impeachment hearings so often heard during GW Bush administration?
Where is the outrage of We the People?
It is up to …
You and I.