State of Our Union: Presidential Election Campaign

In Ohio, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama made speeches at two different locations, to obtain votes with five months away to the election.
Mitt Romney continues his argument that Obama’s outrageous spending and Big Government regulations has stunted the economic growth and lowering of the unemployment rate. In addition, Obama’s anti-coal and anti-domestic crude oil production has put a toll upon the recession here in the United States.

Barack Obama continues his democratic-socialist class warfare rhetoric accusing Romney of cutting taxes only for the wealthy (aren’t Americans sick of this same old false line?) and decimating government programs that would cripple the middle class and other government infrastructures that Big Government controls like education, housing, et cetera.

Meanwhile, Obama is in the middle of a G-20 meeting with European national leadership in Mexico to discuss the impending doom of recession in Europe that affects the American economy as well. But with bailouts from EU and certain promises from US – will European nations suffering change their political ways and move from socialism that causes nations to bankruptcy? I wouldn’t hold my breath.
Washington Post has a full graphic illustrating how the spread of a financial crisis across Europe links to American economy.
Mitt Romney warns Americans that the United States is heading in the same direction as Europe, like in Spain where unemployment is 25%. He stated:
You know what’s happening in Greece, with low wage growth? That’s where the policies of Europe lead. I don’t believe Europe works in Europe. I don’t want it here.
Meanwhile, while most of American voters are focused upon campaigns of Romney and Obama, Ron Paulis slowly working his way through the state conventions – and winning delegates. There very well may be a third candidate on November’s voting ballot.
Ron Paul talks about what is needed to fix America’s problems and return liberties lost for at least the last 60 years. His message is reaching out, especially to youth of America and military personnel who face joblessness after returning home from wars not declared by Congress according to the Constitution of the United States.
NewsMax reported that Ron Paul won the Iowa Convention with 21 of the 25 delegates. Mainstream media is totally ignoring the candidate, as they have during the primary elections, except when trying to make him look the fool or depicted as a “radical”.
It seems to the media today, if anyone demands constitutional legislation and adherence to constitutional law, they are “radicals” – even as the GOP and Democrat-socialist elite establishment view him as.
Paul has also won conventions in Nevada and Main and it looks good for him in the nominating convention in Tampa, Florida.
It is the conservative and constitutional principles that Dr. Paul has been preaching since the 1980s – with little support in Congress session after session. The reason is that even when there is a GOP majority, there are too many RINOs – middle roaders and “moderates” within Congress who are willing to compromise the articles and amendments of the Constitution of the United States, and sometimes, like in the case of Barack Obama, totally ignore the Constitution.
When Dr. Paul stopped campaigning in the primary elections, he had only gained 137 delegates out of 1,144 needed to win over Romney.
Mitt Romney may be a better choice than Obama, but too many Americans are sick of choosing the lesser evil. They are wary of Romney because of his past changes in policy and negotiating with politicians against constitutional law.
The GOP political establishment were foolish not giving Ron Paul the support required and joining mainstream media in efforts to ignore or make him look “radical”.
And, as Marianne Stebbins, Ron Paul’s Minnesota state director stated:
It’s never been about a man. It’s about liberty, and turning the tide.
The main theme that attracts followers to Ron Paul is his constant efforts (for decades) to dissolve the Federal Reserve Bank or for at least providing more transparency of the central bank system and increased Internet freedom.
The Patriot Act is also a target, arguing that it transgresses civil liberties.
Whatever the outcome, the next president must work closely with a willing Congress in order to tackle the $4.4 trillion US Treasury securities that are held by foreign governments, reduce intrusive legislation, get rid of or trim back entitlement programs (run them more efficiently), offer Social Security private sector options, reform or repeal the 16thAmendment’s income tax system, and return rights and liberties to American citizens, like the important property right; instituting a government environment that adheres to the Constitution of the United States. Immigration must be controlled by federal and state government – no exceptions. Immigrants are welcome who come here to be Americans, not because they have been brainwashed into thinking that part of the United States belongs to their homeland.
If all of those things seem “radical” to you – you’re a socialist or at least a sympathizer, whether you belong to an organization or not.
If this makes sense to you – join fellow Americans and make a difference.
We do not want to have to choose lesser evils in elections anymore; which means we need better quality candidates and strict lawful election proceedings without the media’s manipulation.
Political parties are nothing but clubs — We the People and those who are elected in office or want to be elected must be constitutionalists above any other loyalty.